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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Letter from HengSoy, Jr.

Kampong Chhnang, 21 Dec. 2013
Hello, dear readers!  

I am Hengsoy, Jr.  Life has been busy since the passing of our father Heng Soy.  (Bless his soul!)  Though we were not successful in salvaging many of his things (thus, this new blogsite) in the monsoonal flooding, we, his family and friends, however, are as dedicated as ever to continue his legacy of publishing sensitive information about Cambodia.

Since his passing, KI Media has been a ship without a captain.  Many of the generous contributors, whom our father Heng Soy entrusted with access of posting, gallantly attempted to continue the tireless, thankless task of keeping all of us in Cambodia and around the world informed—and in the process, give this despotic Hun Sen gang some democracy fun!

In particular, we would like to recognize the efforts of Khmer Democrat, one of the first few to be granted access of posting.  For the first few weeks after Heng Soy’s passing, KI Media hovered in the high 8-990,000 of hits.

10 Aug. 2013
But for the past couple of months, the monthly figures have not passed 500,000.  It is regrettable, mainly due to the immature, self-righteous, narrow-minded new poster, Ms. Jemima, that our father Heng Soy unfortunately trusted with access.

But let us not dwell on the recent past of bickering, hypocritical personalities but instead look forward to this amazing new opportunity.

In the 8-plus years of the existence of KI Media of 20,000,000-plus visitors, the socio-economic environment was different.  (Yes, we already know of the seismic political changes we are undergoing!)  With Truth2Power (T2P) Media, we are cognizant of the 1,500,000 Cambodia Facebook accounts and the recent, dynamic use of the Khmer Unicode.  T2P Media aims to be the bridge between traditional and new social media and act as the dynamic complement.

In addition to former KI Media bloggers, such as Socheata and KD, we will also extend invitation to new talents.

Even as we transition into this new phase with a new name, we do not lose our sense of fun in our hard work of poking fun of despots far and wide.  But we do so with the Heng Soy spirit, which is his note of reminder:  
We just ask that you keep things civil. Please leave out personal attacks, do not use profanity, ethnic or racial slurs, or take shots at anyone's sexual orientation or religion.
Wishing you a blessed holiday season of love, peace and democracy in Cambodia!

Yours sincerely,
HengSoy, Jr.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Anonymous10:26 AM

      Jendhamuni is a very good and hard-working girl! That is the fact!

    2. Anonymous10:27 AM

      All I said was Jendhamuni is a good girl. Why was that comment removed?

    3. Anonymous4:16 PM

      Khmer Democrat
      Theary Seng,

      You are a great liar !
      Stop the impersonation, there's no
      Heng Soy Jr. !!!

      KI Old Timer

  2. Anonymous2:06 AM

    KI was very good.
    Now KI had be divided in three :
    1. The Original KI
    2. T2 P ( Thear Seng's )
    3. KIMedia.blogspot ( Ms. Jendha's )

    Why did all of these have to happen ?
    Can we Khmer Nationalists be re-united again ?
    The split makes us look very bad, especially from our enemy's perspective.

    Concerned Khmer

  3. Anonymous5:54 AM

    Good luck, T2P Media team! I am glad to see the continuation of our friend Heng Soy's hard work.


  4. Anonymous6:02 AM

    Good guess there, Concerend Khmer, but we all guessing, aren't we?

    ~ Miss Theary xoxo

  5. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Welcome the new look. I kinda like this better then before. By the way, I didn't know that Heng Soy passed away. What caused of his death?
    Much love from me.

  6. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Theary Seng you are much more stupid than we thought you were. I used to give credit to you as a Khmer woman but now I see why people don't like you. We rather that you leave KI Media alone and let Jend do her work. Anyone can't see that Soy Jr isn't you is just as stupid as you are. Please leave KI Media alone.

  7. Corpus Christi1:25 AM

    I believe you understand clearly when you DIVIDE groups, you are WEAK. Why do you still make wrong decisions? Please, forget about saving face with POWER. Our MOTHERLAND and Khmer is a number ONE issue. If you all are ignorant and walk into the wrong direction, don't let it suck you in because you are better than that!!! You don't have to say much, YOUR ACTION is the ANSWER. It's never too late to come BACK TOGETHER for OUR MOTHERLAND. Remember, we only have ONE MOTHERLAND and she doesn't want us to DIVIDE.

  8. Anonymous11:01 AM

    All it matter is that I still get news from cambodia. Jen works hard to adjust the website.

  9. Anonymous10:47 PM

    I'm so happy not having to see Theary Seng's pics and posts ever again!


  10. Anonymous1:44 AM

    I told (SamRaing Si party) " kann kar porsh troy kann auy cheab kreng kralap khamm Er prann "

    1. Anonymous9:59 AM

      You are still in old fashion, your proverb does not suit with this 21th century.
      The serpent that Sam Rainsy hold is belonging to Yuon. Even if Rainsy kill that serpent, Yuon will have new ones to be replaced.
      The battle keeps going, but Yuon already wrapped the Kingdom through their population.
      No men or powerful nations can save Cambodia for Khmers, but GOD/Christ is the only savior. Deny Him all you want, His Mighty power is in action. A small Jews state "Israel" has more than 300 nuclear missiles that could wipe out the world after Jews united with the world Christians. If the Mighty God is not with them, they would have not been powerful whose country among radical Muslims still powerful and strong.

  11. Corpus Christi3:21 AM

    My dear Khmer. Together we will WIN. May GOD BIND OUR UNITY FOR EVER.

  12. Anonymous6:51 AM

    We believe YOU are Heng Soy Jr.
    You don't need to impersonate Heng Soy.
    Be brave enough to express yourself.

    1. Anonymous6:54 AM

      This above message 6:51 AM is for Theary C. Seng.

  13. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Hi Theary! We Khmer Christians love you.
    But you must not be tempted by these attacks. You must love and pray for them.
    "For if you forgive men their tresspasses your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their tresspasses, neither will your Father forgive your tresspasses." Mt 6-14 , 15

    Love & Peace to all

  14. Anonymous9:34 AM

    To be a good buddhist one has to be nasty on cursing, attacking, badmouthing, lying, cheating, killing... you name it. In Cambodia Buddhists are all good people for Satan but not for God, because they lie, cheat, kill, ...practice Ap&Thmub, Ampeu, Snae, poison others,...
    Buddhists have ZERO Fear of GOD.

    1. Anonymous10:37 AM

      9:34 AM

      A good descent Christian would not badmouth other religion nor its believers.
      This shows that either you are bad or your religion is.

    2. Anonymous3:05 AM

  15. Anonymous3:38 PM

    I only made a true statement what I have observed in Khmer community since the day I can count 1 to 100. I am a good Christian, I have feared of God. What's wrong for speaking the truth what I saw? I did not speak untruth or made false accusation anything. I have not found one Khmer Buddhist do not insult or curse? In Khmer they called "cheh banchor haik hour knear doch sat derachhan...".

  16. Anonymous3:50 PM

    10;37am be honest to ourselves that buddhists in cambodia are not far from evils. khmer buddhists and evils are brothers and sisters. we can deny or say that yuon made us evils still dont change we have ugly reputation of being evils since pol pot.

    1. Anonymous5:17 PM

      3:50 PM

      We thought you were better than what you just said.
      You may claim yourself to be a good Christian, but your thoughts and statements are erroneous and degrading.
      Learn your history and reexamine your views and beliefs.

    2. Anonymous10:26 PM

      The kid is right. History does not write about Khmer Buddhists practice App-Thmup, Ampeu, Snae, cheating one anothers, cursing and insulting, poisoning, etc., some monks do snae and srouch teuk to chase beisach out,..

      You keep denying , in facts they practice every day in Cambodia.
      Telling them the truth is not degrading, it is helping them to stop practicing Satan's works, and they should stop and Repent.

      You sound like Satan, because Satan does not want humans to know the truth.
      Satan wants humans to keep doing evils.

      Do you stay silent when seeing your children joined gangs and committed crimes or do drug? You should tell them that what they do are wrong, and help them.

      Silent when see wrong doings will lead to like you see what has been hapening in Cambodia, and in Khmer Buddhist community today.

  17. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Dear Theary Seng,

    I felt like KI Media now is the merger of 3-parties:
    1_Sam Raingsey
    2_ Human Right Party
    3_Me too Party

    Heng Suy, my friend will be not happy to see thing turning ugly and uglier...
    Why not do you a house cleaning first, then inviting guesses, good luck.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Ki Meadia Readers.


  18. Replies
    1. Anonymous11:51 PM

      If I am chosen to save Cambodia, state Buddhism will be eliminated, but free religions for all citizens of Cambodia. Keeping Buddhism as a stare like keeping a group of supremacy to suck the society. No group should be superior to others, because humans should decide what they should believe. Furthermore, a person must hold at least a BA degree to becoming monk or pastof of ...imam.

  19. Anonymous11:37 PM

    If if ..if Khmers free from Yuon, Cambodia has to be changed from Buddhism state to a free Republic State like Singapore where Citizens can choose freely their religions to worship.
    If a person chooses to be Monk, or Rabbi, or Priest or Pastor, of Imam, that person must have at least a Bachelor degree.
    These million monks do not help the nation's Economy but destroy it, because they do not contribute the nation. No nation can survive when Economyn is weak.

    Keeping Buddhism as a state religion, like keeping Communist Buddhist to destroy the nation.

    Be like Singapore that religions are free to be chosen by citizens. More people work, more taxes and the nation will be weakthier and strong. Change to survive.

    I'm 1980's generation.

    1. Anonymous11:41 PM

      Typo. I meant the nation will be wealthier... correct' my post at 11:37pm

  20. Anonymous2:39 AM

    Pray for Jen, and forgive her.

  21. Anonymous9:53 AM

    I am not taking side with anybody.
    This KI team must find way to compromise and tolerate each other.
    Since Jendamuni joined KI, she exposed herself too much. In the past, KI team members have never put their real name, but Jenda did and posted so so much more news than the rest. I don't want to criticize anybody but I just want KI to be a dominant player in internet news.
    Can each give up some for the sake of the public and our motherland' interest ?
    Kdam SrarMor

  22. Anonymous11:27 AM

    No one likes Theary Seng. No one even make any comments to any of her posts. Why is Theary Seng taking down KI Media website?

    1. Repent6:53 AM

      Speak for yourself SATAN 11:27AM
      We love Theary Seng and all humans.

  23. Replies
    1. Anonymous7:10 AM

      Oh yeahh you destroyed the whole Khmer Empire because of youf Indian False doctrine
      Buddhim you still claimed yourself gods? Take your leeching business back to Tep Vong the hanoi' s clown, and stop your evil lies again.

  24. Anonymous1:57 PM

    How can you ask everyone to avoid personal attacks and precede that request with a personal attack on this woman Jenda? Focus on the evil of the enemy and not on the shortcomings of allies!

  25. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Not all christians are good christians neither. The claim they are christian, but still beath his wife to death. There are some christian jerks out there who bad mouth about other religion.

    1. Anonymous7:03 AM

      10:05pm Sure that some pple are bad and good, but all us muslims, buddhists, hindu running to live under the christians' homes. Without them we will not just fight each others, but we eat each others. Thanks to the christians who gave us food, education, anc freedom.

  26. Thanks for letting me know about your splitting. Your split will make you grow more and I hope three of your group will be the same mind and stay in strong bond relationship.

  27. Anonymous11:52 PM

    Shame on ki midi team. Greed, personal ego....

  28. Theary Seng has destroyed KI Media. This has been going on for a long time, sadly.

    1. Anonymous3:11 AM

      12:38 AM

      We agree.

    2. Anonymous8:40 AM

      Agreed. Theary has no shame. គ្មានភាពថ្លៃថ្នូបន្ដិចសោះ។ ភាពថ្លៃថ្នូរបស់នាងត្រូវអស់បន្ទាប់ពីនាងក្លែងបន្លំថាជាកូនលោកហេង ស៊យដើម្បីបំពេញបំណងរបស់ខ្លូន។

    3. Anonymous8:45 PM

      Chendamuni is from Lowell, MA. Don't be fooled by her look, she's a curse, immature and childish.

    4. Anonymous9:01 AM

      I don't care what these 2 women did to KI and each has her own Blog, as long as they post something I like to read, I will read.
      Jen is a pro-Indian, just look at her name is Indian. Like Hun Sen's wife is also pro-Indian, she changed from Samhieng to Rani. That's Indian name.
      Theary Seng and "Theary" is International name. She is pro-American.
      Theary is a Lady and she has American vision. If the US has to pick one , it will be Theary. I will pick Theary.
      Theary is wise, and she observes before she changes. Jen may be a nice woman, but she cannot compete with Yuon with respect to tactics/intelligent etc.,
      So as to speak, Theary is the best candidate. I like Theary more than Jen.

  29. Anonymous4:54 AM

    Sad to see people fight for nothing here over religion that you abided by.
    God is Love and Compassion to fellow human being, for which ever mean of expressing it through Buddhism, Christianity, Muslim or Hindu. ..etc.
    Please stop pretending yourself as a theologist.
    As warned by KI, religious insult should be left out and there no supremacy on topic.
    Also, be reminded we are here to express ourselves against oppression of RGC and commonly assist our disadvantaged Cambodians out of bandage.

    Neang SA

    1. Anonymous8:04 AM

      GOD is not dead, He is alive. All Indian Buddhas were Hindu, and they were not GODS.
      GOD is love and His love is never ended. Thanks GOD that He 1st conquerred the White men then He had used them to feed and save us, the GOD-Haters known as the Anti-Christ.
      Absolutely GOD is love, but ouf time is running out, we will be standing before Him on the judgement day for we worshiping idol nof GOD.

      We do not have to be a Thologist to know true GOD. The Bible has all the abswers if we understand.
      We do not have to be Theologists to understand that Khmer Buddhists are led by Satan(Evils). Look at monks'activities today.

    2. Anonymous8:41 AM

      Lok Pu Savun Neang,
      With due respect, you are clueless about ISLAM. There are good Muslims are being trapped in ISLAM. ISLAM is more than Religion, it is a powerful system "Convert or Behead" by them. ISLAM is about killing others or themselves for "Allah". ISLAM is not a religion or cult of Peace. Whoever leaves ISLAM must be killed.
      About BUDDHISM, look at Buddhas' own native country, look at Tibet now China, look at Thailand and Burma, Thailand and Cambodia, are they get along? Never.
      OK look at Laos, now all Yuon. Look at Cambodia, Yuon control all, not even that Yuon ordered to recruit more monks and build more temples.
      Do Khmers, Siems, and Phumea (Burmese) are really people of God? Do they have compassion?

      All I knew from reading the history by non-Siem, non-Yuon and non-Khmer, Khmer empire was destroyed by the New Religion of India (Buddhism).
      Now the Buddhism is being usec by Yuon to destroy the Khmer Nation.
      Our land will soon has more Yuon, then they will be the majority.
      Buddha said to give up all, why we fight?
      If we worship true GOD, He will fight along with us, like He is with the Jews today who has more than 300 Nuclear missiles that can wipe out us all, and not even that the Christians help the Jews at all cost this time.

      Khmer Buddhists have no GOD. Like you, you still pray that Buddha is God.

  30. Dear Mr HengSoy,Jr ,
    I am so sorry for your lost. I didn't know that your father passed away. No wonder why my poems which I sent to KI Media lately never posted. When your father alive, he like my poems and he gave me a good respect. Again, I would like to share the sadness with you and your family.

    Prum Kim Choeun

  31. Dear Mr. Heng Soy, Would you mind contact via FB and I will give you my personal email. I would like to talk to you about a good thing I want to share with the world. I hope you won't refuse it. Thanks from my heart.

  32. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Theary is cute with charm, but she is too skinny making her look so old.
    JEN is not cute nor charm but she has meat.
    I think calling JEN Ms. Jemima is sacarsm, because in the Bible Jemema was the most beautiful woman in her land, and JEN is not even pretty. She is nice but not pretty.

  33. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Why junior heng suy did not take over the website after his father death? Why now? Look like Jend is being force out to creat her own website. Heng suy junior is not heng suy junior. And why the post has been so long. More than a week now. Holding grudge?

  34. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Lok Pu HS, Sr. while alive he recruited a lot of young pple to be active on helping Cambodia. He was the webmaster of the blog. I also was invited to have an access, but I did not get involved for I was in school and did not have time to do so. I can access, but I did not want to.
    If Jeni has her blog already then forget about this one. Why fight? We have more important things for Khmers than this silly fights.
    If HS Jr. wants to take over let him takes. TS has her blog, Jeni has her blog.
    It's up to the readers where they go to read.
    Jr. HS or not who cares?

  35. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Theary is more mature and open minded to criticism while Jendhayoni is not.
    The latter deletes your bad comments toward her in a minute.
    Jendhayoni works hard but she controls her blog like Hun Sen does to Cambodia now.

  36. Anonymous8:30 PM

    1:38 It is not about fighting for silly thing as you stated. It is about finding the fact silly.

  37. Anonymous3:06 AM

    Give JENI a chance, she can learn fast like Theary. The more Jeni exposed herself to billion opinions on the Globe, she will know how to balance. Jeni is a sweet-innocence soul, you have to allow her to learn about hidden successful strategies of others, both physically and spiritually. You cannot be the only person carry the cross following the Lord, the living GOD to victory, Jeni also can, when her time comes, or if she's called.

    The Lord does not only love us, but He also loves Jeni. And to say that Jeni is immatured because she deleted the posts she disliked as critical subject is not fair not justified at all under the Eyes of God.

    Please I beg you to stop painting JENI as she is an outcast, and please Reconsider Jeni's works as her first experiences.

    Thank you

  38. Anonymous9:44 AM

    The current state of affair with KI is nothing more then being a day light robbery, if you think of yourself as so high moral trying to educate people with your God's messages and with you high moral wisdom then don't steal KI pages, don't hijack it to point to your own, it is contradicting to your educated background and your God's messages. Stop fooling people that you care about Cambodia when you start stealing people creation and innovation....... Leave Ki Media alone stop hijacking it.......

  39. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Take your moral high ground to bed with Hun Sen Your conduct is in line with Hun Sen and his Cronies. Hun Sen must be laughing all the way to bed with you.....

  40. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Come on brothers and sisters 'united we stand, divided we fall' don't be like Hun Sen. After all, we are living in the 21st century, not the barbaric stone aged of time like Hun Sen does. We are what we are, called the 'nationalists' and what do we do, we stand by each other no matter what. The truth is, I appreciate all of your imput from Jendha, Vsam, Theary, Reas Khmer, Piss off, Bountean, soul, Khamjor, khoun Khmer, Nearg SA, Nearg Srey,93 years old women etc, all have same common goal and common interest, that is, helping to fight against the VC and CH aggression from controlling everything in Cambodia. Bravo everyone, lets us continue to expose their true colour, that khmers did not kill khmers, it was them crooks all along and so, shame on them. Nothing is worst more than being caught red-handed e,g what do we do to criminals like them in real life? well, in Vietnam or China, they punished them. But in Cambodia, these people are encouraged to do their evil deed for their national interests. Because they can not survive well without robbing from their neighbouring countries. But as the 'righteous will live forever and the wicked will be doomed', what do you think? it means their nation is a 'doomed nation'. Because god is right and just and I am so glade that we are on the good side. So, may the god of Israel, the true god help us all from such evil aggression of the Viets and Chinese, Amen.

  41. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Can you please post the link to the newest short wave radio to Cambodia,CMN, dedicated to broadcasting news analyses to Cambodia, and especially to revealing to the world all the bad deeds that Hun Sen has committed? It is can be heard in Vietnam (Kampuchea Krom), Laos, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, too. It is run by Moeung Tum, previously with RFA.

    Short Wave
    9945KHz; 6AM-Phnom Penh Time
    M-W-F, Cambodia, Vietnam, Lao,Thailand, Myanmar(Burma), Singapore, and Malaysia

  42. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Aug. 11th 04

    Now Jendhamuni and Ly Diep are turning their KI blog into a shithouse.
    The woman is immature and the old man is a nut.