Paris Peace Accords 23 Oct. 1991

Friday, March 30, 2018

Sunday Easter Massacre, 30 March 1997

All the English signs were in my handwriting. I stayed up with garment workers past 11 PM the night before making these signs at the SODECO house next to my rental apartment near Psah Kam Ko. - Theary C. Seng


  1. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Kem Ley's family has betrayed the opposition's cause. They refused to acknowledge that Kem Ley was planning to merge GDP back into CNRP, thus Mr. Hun Sen sued and won the case against Sam Rainsy.

    Sam Rainsy said, "Mr. Hun Sen killed Kem Ley because he was afraid that Kem Ley would merge GDP back to CNRP, making CNRP too powerful. Mr. Hun Sen was scared."

    All the widow of Kem Ley could have said was, "Yes, my husband was planning to merge GDP back to CNRP. He confided to me." But no, she did not. As a result, Sam Rainsy got sued, convicted and the whole CNRP conundrum unraveled and got destroyed.

  2. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Sam Rainsy fainted like a girl during the attack and had to be carried off. He did not even suffer a scratch. But being low on the ground, he was avoiding any potential additional attack. He was clever, wasn't he?

    Further more, Scam Rainsy would not sue Mr. Hun Sen on the behalf of the victims in the grenade. He would only sue Mr. Hun Sen if Mr. Hun Sen would sue him for spreading false accusation about the grenade attack! Such a disrespect to the victims of the grenade attack.

    Scam Rainsy never cared about his supporters even they were dead because of him. I would not be surprised he was the one who staged the attack to gain fame, and to have some thing to blame Mr. Hun Sen.

    Think about it. Scam Rainsy party SRP was puny and unknown. Nobody really cared. And suddenly it came into the spot light because of such vicious attack and a flurry of accusation, threat of lawsuit. Clever Scam Rainsy, you went from obscurity into the main figure in the opposition rank. And yet, you have no real talent, no credential, just your stupid mouth spewing out stupidity to get sued and destroyed CNRP!!!