Paris Peace Accords 23 Oct. 1991

Friday, May 12, 2017

World Economic Forum on ASEAN (10-12 May 2017, Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

World Economic Forum on ASEAN

10-12 May 2017
Phnom Penh, Cambodia  


  1. Anonymous9:47 PM

    Thank to WEF,now the Khmer/Yuon natural resource rapers can easily turn woods and sands into Swiss watches (or Swiss accounts!).
    Any one wants one ? Rolex or Omega ?!
    I want the Oyster ! Sorry the real oysters, but the poor fishermen told me to forget it ! They couldn't even find crabs or shrimps !!!

    1. Anonymous8:38 AM

      I saw in the news, CNRP officials drove fancy and expensive luxury Lexus SUV, each costs 80,000 USD after tax. I bet they paid for them with the money from the woods and sands.

      Those watches only cost a thousand USD each right? It's not much as compared to the SUVs belongs to the CNRP officials.

    2. Anonymous10:40 AM

      Anonymous 8:38 AM,

      Please try this link.

  2. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Cambodia's problem is simple. Most people are desperate and greedy, hence, they are all self-promoting, self-important "Only I can save Cambodia." Look at the opposition, they all fight among themselves. People just don't know who to trust.

    So, to fix this problem, I would advice Cambodia to copy the movement happened in Japan. It's called the Meiji Restoration.

    The Meiji Restoration (明治維新 Meiji Ishin?), also known as the Meiji Ishin, Renovation, Revolution, Reform, or Renewal, was an event that restored practical imperial rule to Japan in 1868 under Emperor Meiji. Although there were Emperors before the Meiji Restoration, the events restored practical abilities and consolidated the political system under the Emperor of Japan.

    So, Mr. Hun Sen would be the counterpart of Tokugawa Yoshinobu, the 15th Tokugawa Shogun and Norodom Sihamoni King would be the counterpart of Emperor Meiji.


    1. Anonymous2:57 PM

      8:51 AM

      Cambodia problems are simple.

      1. Cut off Yuon Hanoi's third-hands, such as Traitor Hun Sen, AND
      2. Hit hard the hands' owner !!! ✊️⚔️☠️

  3. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Anonymous9:47 PM/Anonymous8:38 AM/Anonymous8:51 AM is a Vietnamese or Yuon dog eater called Drgunzet and this poster Drgunzet claimed to be a Germany with bragging words about his evil Yuon/Vietnam (a combination of three parts of territories, North Vietnam belongs to China, Central Vietnam belongs to Champa (where Cham people were vanished or all killed - How cruel and disgusted the Vietnamese/Yuon folks and leaders are and so is Drgunzet himself), and lastly South Vietnam belongs to Cambodia (where 18 millions of Cambodian/Khmer people have been there and some millions have been murdered and killed by the cruel and barbaric Vietnamese/Yuon folks and leaders). This poster Drgunzet is dreaming of the failure of Cambodia and Cambodian people and loved his friend named Hun Sen ( who is a Vietnamese/Yuon puppet or dog, Khmer Vietminh killer, Ghost Ho Chi Minh follower, a current killer today).

    Drgunzet is trying to so hard to dream of taking some land of Cambodia by praising his friend Hun Sen to continue to control Cambodia and hopefully, this poster Drgunzet and his evil Yuon/Vietnamese land invaders and killers to take advantages of Hun Sen when Hun Sen is in power and leads CPP (illegally Vietnamese-Installed regime in Cambodia). Watch an listen to Mr. Sam Rainsy's Videos on his facebook describing the history of evil Yuon/Vietnamese involving the dirty and secret plans to kill as many as Cambodian people in order to take the land of Cambodia.

    Vietnamese folks like Drgunzet are very evil, disgusted, barbaric, violent, killers and wild animal.

    1. Anonymous12:43 AM

      Anonymous 6:48 PM,

      Please leave me (Anonymous 9:47 PM) alone will ya ?!
      99 % of your text,I recognize as a copy of your comment you made a half year ago !!!
      You have the freedom to express you thought but you also have the responsibility not to make mistake !.
      Anyway, I still thank you for being a volunteer blog analyzer. As expected, mistakes always happens to an untrained but very ambitious person !
      I knew who they are trying so hard to induce and introduce the yuon troll into T2P !!! Those guys did that to Khmerization too. And where are you now my friend Khmerization ?! Are you still alive or already dead after you met the beautiful girl at Koh Song Saar !!!!!!!!

    2. Anonymous2:56 AM

      What happened to Khmerization? Khmercircle stole the readership from Khmerization. Proof is here:

      "I always like to get the bad news out of the way first. So here it is:

      The bad news! - As of today news postings will be drastically infrequent - if at all - on Khmerization, unless a divine intervention or a practical solution is found to ensure this won't be the case. This is dictated by purely logistical and practical reasons.

      The good news! - In courtesy to all our loyal readers, the usual amount of news coverage and updates will still be found at only a short click away @: 'Khmer Circle' [or:].

      So is that all to this 'good news'? Not quite. The really good news is that once there, you will be in fine company as School of Vice is already the site's [only?] dedicated reader and follower! Well, assuming School of Vice eventually returns from fishing activities in Pailin, or is not being kidnapped while in Venice...

      We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our readers for their continued interest, readership, insights, critiques, contributions and loyalty.



    3. Anonymous3:03 AM

      I post message on Khmercircle blog a few times announcing Khmerization blog is active again but Khmercirlce admin deleted my message. Clearly, Khmercirlce wanted to keep the stolen readership from Khmerization blog.

      Go ahead and try, you will see for yourselves. Khmercircle admin will delete your comment if they think you want to inform about Khmerization blog is active again.

      Clearly, it's the Khmer culture. Everyone is corrupt to the bone and stealing from each other given half a chance. It's so sad....

  4. Anonymous2:52 AM

    Any thing wrong with the plan to rescue Cambodia with a similar movement like the Meiji movement? Oh, Cambodians cannot do it, only the selfless Japanese can.

  5. Anonymous6:11 AM

    2:52 AM

    No one cares to read your stupid posts !!!