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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Spying or flying a drone: Why is an Australian detained in Cambodia?

Spying or flying a drone: Why is an Australian detained in Cambodia?

It's unclear why Australian James Ricketson has been detained in Cambodia.

SBS World News | 7 June 2017

Cambodian media has been reporting conflicting reasons about why Australian filmmaker James Ricketson was arrested and detained by local authorities on Saturday.

Phnom Penh deputy police and immigration officer, Lou Rabo, told the Phnom Penh Post that Mr Ricketson, 68, was arrested under suspicion of stealing information to relay abroad without permission.
"At this time, the suspect is being temporarily detained at the immigration office and there is an ongoing investigation," he told the Post.
Government-aligned local media outlet Fresh News reported Mr Ricketson intended "to steal information to the media outside the country without permission from the relevant authority".
However, Mr Rabo told Cambodia Daily that Mr Ricketson was arrested because he was living in the country without his required passport.
"We checked for his passport," he said. "He didn't have it. This means he is living in Cambodia illegally."
But the Phnom Penh major crimes unit deputy chief, Tey Visalsaid Mr Ricketson was arrested because he was flying a drone without authorisation at the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party rally in front of the Royal Palace on Saturday.
Cambodians vote in local elections
Cambodians are voting in local elections that could have a major impact on the country's political landscape ahead of 2018 national elections.
Cambodia's local elections were held on Sunday with the CNRP announcing it had won about 46 per cent of the popular vote. This contrasts figures reported by a pro-government publication that said the opposition had won over one-third of the vote.
Official results will be announced on June 25.
This is not the first time Mr Ricketson has been caught up with the law. Last year he was found guilty of defaming an anti-pedophile NGO, Action Pour Les Enfants.

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