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Sunday, July 16, 2017

2 of the best talks EVER on TRUTH and FREEDOM at Stanford University

An extremely illuminating talk at Stanford University by prominent philosopher and USC professor Dallas Willard. I've already listened to this several times because there's so much insight to absorb slowly.

THE MOST PROFOUND is Dallas Willard's articulation of the relationship between TRUTH and FREEDOM.

I've listened to many Veritas Forum talks and I've really, really liked most of what I've listened to (oftentimes multiple times) thus far -- ex. anything Ravi Zacharias, anything John Lennox, anything Os Guinness, anything N. T. Wright has to say.

But this talk is the MOST PROFOUND. - Theary  C. Seng

Charter 77 "Truth prevails for those who live in truth." Russian proverb "One word of truth outweighs the entire world." Jesus "...and the truth will set you free."

Truth is essential  for a good life, for freedom.

1.  Two companion crises to the crisis of truth: (i) crisis of character (who a person is when no one sees except God), (ii) crisis of ethics (Shirley Jackson's The Lottery; "Today, it is worse to judge evil than to do evil, so confound is the ethical confusion"; Nietzsche's will to power)

2.  Two arguments for those who believe in truth but have grown careless about it: "Without truth, there is only manipulation" (Picasso); "Without truth, there is no freedom" (Isaiah Berlin; "freedom from, freedom for")

3.  Two arguments for those skeptical about it, have no interest in it: Peter Berger "to relativize the relativizer"; they don't apply relativism to their position; there is clarity in consistency; any thought can be thought, any argument can be argued; there are some thoughts that can be argued but not lived; A.J. Ayer's Verification Principle - all claims must be verified through the 5 senses or they're non-sense; but the Verification Principle itself could not be verified through the 5 senses, so the Principle is nonsense.  Point to the Signals of Transcendence.  Atheist: "There is no god", an absolute (not relative) position; they are not saying as a true relativist, "There is no god for me, there may be for you."

4.  Two challenges that truth to bring to all of us: People try to shape truth to their desires; the sharper the minder, the slipperier the heart; Aldous Huxley: "decided" (not "discovered") the world has no meaning.

Triangle of First Principles: Freedom requires virtue, which requires faith, which requires freedom...


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