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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Sin Sisamuth Songs -- Have a great weekend!


  1. Anonymous7:18 AM

    យួននៅពេញស្រុកសុខសែនការពារ ខ្មែរសែនវេ(ទ)នាសែនកេងអំណាច
    ចិនចូលរាប់មឺុនបន្លឹមបន្លាច សែនព្រោកសែនប្រាជ្ញចំរើនសេដ្ធកិច្ច?

    កាសែតថ្មីចាស់សែនបិទសែនផ្សារ ​​​ សំដីវាចារខ្មែរសែនពន្លិច
    សិទ្ធសេរីខ្មែរសែនបែរកំទេច ខំរត់ខំគេចទ័ពសែនព្រោងព្រាត?

    បក្សសែនតែមួយឲ្យខ្មែរបោះឆ្នោត អស់ភ័យអស់កោតបក្សសង្ក្រោះជាតិ
    រំលាយខុសច្បាប់សែនអស់វិវាទ សែនភ័យអីទៀតជិះសេះលែងដៃ?

    សែនអាងចិនយួនពីមុខពីក្រោយ ខ្មែរហៅដង្ហោយសែនគ្មានអាល័យ
    ខ្មែរឈរពីមុខអភ័ព្វពេកក្រៃ ភ្នែកមួយ(១)ចង្រៃសែនមើលលែងឃើញ?


    1. Anonymous4:36 AM

      You just cannot have a good weekend, can't you? Why do you keep ranting anti-Vietnamese? You must have suffered a lot in life so far, now a bitter, broken and old loser.


    2. Anonymous5:06 AM

      This is for ah Evil Yuon [Khmer word for Vietcong/Vietnamese] @4:36 AM aka -Drgunzet-:

      Listen up you evil Yuon/Vietnamese! Ask the Chinese, the Thai, the Laotian, the French, the American, and the Australian [and the entire world on this planet EARTH]: The Vietnamese is EVIL!!! The Vietnamese is the cause and the creator of all PROBLEMS in South East Asia. The Vietnamese eats dogs by the million a year. The Vietnamese eats live worms by the trillions a year. The Vietnamese polluted the Khmer's #1 [in the world] fresh water fishery lake [known as TONLE SAP] for YEARS and YEARS...The EVIL Vietnamese, the attention seeker - the BOAT people? How many of the EVIL Vietnamese did the Australian ship back to sea? North and SOUTH, they are just one kind of Vietnamese NATIONAL, the EVIL VIETNAMESE!!! How many hundreds of thousands of French and American did the Vietnamese kill? How many of the Vietnamese suicide commando did the Vietnamese send to be killed in SOUTH Vietnam, LAOS, and Cambodia and called themselves MARTYRS? Vietnamese prostitute have been all over the place - air, land, and sea...just ask the WORLD! The Vietnamese is EVIL and continue to cause and create more problems....then blame all on the VICTIMS such as KHMER and LAOTIANS.
      The VIETNAMESE IS EVIL!!! No question about it [period]!!!
      Ask specifically for the Vietnamese prostitute if you are in BANGKOK (THAILAND), LUONG PRAH BANG (LAOS), and SAIGON (formerly KHMER PREY NOKOR) and in Phnom Penh, Cambodia where the YOUN HOOKER can hardly speak a couple of Khmer words...

      P.s Think twice before trash talking, you Evil racist YUON!!!>

  2. Anonymous5:08 AM

    Yes, the Evil YUON/Vietnamese is the true killer of the Khmer people!

  3. Anonymous5:25 AM

    How many sites and blogs had this Evil racist YUON/Vietnamese been gotten his ass kicked out or banned just because of his racist comment about the Chinese, the Khmer and other race on the internet? Anybody? Everyone of it!!!
    Khmerization, Khmer circle, Kimedia. And now, T2P is the last frontier for ah Gunzet's racism!!!

    1. Anonymous8:52 AM

      The above stupid loser is barking so loud!

  4. Why would anyone want to waste time with that Vietnamese Troll drgunzet?

    1. Anonymous7:29 AM

      Exactly, only stupid losers would. Just ignore him ok? Stupid losers just could not ignore him.

  5. Anonymous6:40 AM

    People, go out and vote for GDP or LDP. Do it like Malaysia. Do not listen to CNRP or CNRM's incitement for violence or disruption. Obey the law.

    Yes, you can defeat Mr. Hun Sen if you all vote for GDP or LDP.