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Friday, January 5, 2018

[Vietnamization: Border] Vietnamese, Cambodian navies conduct joint patrol

Officers of Vietnam's Ship 253 participates in a rescue excercise (Source:

Vietnamese, Cambodian navies conduct joint patrol

 Vietnam Plus | 5 January 2018

Hanoi (VNA) – The naval forces of Vietnam and Cambodia organised their 49th joint patrol on January 3-4.

Ship 253 of the Naval Region 5 under the Vietnam People’s Navy and Ship 1143 from the Royal Cambodian Navy took part in the event.

During the two-day patrol, the two sides carried out a lot of tasks, including the prevention of illegal activities in the joint patrol waters, maritime environmental protection, information exchange, product smuggling and drug and weapon trafficking prevention, pirate control, and search and rescue at sea.

With thorough preparations and close coordination, the joint patrol concluded successfully, contributing to maintaining peace, political stability and security, and social order and safety in the Vietnamese and Cambodia waters as well as consolidating and developing the traditional friendship and mutual understanding between the two navies. -VNA


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