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Thursday, October 20, 2016

[Vietnamization] Why Vietnam Invaded Cambodia -- PREFACE, INTRODUCTION and ch. 9 CONSEQUENCES OF THE VIETNAMESE INVASION
Why Vietnam Invaded Cambodia:
Political Culture and the Causes of War
Prof. Stephen J. Morris, Johns Hopkins University

PREFACE (complete)

Its preface cautions us that “some of the important primary sources are compromised” and those “made available have not come from free scholarly access to open archives but were released after careful scrutiny by Vietnamese communist leaders, who have a vital interest in the kind of history that will be written.”


Traditional Vietnamese culture has always included a profound contempt for the culture of Cambodia. This attitude has persisted to the present day, even within the Vietnamese Communist Party elite. Vietnamese disdain has reopened the festering wounds left in Cambodian culture by the past two centuries of Vietnamese military invasion and occupation.

Chapter 9: Consequences of the Vietnamese Invasion (complete)

...installed...their colonial regime, which was administering the "Vietnamization" of Cambodia. ... political control of the Phnom Penh the Vietnamese. ...Vietnamese advisers at all levels. ...most important Vietnamese adviser was the Vietnamese ambassador.... each morning the ambassador met with the foreign minister of the PRK, Hun Sen ...instructions cabled daily from Hanoi. ... heads of the fourteen departments... In these departments there were another 15 to 17 Vietnamese advisers... under control of an office in Hanoi.... 
...second...arrival from 1979 onwards of hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese civilians. ...Khmers had to share their land with the Vietnamese civilians ...each rural commune was obliged to receive a certain number of Vietnamese families. ...Vietnamese army conscripted Cambodian civilians as corvee labor on military projects [K-5]... 
...their client communist party, led by Hun Sen, was able to retain power in the country for many years. ...Hun Sen's political endurance ensured a continuing Vietnamese influence over Cambodia.

current Vietnamese province of Tay Ninh, these were areas that were almost totally populated by Cambodians and administered by Cambodians. ...a series of treaties signed...without the consent of the Cambodian king.

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