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Saturday, August 27, 2016

[Vietnamization, education, ethnocide] A Culture at Risk, The Vietnamese Occupation and the Resistance

The VIETNAMESE OCCUPATION and the Resistance (chapter 8, complete), Cambodia: A Shattered Society

Excerpts on Education

For ten years, the Vietnamese tried to apply to Cambodia a policy of ethnocide--the destruction of a culture within those who carry it--insidiously carried out, particularly in the beginning, in the educational domain.... [T]he curriculum was based on that of Vietnam.... "Even schools' names come from Vietnamese".... The two military academies established in Phnom Penh did not have Khmer but Vietnamese names, accepted only Vietnamese and Russian professors...

Those who were recruited taught only several hours a day... study of the Vietnamese language.... The Vietnamese experts--who regulated the schedules of students and teachers.... The first edition of books were printed in Ho Chi Minh at Cambodia's expense, even though Phnom Penh had three printing houses in working condition...

Instructors used Vietnamese manuals translated into Khmer or books written by Khmers under the supervision of Vietnamese experts.... By the end of primary school, children of ten years of age had learned, in reading the manual, what was called "political ethics."  Here is what they would have learned: The Khmers should not forget the flesh and blood shed by their Vietnamese brothers, who sacrificed their lives to liberate us from the Pol Pot-Ieng Sary-Khieu Samphan regime. Each day, in accordance with the instructions given by Uncle Ho, we should remember this. We should be full of gratitude for them and bear in mind that no other country except Vietnam contributed to our national salvation and rescued us from this tragedy. And we use this gratitude as a basis for nourishing an unquenchable hatred for Pol Pot-Ieng Sary-Khieu Samphan regime and for other gangs of reactionaries who search, by all possible means, to destroy our revolution and Khmer-Vietnamese solidarity.

"The Khmer, Laotian, and Vietnamese peoples are fraternal peoples who have a common history," Prime Minister Hun Sen emphasized.

Thailand Excluded from the Indochinese Peninsula
...Hanoi clarified elsewhere, excluded Thailand: "After the Second World War, the toponym Indochina was employed in the strict sense to designate only Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. And in the new linguistic context, the term Indochinese peninsula no longer includes anything but the territory of these three countries." The assertion has no geographical basis. Indochina refers to all the countries located between India and China. It took on a restricted definition only in a particular political context--colonization. Under the protectorate Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam comprised French Indochinaunder Vietnamese occupation, the expression lost its initial term and became Indochina, which itself became equivalent to the Indochinese peninsula....

Parents reluctantly permitted their children to take the required courses in the Vietnamese language.


  1. Anonymous4:06 AM

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  2. Can't thank you enough for the ethnocide dissemination, Khmer Democrat! Ho Chi Minh's dreams of the Federation of Indochina [as far as Cambodia is concerned] will not be complete without the Viet-engineered "Killing Fields" followed by the replenishment of the population with million[s] of Viet/YUON, and the total Vietnamization of Cambodia, ethnocide [and a boat load more of bells and whistles] included...

    1. Anonymous9:36 AM

      If Viet engineered "Killing Fields" then should the Viet let "Killing Fields" to run its course a few more years?

      Only 2 millions out of 7 millions Cambodians died during the "Killing Fields". I would think the Viet should have not come into Cambodia after 5 or 6 millions out of the 7 millions had died.

      Am I correct?

  3. Anonymous7:08 PM

    To Anonymous9:36 AM,

    There were some reasons why the Vietnamese/Yuon soldiers were ordered from Hanoi masters and got in the very hurry to invade Cambodia before the United Nations diplomats or envoys had plans to come and investigate Cambodia during the Killing Fields so that Vietnamese/Yuon masters in Hanoi along with hidden Yuon/Vietnamese agents in Khmer Rouges uniforms DID NOT WANT the UN diplomats and world to know what the dirty tricks and plans of Hanoi masters and Ho Chi Minh followers did in Cambodia. When they (Yuon/Vietnamese secret agents, Hanoi masters and Ho Chi Minh followers) heard the bad news about the UN Envoys's visit to Cambodia before or in the end of 1978, they (Yuon/Vietnamese secret agents, Hanoi masters and Ho Chi Minh followers) rushed back into the forest or jungles and changed their uniforms from Khmer Rouges dresses to Vietnamese/Yuon soldiers' dresses in light green uniforms. The UN, International Community and people around the world were fooled and turned into the blind eyes that Khmer Rogues soldiers and Pol Pol killed and starved innocent Khmer/Cambodian people and children. Pol Pol and his Khmer Rouges soldiers were not aware beforehand that there were many hidden Yuon/Vietnamese secret agents in their Khmer Rouges soldiers' uniforms until they [Pol Pot and some of his Khmer Rouges soldiers] knew their enemies were secret Yuon/Vietnamese agents hiding in their Khmer Rogues uniforms. Later, they were chased out and ousted to the Thailand border with Cambodia by Vietnamese/Yuon invasions into Cambodia from the order of Hanoi masters. So, the Vietnamese/Yuon scret agents were so worried that the United Nation (UN) diplomats/envoys' plans to visit Cambodia before the end of 1978 after so many complaints worldwide about losing the contacts and communications with Cambodia and Khmer people, concerns from Khmer people oversea during the Killing Fields (1975-1979) and foreigners.

  4. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Cont'd from Anonymous7:08 PM
    Pol Pot was chased out or ousted because he did not agree with Vietcong/Yuon masters in Hanoi and Yuon/Vietnamese secret agents about the deals to give up Khmer Krom (Southern Cambodia) and Kok Tral Island (not evil Yuon/Vietnamese communists called Phu Qoc). Pol Pot was secretly surrounded by the hidden Yuon/Vietnamese secret agents and he (Pol Pot) was not able go to visit the countryside and remote areas of Cambodia to see what was going on in bloody situations. Pol Pot did not know (that was why he was so blind and dumb). His Khmer Rouges soldiers were so busy to fight the Vietcong/Yuon armies in the South border of Cambodia and South Vietnam to get Khmer Krom back (today South Vietnam) while secret Yuon/Vietnamese agents inside Cambodia in Khmer Rouges uniforms were busy to murders millions of innocent and highly well-educated Khmer/Cambodian people as well as Khmer/Cambodian children. Those hidden Yuon/Vietnamese secret agents were able to speak, write and read Khmer language very well. Ho Chi Minh's Vietnamese/Yuon followers (armies) and brainwashed Khmer Vietminh (like Heng Samrin, Chea Sim, Hun Sen, Keat Chhon, Men Sam On, etc.) were fighting against Pol Pot's Khmer Rouges at the borders with the help with Vietcong/Yuon masters from Hanoi. Hun Sen was shot into one eye and went to Vietnam for help and then he came back to Cambodia after Vietnamese invasion. Later, China was so mad and then fought and punished against Yuon/Vietnam from the North along with the help from Soviet Unions to fight against China. Russians were fooled and used by the evil Yuon/Vietnamese masters to stop the Chinese war against Vietcong. Sihanouk reported to China as well that Vietcong invaded Cambodia. This was the dirty, ugliest and bloody tricks that the evil Yuon/Vietnamese blood suckers ever did on the planet. So, Vietnamese/Yuon blood suckers and killers claimed and mentioned to the world that they helped saved Cambodian/Khmer people from the Killing Fields, but they, Yuon/Vietnamese themselves, are the killers or murders in the Killing Fields by following his evil Ho Chi Minh's master mind and they used brainwashed Khmer Vietminh (like Heng Samrin, Chea Sim, Hun Sen, etc.) to control Cambodia in order for Yuon/Vietnamese masters in Hanoi and their Yuon/Vietnamese secret agents or thieves to take advantages of Cambodian's national resources and land of Cambodia (in the near future for many years to come). Now, we know that Ah Kork Hun Sen is the one, Ah Yong Yuon, Vietnamese puppet, who is still so faithful to his Yuon/Vietnamese masters that illegally installed him as the Prime Ministers after his position as Foreign Minister. Yes, Hun Sen was installed by his Vietnamese masters and secret Yuon/Viet military after Mr. Pen Sovan was ousted and captured to be put in jail in Vietnam for 10 years. Mr. Pen Sovan did not allowed the illegal Vietnamese/Yuon immigrants flooding into Cambodia under the request of Yuon/Vietnamese military and masters in Hanoi. Mr. Pen Sovan did not like the illegal Yuon/Vietnamese residents filling inside Cambodia everywhere. That was Mr. Pen Sovan was arrested.

    Yes, we were alive just because of the United Nation's Envoys's visits to Cambodia before the end of 1978 or during the Killing Fields (1975-1979) scared the heck out of and brought attentions to evil Yuon/Vietnamese masters in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minn followers and Yuon/Vietnamese secret agents who are the real killers before Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouges inner circles. Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouges soldiers had been accused as the scapegoats that they killed their own people. Yes, Yuon/Vietnamese master-minded killers and secret agents from Hanoi borrowed the hands of brainwashed Khmer kids (from Vietnam camps) and Khmer Vietminh to kill Khmer/Cambodian people as well. Without the United Nations, we would not be alive today. That is why!!!

    1. Anonymous10:01 PM


    2. Anonymous6:07 AM

      Anonymous7:09 PM

      Cont'd from Anonymous7:08 PM
      Pol Pot was chased out or ousted because he did not agree with Vietcong/Yuon masters in Hanoi and Yuon/Vietnamese secret agents about the deals to give up Khmer Krom (Southern Cambodia) and Kok Tral Island (not evil Yuon/Vietnamese communists called Phu Qoc).
      I know the evil Vietcong/Yuon masters are very smart. They would have waited until Cambodia's population dropped from 7 million down to 1 million before moving in. If I figured this out in 5 seconds, I am sure the evil Vietcong/Yuon masters had already figured it out.

      Now, like some people speculated, United Nations might intervene so Vietnam hurried up to move in. I disagree. United Nation would first make a UN-Resolution then debated for months before lifting their fingers. Cambodia had no oil. No country would want to sponsor such resolution. Nothing will happen.

      Will you wait for UN to come and rescue you in years while the Vietnamese next door were willing to come in to rescue you now. Apparently some of you did not have the urgency to see your love ones to be rescue.

      Do not advocate the waiting game. You are insulting a lot of the suffering memory of the victims. Do not politicalize the painful period of history. While you are not inflicting the physical harm to the victims, you are inflicting in their minds.

      People need to heal and move on. They don't need more monsters. As if Pol Pot was not bad enough, you try to make the Vietnamese as new monsters to continue to traumatize the victims.

      I begin to think some of you are relatives of the Khmer Rouges regime. After all, Khmer Rouges are people, and Khmer. Shame on you.

    3. Anonymous6:55 AM

      ...while the Vietnamese next door were willing to come in to rescue you now?
      Rescueing or carrying out the Vietnamization as has been seen, reported here on T2P and everywhere else all over the word. And of course, the Viets are monsters. How many thousands of French and Americans had the Vietcongs killed? And don't say that they did all that to protect themselves, please!

    4. Anonymous7:55 AM

      Re: I begin to think some of you are relatives of the Khmer Rouges regime. After all, Khmer Rouges are people, and Khmer. Shame on you.
      A little bit stiff, isn't it?

    5. Anonymous6:35 AM

      Nice, she has light skin. She must be a Yuon pretending to be Khmer.

  5. Anonymous11:41 PM

    Anonymous7:09 PM,
    What made you decide against posting your last reply to
    Anonymous6:07 AM?

    1. Anonymous6:35 AM

      6:07 and 7:09 are two different persons. 6:07 wrote huge text blobs, 7:09 wrote in short and manageable paragraphs. Khmer people need to go to school. Stop being uneducated.

    2. Anonymous7:11 AM

      One may have gathered that you are not Khmer, and you are more educated than the rest, is that it, 6:35 AM?

  6. Anonymous6:39 AM

    There would have been no UN resolution to topple Khmer Rouges and Pol Pot. China was one of the 5 permanent UN security council with veto power. Chin would veto against any UN resolution to protect Khmer Rouges and Pol Pot.

    Khmer people really need go to school and learn more, or you will continued to be duped into wrong thinking. For now, you are in the good hands of Mr. Hun Sen ok? He will protect you.

    1. Anonymous7:19 AM

      And what's wrong with your sentence "you will continued" grammatically, 6:39 AM? Shouldn't you go back to school too? You wouldn't want to be like that [gangster] high school dropout HUN SEN's slave of yours, would you?

    2. Anonymous8:42 AM

      Oh great, so you do read my reply. I place a few Easter-Egg in my writing to see if you folks would read it or not. The fact that you nit-picking confirmed so.

      What's the point of writing something in which people ignore. What's the point of you people keep lambasting, spewing out negativities and lies. You know the world will continue to ignore you.

      You need to change strategy. You must improve the quality of your writing. And check to see if the world will care or not.

      There is no point of hanging around like a bunch of losers singing in lies, lambasts, negativities. It's really sad.

    3. Anonymous3:48 AM

      People can spot a pretender/joker like you miles away without even wasting time to read your comments, fair enough?

  7. Anonymous2:03 PM

    I think the poster @Anonymous6:39 AM is well-educated, but very well brainwashed in the Beast CPP government led by Ah Kork Hun Sen. This poster @Anonymous6:39 AM is bragging too much because of Ah Kork Hun Sen's protection and enjoys to fool and brainwashed the readers on here until the readers are brainwashed like the poster @Anonymous6:39 AM. [LOL]

  8. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Alright, I am not Khmer and am not exactly Vietnamese either. I do actually have a lot of problem with the Vietnamese myself. Cool? I personally had directly cause 2 Vietnamese to be fired from their jobs, 1 got demoted and tried to prevent another Vietnamese to join my company through out my career.

    The Vietnamese had threatened to kill me several times. But I think the Khmer are even much worse. You folks would flip out and go nuts over little things.

    Go to Khmer440 site and read. The Whites folks have a very negative view of the Khmer. They actually have a more positive view toward the Vietnamese. What's wrong.