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Monday, June 19, 2017

Prime Minister denies writing sinister message

Prime Minister Hun Sen said Sam Rainsy is ‘foolish’. KT/Mai Vireak

Prime Minister denies writing sinister message

Khmer Times | 19 June 2017

Prime Minister Hun Sen has reacted angrily to Sam Rainsy’s claim that the CPP leader is trying to entice him home in order to provoke a civil war and dissolve the CNRP.

The latest war of words between the bitter political rivals came after Mr Rainsy claimed at the weekend that the Prime Minister had issued secret, written instructions to commanders of the armed forces.

“These instructions show that Hun Sen wants to provoke a war and to kill innocent people when I return to Cambodia,” said the former CNRP president. “Please see the penultimate sentence. This would also be another pretext to dissolve the CNRP.”

Mr Hun Sen reacted by telling Fresh News: “Mr Rainsy is a foolish person who said that the instructions to commanders of the armed forces belong to me. Where is it confirmed that the document belongs to me? Did it have a seal and signature”? He is really a fool.” 

Mr Rainsy had been banned from returning to Cambodia but the Prime Minister lifted the ban last week and taunted him to come home to show he was not afraid of serving time in prison for past crimes.

The “Hun Sen” letter referred to by Mr Rainsy on Facebook, said: “To leaders at all levels, especially commanders of the armed forces. Today I am ordering that the ministerial instruction to airline companies not to carry Sam Rainsy to Cambodia be cancelled. 

“We had good intentions when issuing that instruction to avoid any bloodshed, in particular Sam Rainsy’s death. But this good intention has been used by Sam Rainsy as a pretext to say that we wanted to prevent his return to Cambodia. 

“This is only a cancellation of the ban prohibiting his travelling by air. It is not a pardon granted to Sam Rainsy. Sam Rainsy is still a convict who must be dealt with by the law-implementing forces according to sentences handed down on him by the tribunal. He must absolutely be put in jail at any cost. We absolutely must not let him escape.

“The arrest of Sam Rainsy must be conducted on board the very plane carrying him, which must be ordered to park at the military zone of the airport if it is Phnom Penh. If it is in Siem Reap or Preah Sihanouk province, an adequate place must be found that is distinct from the zone used by (ordinary) passengers. 

“All units of the elite forces must be prepared to intervene and destroy any forces that would hinder the implementation of the law. This order must be quietly implemented. 

“When the situation occurs, other targets in other areas on a broadened frontline must be dealt with as need be. Wait for orders.” 

Although Prime Minister Hun Sen denied being the author of the document he praised the message writer, saying: “The writer seems to know my mind – army orders must be done like this.”

The letter addressed Mr Rainsy directly, sarcastically calling him “a hero” and adding: “If you don’t dare to return to the country don’t make promises to do so.”

To the forces it continued: “Please listen carefully – the forces have to arrest and handcuff this man in the airplane if he enters the country and he must be taken to jail. Don’t be insolent, fool.”   

The Prime Minister accused Mr Rainsy of making up stories and of being responsible for his own plight.

“Anyone can write a message and allege that it belongs to the prime minister,” Mr Hun Sen continued. “Luckily for him, I have not filed a complaint about this because Mr Rainsy is certainly guilty.”  

Interior Ministry spokesman General Khieu Sopheak confirmed the authorities would take legal action if the former opposition leader returned to Cambodia.

“Mr Rainsy has not yet received a royal pardon,” said Gen Sopheak. “Therefore, the authorities have the power to take legal action against him when he returns to the country.” 

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