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Sunday, October 30, 2016

[Vietnamization] "Opposition to K5 Plan" complete chapter from "Short Autobiography" by Pen Sovan - unofficial English translation

Book title "Short Autobiography"
A chapter, "Opposition to K5 Plan", from his "Short Autobiography" written in Khmer, published by Khmer-American in Seattle, by Pen Sovan.  Pen Sovan was first Prime Minister installed by Hanoi to lead puppet regime People's Republic of Kampuchea from June 27 to December 5, 1981, and was General Secretary of the Kampuchean People's Revolutionary Party (KPRP, French acronym “PRPK”) from 1979 to 1981. He was arrested and removed from office in December 1981 by the Vietnamese for irritating Lê Đc Th, for refusing to implement genocidal K5 Plan. Subsequently he was imprisoned in Vietnam until January 1992, over 10 years.

"Opposition to K5 Plan" chapter title, p. 197
The idea to establish the K5 Plan came directly from Vietnam. At seven in the morning of 27 March 1981, Mr. Le Duc Tho ឡេ ឌឹកថ, a member of the Central Politburo of the Vietnamese Communist Party who is directly responsible for overseeing the Cambodian revolution, asked to see me as the president of the Cambodian people’s party in order to discuss some important issues which he would like for me then to inform and publicize to the Cambodian people’s party for implementation. (p. 197-98)
p. 198
The meeting lasted five hours at the residence of Mr. Le Duc Tho, north of Chamkar Morn, near the current Laotian Embassy. The discussion covered a range of issues, but the most significant ones were these 3 points:

1. “K5” Plan which means ken (build, increase?) strength to cut down forest to defend Cambodian border.

2. Prepare a fake plan of troop withdrawal as a front to spin eyes of the international through one broad publicity in order to evade condemnation that Vietnam invaded Cambodia.

3. Requests to annex Cambodian territory which on map(s) protrude(s) into Vietnam for Vietnam to govern, and prepare laws of both countries to merge into one regime, allowing people of both countries rights to travel freely without documentation.
(p. 198)

p. 199
... Nguyen Hue Tai [sp?], the translator who knows the Khmer language fluently and an expert to Mr. Le Duc Tho also was at the meeting. (p. 199)

p. 200
p. 201
During my conversation with Mr. Le Duc Tho, other issues arose besides the issue of the K5 Plan. Mr. Le Duc Tho said, "The future of both our countries, the people of both countries will freely move back and forth without need to use passports. As for the border entrances, they should be named 'Rose Bopha', example 'Takeo Rose Bopha', 'Svay Rieng Rose Bopha', etc." (p. 201)
p. 202
p. 203
p. 204
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  1. Priceless!!! How many of us Khmer have a chance to read and understand [esp. in our very own native Khmer language] such a very invaluable document? Thanks a million to Khmer Democrat for the researches and documentations of all aspects of the Vietnamization of Cambodia here on T2P.

  2. Anonymous6:35 AM

    K9 plan was to kill the Khmer, but K5 plan was to protect the Khmer from Pol Pot. Make that clear.

    1. Anonymous6:31 AM

      Make that, and make that crystal clear ah -Drgunzet-, អាយួនកន្តប, អាស្រកីដូង -Drgunzet-!!! អាឯង រត់មឹនរួច ពីកណ្ដាប់ ដៃរបស់អ្នក ស្នេហាជាតិទេ!!!

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    That's you ah -Drgunzet-!

    1. Anonymous4:00 AM

      Nasty Khmer, now the world is reminded again your true color. You are genocidal by nature. That's why Cambodia is the only country in the world with thousand and thousand of skulls stacked high in displays.

      I have visited many forums, and ONLY Khmer race exhibit the blatant incitement for murdering other races, against unarmed defenseless civilians.

      Khmer race is sick.


      Oh man, -Drgunzet- is such a liar. Khmer people were nice, and Cambodia is beautiful. There was no genocide and no murder happening in Cambodia. It's the safest country to visit. Don't believe in Vietnamese's lies.

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