Paris Peace Accords 23 Oct. 1991

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

[Vietnamization] Vietnam Invasion of Kampuchea (2 of 5, English) [ការឈ្លានពាន របស់យួន មកលើកម្ពុជា, ភាគ ២/៥]

'The Vietnamese boasted, "The situation in Kampuchea is irreversible."  To formalize their takeover, the Vietnamese had installed a government of their own choosing.  The figurehead were former Khmer Rouge who had not only served Pol Pot; they'd fought the Vietnamese and led barbaric raids across the border before they defected.  Behind the scenes, of course, the Vietnamese would hold the reins of power.'

'The Pol Pot regime had ended.  But the worse was still not over  The new nightmare was famine.  It seemed impossible in a land of plenty... But in the wake of Vietnam's military takeover, hundreds of thousands died during two long years of famine. ... [Steve Heder] "... in some areas, half the population died" ... famine was hidden to the outside world. ... first half of 1979, they turned away offers of help from the Red Cross and the United Nations.'

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