Paris Peace Accords 23 Oct. 1991

Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Diamond-Encrusted Purple Ring on The Thick Wooden Ooh-la-la-Golden Throne

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Kem Sokha and The Diamond-Encrusted Purple Ring to go with The Thick Wooden Ooh-la-la-Golden Throne
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  1. Anonymous2:43 AM

    It will be a matter of time, Kem Sokha will have the banner replaced to cut out Sam Rainsy's image.

  2. Anonymous6:29 AM

    I may have named-and-shamed away The Thick Wooden Throne... Temporarily or for good, only time will tell. I will vote CNRP IN SPITE of Kem Sokha as will so many others, going against the grain in a lesser-evil decision.

    - Theary C. Seng
    That's good. She is not petty but looking at the big picture.