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Monday, July 3, 2017

រឿងពិត នៃថ្ងៃ ៧ មករា | January 7, History Of Cambodia [from T2P reader Khmer Yeurng]

រឿងពិត នៃថ្ងៃ ៧ មករា January 7 History Of Cambodia Khmer Political News

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  1. Anonymous9:16 AM

    In April, 1977, Khmer Rouges taught the greedy Cambodians a lesson: If you are greedy, you die.

    Khmer Rouges organized a celebration for the liberation of Cambodia (from Lon Nol). They ordered a lot of food prepared in the center of the village and it was a buffet, all you can eat.

    Everyone was underfed and hungry for so long just ate their hearts out. As the result, their bodies could not digest such a huge influx of food. I was told by my Khmer coworkers in the labor team, "My turd was so big, it's like I was giving birth to a child." And these were the guys and they said, their anus bled and torn apart because of the huge turd.

    5 percent of the people in the villages died from constipation a week later. That's 350,000 people.

    Khmer Rouges were actually kind and nice during that time. They let the people rest and recuperate from constipation.