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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Protesters urge Japan to end aid for Cambodia vote

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Protesters urge Japan to end aid for Cambodia vote

NHK | 17 June 2018

Cambodian residents in Japan have rallied in central Tokyo to call on the Japanese government to end its support for a general election in July.

Organizers say about 1,000 Cambodian residents took part in the rally in Hibiya Park on Sunday.

Members of the Cambodia National Rescue Party, the country's largest opposition group, are banned from running in the election.

A Cambodian court ordered the party to disband last year and banned its senior members from engaging in political activities.

The protesters in Tokyo marched about 2 kilometers. They held up banners asking the Japanese government to immediately halt its support for the election and not to recognize its results.

The United States and the European Union have been critical of Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen and suspended assistance for the vote.

But Japan continues its support, saying it wants to keep urging the administration of Hun Sen to hold a fair election until just before the race.

Hay Vanna represents a group of Cambodian residents in Japan. He said the election will not be fair, and he hopes Japan will end its assistance without coddling Hun Sen, who he called "a dictator."

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