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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Syrian refugee settled in Cambodia: report

Syrian refugee settled in Cambodia: report

9News (Australia) | 25 May 2017

Australian officials are tight-lipped over reports a Syrian refugee previously held on Nauru has been quietly transferred to Cambodia.
He is just the seventh person to arrive there following a controversial resettlement deal struck in 2014, when Australia agreed to give the Southeast Asian nation about $40 million in aid.
An immigration department spokesman did not explicitly confirm the resettlement, first reported by the Phnom Penh Post on Thursday, saying the privacy of all refugees should be respected.
"We have no intention of releasing personal or other details relating to those who volunteer to take up settlement in Cambodia," he told AAP.

The governments of Australia and Cambodia remain committed to the arrangement, which allows refugees in Nauru to settle in Cambodia, he said.
"This arrangement provides refugees with the support they need to integrate into the Cambodian community and build new lives."

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