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Monday, April 17, 2017

Remembering loved ones lost to the Cambodian Communists (Khmers Rouges or Red Khmers) beginning on 17 April 1975

In remembrance of Andrew Ang's oldest brother
"The first week after the country fell, many uncles, aunties, cousins of mine who were professionals and business people were taken by the Phnom Penh authority and they never returned... My father was tortured in front of me and subsequently died just a couple of months before the liberation in 1979..."

As his soul sailed beyond the horizon to touch the face of god, you'll be comforted to learn that life on earth is just a train stop away from eternity - Nikolas

"Well said Nikolas!  Man, you are going to make me cry...  He [brother] is 12 years older than me, but we were very closed... he took me everywhere with his Vespa and French car.... I can literally smell his cologne...  I remember as a young kid, I heard the same comment all the time about him.... I always wanted to be as handsome as him..."

Andrew C. Ang of Battambang now Sydney, Australia

Kerry Hamill

My brother, Kerry Hamill, was a beautiful, strong, courageous and much loved man.  He was the eldest of five children growing up by the sea in New Zealand.  We had a blessed childhood, full of friends, fun, adventure and family.  It was a childhood that fostered Kerry’s love of the sea and sailing but this love would ultimately bring about his premature death. During his version of New Zealand’s youth traditional OE (overseas experience), in August 1978 Kerry unknowingly sailed into Cambodian waters and was seized by the Khmer Rouge navy, taken to Toul Sleng prison (S21) where he was tortured and murdered.

Kerry, you and our brother John are with me always.  I mourn for the loss of your life, the lost experiences of joy and love that the future held for you; the uncle that my children were never to meet and the future family of your own that was taken from you.

My search for your boat ‘Foxy Lady’ and your final resting place, where ever that may be and in whatever form that may take, continues so that one day I may bring you home to ‘Rest in Peace’.

- Rob Hamill:  Olympian; civil party in the Extraordinary Chambers (ECCC)

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Building the Case for the K5 Genocide [ACTS + INTENT TO DESTROY a people]

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