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Monday, March 27, 2017

[Vietnamization] Vinamilk to take full stake of Angkormilk [the most foul-tasting "milk"! there should be investigation whether it's really milk!]

Vinamilk to take full stake of Angkormilk

The Phnom Penh Post | 27 March 2017

Vietnamese state-owned dairy giant Vinamilk intends to spend almost $11 million to buy its Cambodian partner’s entire stake in Angkor Dairy Products Co Ltd, better known as Angkormilk, according to Vietnamese media. 

The deal - which would increase Vinamilk’s investment capital in Angkormilk from 10.2 million to $21 million by purchasing BPC’s 49 percent stake - was officially agreed upon by the two companies and signed off by Vietnam’s Ministry of Planning and Investment last Thursday, according to state-owned Vietnam News. 

Angkormilk inaugurated a 27,000-square-metre factory in Phnom Penh SEZ last May. Executives from the company were not available for comment yesterday.

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  1. Anonymous9:13 AM

    To ensure the quality of the milk, the Vietnamese have to make sure to own 100% of the company or else the Khmer partners would ruin it.