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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Pure, fluffy cottons galore, but why are Cambodians not sleeping on pillows and mattresses?

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I love nature! Cotton trees flowering, spilling onto public road. I will have at least 3 pillows of pure cotton just from collecting off the dirt road during my daily walks of the past couple of days. Besides providing a natural border and shade along the dirt road I'm not sure if the owner is doing much with the cotton. Cambodians, including my family, can be really destructive or wasteful of natural beauty and blind to its value.

Cotton trees flowering
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I really don't think the owner of neighboring orchard does anything with the cotton from the 30-50 trees lining his property. And I'm pretty certain the family looking after the property has no mattresses or pillows they sleep on besides a mat on a $20 wooden bed. Today I picked up enough cotton for another pillow or cushion, just from cotton balls and cones splattering on the public dirt road. The fact that these trees line the property border only confirms my suspicion that the owner has no intention with the cotton because why plant these trees where over 50 of the cotton cones will fall outside the property. My gain!
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  1. Anonymous4:56 PM

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