Paris Peace Accords 23 Oct. 1991

Friday, May 11, 2018

[Demographic Vietnamization] Published articles about Vietnamese Military Occupaion of Cambodia

Indochina Report: “Owing to the closed nature of the political system operating in Vietnam...under gross misconceptions, often bordering on ignorance, about the workings of the system, the mindset of Hanoi’s leaders.... Conditions in Vietnam’s client states, Laos and Cambodia, are even more grossly misunderstood.”
Dr. Luciolli’s is the fourth in a series of exposes that Indochina Report has published on the Vietnamization process and confirms the previous analyses. The others in the series are: “The Vietnamization of Cambodia: A New Model of Colonialism” (pre-publication issue, October 1984), “The Military Occupation of Kampuchea" (Issue No. 3, July-September 1985), and “Vietnamization of Cambodia: A Silent Ethnocide” by Marie Alexandrine Martin (Issue No. 7, July-September 1986).

You cannot understand this CPP regime if you do not know about and understand its birth and development under the brutal Vietnamese military invasion/occupation, 25 Dec. 1978 to 23 Oct. 1991 (Paris Peace Agreement).
You cannot understand Hun Sen if you do not understand his rebirth and grooming by top Vietnamese diplomats (Le Duc Tho), seasoned military commanders, and senior politicians during the brutal occupation to this very present day.
One Michael, a very respected Cambodian watcher, often said to me how he has never known another regime or set of leaders in the world who is as brutal and savage as this regime toward its “own people”. -Theary Seng, 10 May 2018


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