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Sunday, October 30, 2016

[Vietnamization, Say Phouthong] "Solitary Confinement for 10 years and 52 days in Prison of Darkness", complete chapter from "Short Autobiography" by Pen Sovan

Read Hun Sen's eulogy for Say Phouthong (Hospital in Bangkok, June 2016, Hun Sen's Facebook)

Book title "Short Autobiography"
A chapter, "Solitary Confinement for 10 years and 52 days in Prison of Darkness", from his "Short Autobiography" written in Khmer, published by Khmer-American in Seattle, by Pen Sovan.  Pen Sovan was first Prime Minister installed by Hanoi to lead puppet regime People's Republic of Kampuchea from June 27 to December 5, 1981, and was General Secretary of the Kampuchean People's Revolutionary Party (KPRP, French acronym “PRPK”) from 1979 to 1981. He was arrested and removed from office in December 1981 by the Vietnamese for irritating Lê Đc Th, for refusing to implement genocidal K5 Plan. Subsequently he was imprisoned in Vietnam until January 1992, over 10 years.
"Solitary Confinement for 10 years and 52 days in Prison of Darkness", p. 206
Chan Si, p. 207

Say Phouthong, Hun Sen, p. 208

Say Phouthong, Hun Sen, p. 209
Chan Si, p. 210
Hun Sen, p. 211
p. 212
p. 213
p. 214
p. 215
[Pen Sovan describing his arrest by Hun Sen and Say Phouthong leading a coterie of Vietnamese military to his residence in Phnom Penh on evening of 2 Dec. 1981, beaten, blind-folded, handcuffed and imprisonment in Hanoi for the next 10 years.] (p. 215)
p. 216
...including 4 members of Vietnamese military K10 and A21, standing surrounding me, each holding weapon in each hand. At this time Comrade Say Phouthong exclaimed: "You, Bong, are a traitor." When I heard this charge of treason, the military standing nearby snatched the telephone from my hand, pounding it boom-boom! on the table. And the military shouted "You sit down and shut up." ... At this time Comrade Hun Sen pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket and read the following written content: (p. 216)

Say Phouthong, Hun Sen, p. 217
p. 218
p. 219
p. 220
p. 221
p. 222
p. 223
p. 224
Say Phouthong, p. 225
p. 226
p. 227
p. 228
p. 229
Prior chapter:

"Opposition to K5 Plan" complete chapter from "Short Autobiography" by Pen Sovan - unofficial English translation

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  1. Priceless!!! How many of us Khmer have a chance to read and understand [esp. in our very own native Khmer language] such a very invaluable document? Thanks a million to Khmer Democrat for the researches and documentations of all aspects of the Vietnamization of Cambodia here on T2P.

  2. Anonymous6:44 AM

    Go to other forums and recruit others to come here and debate with me.

    Vietnam erected K5 to protect the innocent Cambodians from Khmer Rouges. K5 plan was a static defense line to stop Khmer Rouges from infiltrating into Cambodia from Thailand.

    After Vietnam liberated Cambodia from Khmer Rouges, the people were told to wait for a plan of orderly repatriation to their original home. But the Cambodian folks suddenly dropped all of their current farming, abandoned their current villages and started trekking home in mass.

    The motivation was simple. If you don't go home now to reclaim your home, some others will squat your houses then claim it. As the result, the sudden mass loss of farming caused famine.

    And it was extremely distributing the aid to the local rural. The road was just not there, and the local people were so corrupted. there were not just never enough Vietnamese troops to fight the Khmer Rouges, guard the country side and at the same time guard the Northern Border against China. We all knew that China invaded Vietnam to restore Khmer Rouges but Vietnam repelled them.

    Today we can still see the mass of land fights because of the squatters. It's a huge problem in Cambodia with so much sorrow. As I mentioned before, it's the root cause for all the Cambodians to suddenly abandon their KR commune to trek home.

    Vietnam saved Cambodia but could not solve all Cambodia's problems especially when the Cambodians did not listen to the advise from Vietnam.

    1. Anonymous7:32 AM

      That's you ah -Drgunzet-!

  3. Anonymous7:59 AM

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