Paris Peace Accords 23 Oct. 1991

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

[Demographic Vietnamization: Elections, Military] Vietnamese license plates among CPP campaigners, 20 May 2017

បងប្អូន គិត ថា យួន ដែលចូលមក ឃោសនា​ និងបោះឆ្នោត ឲ្យCPP,​ គេ ត្រឡប់ ទៅប្រទេសគេ វិញ ទេ​?


  1. Anonymous1:02 AM

    Queen Theary Seng,

    You keep blasting Kem Sokha endlessly.
    I for one am not a fan of Kem Sokha either.
    You shouldn't badmouth him BEFORE the elections, unless you want the CNRP to lose.
    You now are getting dirty you even prevented
    any comments from being posted at proper link.

    1. Anonymous9:03 AM

      What link?

    2. Anonymous10:08 AM

      9:03 AM

      It was " Kem Sokha, the Opportunist, the Incompetent with the Family......." - UPDATED
      Post of Thursday, May 25, 2017.