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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

[Demographic Vietnamization: Tbaung Khmum, Military, Border Market] Samrin’s hometown technically in Vietnam

A bulldozer levels land in front of newly built houses last year in Tbong Khmum province as part of a development project by Heng Samrin.
A bulldozer levels land in front of newly built houses last year in Tbong Khmum province as part of a development project by Heng Samrin. Facebook

Samrin’s hometown technically in Vietnam

Phnom Penh Post | 21 August 2017

National Assembly President Heng Samrin’s native village is, as map lines go, technically inside of Vietnam, the head of Cambodia’s Royal Academy said at a recent press conference.

The comments by Sok Touch, who has been at the forefront of government efforts to examine the Vietnamese border in recent years, follow years of controversy over the positioning of the Tbong [Tbaung] Khmum province town where the Cambodian People’s Party stalwart was born.

Speaking at the Royal Academy on Friday, Touch said that according to the French colonial-era Bonne map, which is referred to in the constitution as defining the Kingdom’s territory, the location of Samrin’s home in Thlok Trach is in Vietnam.

Though the issue has been highly sensitive for the CPP, which vehemently rejected claims by opposition members that it had ceded land to Vietnam, spokesman Sok Eysan yesterday backed the academic’s claim.

“The map line runs at the west of Samdech Heng Samrin’s house,” Eysan said by phone.

However, though Eysan – and government spokesman Phay Siphan – agreed that the map shows the house to be on the Vietnamese side of the border, that could change.

Vietnamese and Cambodian experts are still working to demarcate the eastern boundary and, as part of that, have some leeway to shift the borderline.

In 2012, Senior Minister in Charge of Border Affairs Var Kimhong caused a stir when he suggested Cambodia may have to swap two villages to keep Samrin’s home, in Ponhea Krek district’s Kak commune, in Cambodia.

He later denied that would be the case and declined to discuss the villages’ status yesterday.


  1. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Phay Siphoam and Sok Touch are very stupid and still going to get lost themselves. These idiots don't feel that the dangers are coming to Cambodia and Cambodian people because of Haoin's propaganda and dirty plans by using Hun Sen as their Vietnamese puppet. It has been more than 30 years already, but the mother f**king idiots Phay Siphaon and Sok Touch still don't get it.

  2. Anonymous8:49 AM

    See, the Cambodia region close to Vietnam is building up nicely with Vietnam's help. Look at the region close to Thailand. It's horrible at Thai border.

    The people in Koh Kong are pressed to the limit of suffering. They are fighting back. But we all know that region has been sold out to Thailand and China. Chut Wutty died there some years back. But we all know there are some Cambodians who hid these news so that they can attack Vietnam. Perhaps these people are paid by Thais and Chinese.

    We all know Kem Sokha enjoyed going to Thailand for sex trips with Mom Srey. Honestly, Mom Srey was only a hairdresser for Kem Sokha. What's her business in Bangkok? Sound like she was to bang some kok there.

    Cambodia lost so much land at the Thai border. Some Cambodian farmers said the Thais moved the border posts by a whole kilometer into Cambodian land. And yet, the anti-Vietnam bloggers said nothing about it.

    Thais are killing about 65 Khmer at the border for stealing rosewood. Thais are killing so many Cambodian slaves on Thai fishing boats. So many Cambodians died on the roads in Thailand as well as on the plantations.

    Clearly Khmers are very afraid of cruel Thais. And Khmers are not afraid of the nice Vietnamese.

    1. Anonymous8:53 AM

      Vietcong, Ra khỏi Campuchia

  3. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Sok Touch is the head of Cambodia’s Royal Academy of dumb-asses and boot lickers.

  4. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Anonymous8:49 AM,

    Vietnam is a stolen land or territory which is a combination of three nations, China (North evil Vietnam), Cambodia/Khmer (Southern evil Vietnam) and Champa (Central evil Vietnam).

    You always keep bragging about Vietcong/Vietnam (a stolen territory on earty). You need to re-read the history, Drgunzet (Vietcong dog eater).

    1. Anonymous12:03 PM

      DrGunzet is Minh Nguyen.