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Saturday, January 20, 2018

35 Astounding Historical Photos That Shed Light On the Past - part 3

20. Men celebrating the end of prohibition, December 5, 1933

20. Men Celebrating The End Of prohibition, December 5, 1933

19. Ruth Lee, a hostess at a Chinese restaurant, flies a Chinese flag so she isn’t mistaken for Japanese when she sunbathes on her days off in Miami, Dec. 15, 1941 (Colorized)

19. Ruth Lee, A hostess At a Chinese Restaurant, Flies A Chinese Flag So she Isn’t Mistaken For Japanese When She Sunbathes On her Days Off In Miami, Dec. 15, 1941 (Colorized)

18. Rally against Nazism in New York, Madison Square Garden, 1937

18. Rally Against Nazism In New York, Madison Square Garden, 1937

17. The first man to walk on the Moon — Neil Armstrong lights a cigar, March 1969

17. The First Man To walk On the Moon — Neil Armstrong Lights A cigar, March 1969

16. Thanksgiving on the frontline, World War 2 (colorized)

16. Thanksgiving On the Frontline, World War 2 (colorized)

15. Winston Churchill and Charlie Chaplin on the set of City Lights, September 24, 1929 (colorized)

15. Winston Churchill And Charlie Chaplin On the Set Of City Lights, September 24, 1929 (colorized)

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