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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Border road damaged in riverbank collapse

The collapsed road linking Kandal province to the Vietnam border. Supplied

Border road damaged in riverbank collapse

Khmer Times | 20 April 2017

A vital road linking Kandal province to the Vietnamese border has been seriously damaged after the banks of the Mekong river collapsed in Lerk Dek district.
Captain Deng Ran, chief of Kpob Ateav commune police, said the collapse took place three days ago, causing havoc on Road 14, which leads to the Orm Sam Nor international border checkpoint.

He said the banks of the river collapsed in the same place in 2011 and were repaired, but this time the damage is more serious.

He added the Transport and Water Resources ministries are studying potential detours to allow traffic to reach the border, but the road remains open at the moment.
Capt. Ran said locals, including his family, have moved to live on their farmland until the banks are repaired, but some residents are unable to evacuate because they have nowhere else to go.
Local authorities have not blocked off the road because it is the only way to get to the border.
“We have only one road to the border, so the vehicles still need to go through,” Capt. Ran said.
“For cars which have passengers, we instruct them to get out before crossing the damaged section, and let the driver cross alone,” Capt. Ran said.
“We have asked some residents to allow cars to drive over their land as a temporary measure.”
He said the Transport and Water Resources ministries will pay landowners to allow their plots to be used as temporary roads.  
District police Lieutenant Chhim Puthy said the road is vital for travel and transporting goods to Vietnam. He called for the government to find a solution as soon as possible.
“We are concerned about the safety of road users because there are still vehicles crossing in dangerous areas,” he said. 

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