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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

[Demographic Vietnamization: Indochina, Border, Military] Art performance praises Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia friendship

An art performance at the event (Source: VNA)

Art performance praises Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia friendship

Vietnam Plus | 18 August 2017

Hanoi (VNA) – An art programme highlighting the friendship between Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia was held in Hanoi on August 17 as part of activities to mark the Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Year and the Vietnam-Laos Friendship and Solidarity Year.

The event saw the presence of Vietnam’s Politburo member and Minister of Public Security To Lam, Cambodia’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs Sar Kheng, and Laos’s Minister of Security Somkeo Silavon, among others.

Speaking at the programme, Minister To Lam affirmed that Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia are the three close neighbours which have time-honoured relations. 

In spite of many ups and downs of their history, the ties between Vietnam and Laos and between Vietnam and Cambodia have become closer, he added.

The art programme was significant as it celebrated the 50th anniversary of Vietnam-Cambodia diplomatic ties and the 55th anniversary of Vietnam-Laos diplomatic relations.

Many performances took place at the event, extolling the traditional and special friendship between the three nations. -VNA

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  1. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Yeah, right!!! The relationship between Laos (controlled by evil Yuon/Vietcong), Cambodia (controlled by evil Yuon/Vietcong via a Vietnamese puppet Hun Sen) and Vietcong/Vietnam itself is a dirty trick and deadly plans to combine three countries (Laos, Cambodia and evil Vietnam) to be Indochina which will be a future evil Vietnam (just like Yugoslavia). That show is really shitty, disgusted and fooling some gullible foreigners, some gullible Cambodians, and some gullible Laotians because those gullible folks have no ideas the dangers are coming to their lives just like the second Killing Fields after Cambodia's Killing Fields (1975-1979)