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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Baby's best friend: Heart-warming photos capture the special bond between infants and their dogs

Room for two? This little one was delighted when the pug wriggled into the baby bouncer
Nap time: This little boy looked perfectly comfortable snoozing in the dog bed on the floor
Little and large: A basset hound proved just the right kind of pillow for this giggling baby
Touching moment: This baby girl wanted to show her faithful dog a little affection with a kiss
Playing doctors: This French Mastiff proved the perfect patient for this girl's make believe play
Rocking out: Matching sunglasses and instruments brought play time to life for these friends
Faithful protector: This newborn was delighted when the family pet gave her the gentlest lick
Three of a kind: Lying on their backs, the smiling baby girl and her two pugs look just alike
On top of the world! This baby girl looks thrilled to be sitting on her towering pet Great Dane

Baby's best friend: Heart-warming photos capture the special bond between infants and their dogs 

Daily Mail |15 August 2017


  1. Anonymous1:14 AM

    But why the VIET/YUON still eat millions of dogs and cats every year?

    1. Anonymous7:34 AM

      I don't think the Vietnamese eat cats.

    2. Anonymous4:22 AM

      Yeah they eat anything including RATS, that's what the Vietnamese is all about, RAT!!!

  2. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Then explain to me why the Vietnamese are hundreds if not thousand times smarter than Khmer? Vietnam took 3rd place in the International Math Olympiad while Cambodia took 93rd place!

    Vietnam took first place in International Chemistry Olympiad while Cambodia could not even compete?! Vietnam produced many great chess players internationally while Cambodia had none.

    1. Anonymous9:20 AM

      Nah..You Viet just eat DOGS [5 millions of them a year] and RATS...

    2. Anonymous9:32 AM

      Meanwhile, Vietnam has expanded the annual export figure to 200 billion US dollars a year, while Cambodia can only export about 6-7 billions.

      Come on, 200 VS 6.5? Vietnam will crush Cambodia economically in the future.