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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

[Demographic Vietnamization: Border, Military, Criminal Elements] Vietnam to aid border drugs battle [the tail wags the dog]

Lt Gen Mak Chito. KT/Ven Rathavong 

Vietnam to aid border drugs battle

 Khmer Times | 30 August 2017
Cambodia and Vietnam vowed to boost cooperation to prevent cross-border drug trafficking during the nations’ annual meeting yesterday.
Lieutenant General Mak [Mok] Chito, deputy National Police commissioner in charge of drug crimes, and Ngo Thai Dung, director of Drug Crime Prevention at the Vietnamese Defence Ministry, met yesterday to discussing battling drug trafficking.

After the meeting, both sides signed a document related to increased cooperation on combating cross-border drug crimes.
Lt Gen Chito said he discussed streamlining the exchange of intelligence information to bolster the capabilities of police along the border.
He added that both sides will from now on receive expedited information on crimes and methods being employed by drug runners.
“Just after the meeting, we got new information from our Vietnamese counterparts that there is a new drug substance called US grass,” Lt Gen Chito said, referring to a precursor plant used in drug production.
“We have not had it in Cambodia yet. But after receiving this information, we will study it and investigate to prevent this substance from flowing into Cambodia.”
Lt Gen Chito said Cambodia is mostly a transit point in drug runs, with Vietnam being the end point.
According to an Interior Ministry anti-drug department report, both sides also shared information on known criminals involved in the drug trade during the meeting.

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