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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

[Vietnamization: Elections] Cambodian PM vows to take hard line with treason

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen (Photo: Xinhua/VNA)

Cambodian PM vows to take hard line with treason

Vietnam Plus | 2 October 2017

Phnom Penh (VNA) Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen on October 2 pledged to take a hard line with treason, saying the government will continue investigating and arresting individuals behind acts against the nation.

The government will not allow and not give opportunity to anybody who destroys national peace, security and development, he said.

Cambodian authorities arrested Kem Sokha, President of the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), on September 3 for allegedly plotting the overthrow of the government. 

The arrest came after it found a video, broadcast by the Australia-based Cambodian Broadcasting Network, showing Kem Sokha and his accompanies secretly conspired with foreigners to topple the Cambodian government. 

He is facing charges of treason and espionage under article 443 of the country’s Criminal Code.

Kem Sokha was elected as CNRP President in March 2017 to replace Sam Rainsy who stepped down in the previous month.-VNA


  1. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Hey Vietnamese puppet Hun Sen,

    You are the one who committed treason and is a real traitor. Has you seen yourself as a killer and traitor who has been serving your Vietnamese masters for over 30 years, allowed the Vietnamese thieves to destroy Cambodia's natural resources and illegally destroy Cambodian's forests, cut the land and island of Cambodia to Vietnam, etc?

    You talked in the opposite ways to accuse innocent Cambodian people and opposition leaders committed treason. Wow, you are so incredible, ah Yong Yuong Hun Sen.

    You pretend that you are a good guy because of your Vietnamese masters in Hanoi and corrupted CPP officials (who are lazy and corrupted CPP thieves).

    Ah Yong Yuon (a Vietnamese puppet) Hun Sen, you still don't get it. You are living in your nightmare that you are facing the hell so bad that you went to China for helps.

    If China doesn't want you, you will be in big trouble. Vietnam will get away with the crime they committed in Cambodia. You will be in hell soon, Ah Yong Yuon Hun Sen.

    Cambodian or Khmer people feel sorry for you because you are falling into China and Vietnam traps, and you don't listen to Cambodian people and opposition leaders. You are still getting lost and you begin to lost your mind gradually.

    You idiot, you don't know that Cambodian people cared about you and your family members, but not Cambodian people are fed up with you because of your continuous bad behaviors against Cambodian/Khmer people, your hypocrite behaviors, your continuous faithfulness to your Vietnamese masters, and beyond until you are now are all alone going to China for help when your Vietnamese masters are siding with the U.S. because of China's threat, and you are facing into the deep hole for yourself along with your family members. Good luck, idiot Hun Sen. It will be too late for you to get help from Khmer people who are united for their motherland.

  2. Anonymous4:45 PM

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    It is too late for you to wake up, Ah Yong Yuon Hun Sen.