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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

[Vietnamization: Indochina] Reported Incoming French Ambassador Has Connections to Vietnam

Reported Incoming French Ambassador Has Connections to Vietnam

The Cambodia Daily | 5 April 2017

The president of France has selected Eva Nguyen Binh, an official at the French Embassy in Hanoi and wife of the French ambassador to Vietnam, as its next ambassador to Cambodia, two media outlets have reported.

Le Petit Journal, a French international news site, reported that French President Francois Hollande appointed Ms. Nguyen Binh on February 8, along with 27 other ambassadors, months before his nation’s upcoming presidential election.

Ms. Nguyen Binh.
If the Cambodian government confirms her appointment, Ms. Nguyen Binh, whose father is Vietnamese, will become the first woman to serve as French ambassador to Cambodia, according to the government-aligned website Fresh News.

Chum Sounry, spokesman for the Foreign Affairs Ministry, could not be reached for comment on Tuesday. Mathilde Teruya, spokeswoman for the French Embassy in Phnom Penh, would not confirm the selection of the new ambassador “as long as the relevant authorities have not yet officially notified their approval,” she said in an email.

The appointment of a French national of Vietnamese descent to a position of power is likely to be seen by some as contentious at a time when Cambodia’s border with Vietnam remains a political lightning rod and residents along the border continue to make claims of encroachment by Vietnamese nationals.

Alain Gascuel, a French former journalist who has lived in Cambodia since 1992 and has connections in the French community in Cambodia, said there were concerns in the community about Ms. Nguyen Binh’s background.

“Many French people are anxious about the reaction of Cambodians [to the appointment],” said Mr. Gascuel, the former editor of French-language journal Cambodge Nouveau.

He said France may view the appointment of Ms. Nguyen-Binh as a way of helping border negotiations between Cambodia and Vietnam. But others in Cambodia thought it was more to do with her being well-connected in Paris, he added.

Ms. Nguyen Binh, whose mother is French, is a career diplomat who currently serves as counselor on technical cooperation and cultural action at the French Embassy in Hanoi. She spent 16 years as a diplomat for the Foreign Affairs Ministry in France, according to her LinkedIn page. Her husband, Jean-Noel Poirier, has been the French ambassador to Vietnam since 2012.


  1. Anonymous3:01 PM

    The former colonial France just plunged
    a Yuon dagger into the Khmer people's hearts !!! ✊️⚔️☠️

  2. Anonymous1:14 AM

    Per international laws, the host country's government can refuse
    and request a replacement ambassador.

    Yuon's puppet Hun Sen not only refuses, but is dying to have
    such a direct Yuon relationship.

  3. Anonymous2:28 AM

    I hope this Vietnamese bitch does not manipulate Americans, foreigners and others to trash and hate Cambodian/Khmer people her Vietnamese or Yuon stupidities and hypocrisy in the world.

    1. Anonymous8:24 AM

      You are so rude. You have just insulted France.

  4. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Thach Setha contacted French embassy in Phnom Penh for help with the Khmer Krom map. Then he announced that the reply was very encouraging, then asked for donation to field a trip to France to acquire the map and prints.

    French embassy immediately published a statement, "We replied to him that the old colonial maps are available in the public archive, open for anyone who wish to access them."

    Basically, Thach Setha played a murky statement as if there is something hidden, extra and France is willing to help him (such encouraging revelation). But the fact was, the maps and information have always been in the public archive, and that's all there was to it. Thach Setha was nothing special. Anyone else could have gone to the archive long ago. If you don't know about then you are now informed.

    This kind of behavior is the cause for the French to distrust the Khmer as a race beyond redemption. That's why French colonials employed the Vietnamese to help in control the local Khmer in Indochina.

    You really need to improve.

    1. Anonymous9:12 AM

      Will the readership at T2P spike because of your "fake News" and "trash News"'s trolling here on T2P and everywhere else you had promised អាស្រកីដូង???