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Thursday, May 25, 2017

NEC rejects Rainsy advertisement

Opposition surrogate Kong Korm speaks to supporters at a campaign event on Monday in Prey Veng province in front a CNRP banner bearing the face of ex-party leader Sam Rainsy. Facebook
Opposition surrogate Kong Korm speaks to supporters at a campaign event on Monday in Prey Veng province in front a CNRP banner bearing the face of ex-party leader Sam Rainsy. Facebook

NEC rejects Rainsy advertisement

Phnom Penh Post | 25 May 2017


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Spooked out by Rainsy? No, we're not afraid, uh-uh, really, swear to god (HoChiMinh works too)

The National Election Committee has rejected an opposition campaign advertisement from airing on a state-owned television station because it features former opposition leader Sam Rainsy, according to a letter from the body.

The letter informing the Cambodia National Rescue Party of the decision is dated May 23 and addressed to party spokesman Yim Sovann.

“The National Election Committee decided not to accept [the] third video spot of the Cambodia National Rescue Party to air because the Ministry of Information has never allowed state-run television station TVK to air any statements of a convict,” the letter reads.

Rainsy, who faces two convictions widely seen as politically motivated, was compelled to resign from the CNRP in February to avoid his court cases being used against the party under controversial new laws. He has not stepped foot in Cambodia since 2015 to avoid being imprisoned.

The NEC’s letter said a different spot submitted by the CNRP will instead be aired.

NEC Deputy Secretary-General Som Sorida said that according to articles 67 and 71 of the Law on Commune Elections, only a political party, a candidate or a party representative can speak about a party’s platform in advertising spots.

Article 67 empowers party representatives and candidates to campaign, but says nothing about barring nonrepresentatives. Article 71, meanwhile, simply forbids insulting language.

“We have asked CNRP representatives whether Sam Rainsy is a representative of the CNRP in spreading their political message,” Sorida said. “At this point, there is no reply.”

CNRP Deputy President Mu Sochua said the party accepted the NEC’s decision, but Rainsy’s message will be spread during the ongoing campaign.

Sorida acknowledged that the CNRP had already played an audio message from Rainsy during the campaign but said the NEC hadn’t received any complaints about that.

Since the campaign period began on May 20, a total of 20 complaints have been filed in eight provinces.

Fifteen complaints were launched by the CPP, according to a report on complaints.

The complaints are being looked into at the commune and provincial level.


  1. Anonymous7:32 PM

    There must be some evil Yuon/Vietnamese secret agents and spies like Hang Puthea and others in NEC. Yuon/Vietnamese secret agents are going deeper inside Cambodia and interfere with Cambodia's Election. Why don't you report to the European Ambassadors, UN and the U.S. Officials (congress and senate) that there are the Vietnamese/Yuon secret spies and advisors to a Vietnamese puppet Hun Sen in illegally Yuon-installed CPP (Cambodian People Party) regime. Yuon/Vietnamese secret agents are very dangerous to Cambodia's National Election.

    1. Anonymous1:15 PM

      Crying with Western bosses? Is that all you can do instead of doing something by yourself? And are you really willing to call for foreign intervention to solve your (imaginary) country problems just like in the pass?

      Beside be reality. If your western bosses intervene what will they get? Because they're not going to help freely in the name of 'democrazy and freedumbs'

  2. Anonymous9:54 AM

    If Rainsy is not removed from Cambodian politics, then confiscate CNRP's property for violation.

  3. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Rainsy has already resigned from CNRP. If his picture, name is still associating with CNRP then confiscate CNRP's property. CNRP must stop playing tricks. Why can't CNRP do anything right?

    1. Anonymous9:33 AM

      8:01 AM

      How dumb are YOU ?
      Mr. Sam Rainsy resigned only on paper, because your Samdach Ach Koar
      passed a monkey law.

    2. Anonymous8:33 AM

      Monkey law for monkeys.

    3. Anonymous12:58 PM

      8:33 AM

      Monkey laws were by Monkey Hun Sen.