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Thursday, January 4, 2018

35 Astounding Historical Photos That Shed Light On the Past - part 1

35. Irish children jeer at British troops in Derry, Northern Ireland, 1972

35. Irish Children Jeer At British Troops In Derry, Northern Ireland, 1972

34. Helen, an American Indian telephone and switchboard operator, Montana, 1925

34. Helen, An American Indian Telephone And Switchboard Operator, Montana, 1925

33. French soldiers eat at a police station in Neuvilly after spending days in the trenches in heavy rain, 1915.

33. French Soldiers Eat At a police Station In Neuvilly After Spending Days In the Trenches In heavy Rain, 1915.

32. Muhammad Ali Vs. Cleveland Williams. Ali won the bout through a technical knockout in the third round, 1966

32. Muhammad Ali Vs. Cleveland Williams. Ali Won The Bout Through A technical Knockout In the Third Round, 1966

31. Nazi rally in the Cathedral of Light, 1937

31. Nazi Rally In the Cathedral Of Light, 1937


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