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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Kem Sokha and The Thick Wooden Throne - Part 18

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Part 2: Kem Sokha and The Thick Wooden Throne
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Kem Sokha is often seen seated alone in a thick wooden throne on stage, something that you hardly or never see Sam Rainsy doing.  The more vacuous a person, the more props he needs to fill the emptiness.
But now with Tioulong Saumura there, at least he's in the same row as other CNRP leaders and they're not in plastic chairs.
- Theary C. Seng
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The Wooden Throne Cut Down to Size But Still Stands Alone.  Other CNRP Leaders Promoted from Plastic Even Without Help from Tioulong Saumura.
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I may have named-and-shamed away The Thick Wooden Throne... Temporarily or for good, only time will tell. I will vote CNRP IN SPITE of Kem Sokha as will so many others, going against the grain in a lesser-evil decision.

- Theary C. Seng

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To make Cambodia understandable for Americans (in terms of temperament, intelligence, communication skills): Hun Sen is Trump; Kem Sokha, Sarah Palin; Sam Rainsy, Barack Obama. 
- Theary C. Seng

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