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Thursday, February 8, 2018

[Demographic Vietnamization: Border, Military, Svay Rieng, Market] Tay Ninh strengthens friendship with Cambodian localities

Leaders and army commanders of Cambodian localities present gifts to Chairman of the People’s Committee of southern Tay Ninh province Pham Van Tan (R) (Source: VNA)

Tay Ninh strengthens friendship with Cambodian localities

Vietnam Plus | 8 February 2018

Tay Ninh (VNA) – Chairman of the People’s Committee of southern Tay Ninh province Pham Van Tan has asked Cambodian localities bordering Vietnam to continue implementing cooperative programmes for the interests of the two peoples.

Tan hosted a reception on February 7 for leaders and army commanders of Cambodia’s Prey Veng, Tboung Khmum, Svay Rieng and Kampong Cham provinces which border Tay Ninh, ahead of the Lunar New Year (Tet) festival.

He informed the guests of his locality’s development achievements, affirming that cooperative progarmmes in trade, education, health, transport, border marker planting and crime prevention have contributed to stabilising border security and building a border of peace and friendship.

Governor of Svay Rieng province Men Vibol, on behalf of the Cambodian delegation, extended New Year wishes to Tay Ninh’s leaders, officers, soldiers and people.

He reported that Tay Ninh and Svay Rieng provinces have coordinated in protecting security and order in border areas and planting border markers.

He took this occasion to thank Tay Ninh authorities for helping build and repair roads in border areas, and organising free medical check-ups and treatment for poor people in Cambodia.-VNA


  1. Anonymous8:34 AM

    I saw a map of the so called "Khmer Krom" and I asked an intelligent question to the Khmers, "Why Khmer Krom map does not include Svay Rieng, nor Bokor nor Kampot?" Then I asked a follow-up question, "How come Khmer Krom map does not include any territory in Cambodia? How come Vietnam precisely stopped stealing Cambodia's land in Khmer Krom only, and not Khmer Srok?" "Why didn't Vietnam steal/take/grab Svay Rieng which protrudes deep into Vietnam's territory?"

    No Khmer could answer my question. Clearly, some Khmer dudes just made up the Khmer Krom map then started to lie about it. These Khmer dudes did not dare to include any Cambodia's territory or else they would face the wrath of the current Cambodian government.

    KHmers have a habit of making fictitious claims and go on to make infantile claims. For example, they claimed that their hero Oknha Son Kuy was beheaded by the cruel Vietnamese with a picture of a dude standing up while being beheaded. LOL... I would think the Vietnamese bounded and forced the Kuy dude to kneel for the beheading right? Such infantile lie was too blatant and funny, hence infantile.

    1. Anonymous8:46 AM

      I learned an urban lore from Game of Thrones that after a battle, the field smell shitty because as men died, they actually shit in the pants as a natural and unconscious reaction. I wonder if the Kuy hero shit in his pants after he got beheaded...that is if he was actually beheaded by the supposedly cruel Vietnamese.

      It's deplore to read nasty, vicious, cruel, evil, brutal comments from some mental Khmers about acts of violence. Such dark and sick imagination from these people.

      In contrast, the Vietnamese folks have risen from the war destruction and build an aspiring society. They took 3rd place in International Math Olympiad, produced several world champions in chess for Under-18 through Under-6, and one world champion in Chess blitz who also ranked high among top chess players in the world.

      So on and so on. Vietnam rapidly improved in the society statistics:

      _ rapid electricity connection 100% while Cambodia is still at only 60%.
      _ rapid sanitation improvement, 99% now has built-in home potty solution while Cambodia still have a high 50% people doing defecation in the open field.

      So on and so on.
      All I ask from the Khmer folks is to improve yourselves first before you cause any further troubles. Once you improve, you will understand more and know how to live in peace with your neighbors.

  2. Anonymous8:50 AM

    In college, I tutored some Khmer students and measured my learning rate to be a couple hundred times faster then theirs. For example, they were studying some subjects for a couple months and got stuck. I took their books and read for 30 minutes, up to the point they got stuck and tutored them.

    While I felt sorry for these Khmers who suffered a lot, I will not tolerate infantile lies reflecting their greed for Khmer empire and the lust for lands, women and booties.

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