Paris Peace Accords 23 Oct. 1991

Sunday, July 29, 2018

សេចក្តីអំពាវនាវ ចុងក្រោយ របស់ លោក សម រង្ស៊ី ប្រធាន ចលនា សង្គ្រោះជាតិ មុនថ្ងៃ បោះឆ្នោត | CNRM President Sam Rainsy's last appeal to the Cambodian people before Voting Day

២៨ កក្កដា ២០១៨ / 28 July 2018
សេចក្តីអំពាវនាវ ចុងក្រោយ របស់ លោក សម រង្ស៊ី ប្រធាន ចលនា សង្គ្រោះជាតិ មុនថ្ងៃ បោះឆ្នោត។  CNRM President Sam Rainsy's last appeal to the Cambodian people before Voting Day.

សម រង្ស៊ី / Sam Rainsy


  1. Anonymous1:40 AM

    Last appeal... Apparently most Khmers did not want to listen to Scam Rainsy any more. The people actually voted for Mr. Hun Sen. They could have voted for other opposition parties, but no, they voted for Mr. Hun Sen.

  2. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Fake Monitors Endorse Cambodia’s Sham Election

    1. Anonymous4:34 AM

      Stupid logic. If you don't want a fake election, you ask for serious monitoring to prevent cheating.

      The fakers are the ones who are afraid of being monitored. A real and serious person would not be afraid of being monitored or tested.

      I challenged the entire Khmer race as I am actually vastly superior than any Khmer, and all Khmers. I do not run away. A test or a challenge would allow me to flex my superior intellectual power.

  3. Anonymous8:36 AM

    They begged Cambodian to boycott the voting yet more than 80% of Cambodian went to vote and apparently CPP won again. They said this country and that nation would boycott Cambodia's Voting Day yet overseers from more than 50 nations came to oversee the voting thus legitimate it. Now I wonder what Rainman and his 'freedumb and democrazy' are going to do next? Will they call for protest just like before lol?

    Beside I'm, again, wondering where are you now? Bunthoeun, Khmer Yeung, Thach Setha, 99 years old women, Kim Ea... you talked about freedumb and democrazy, you blabbed about standing up again this regime and that nation, you cried about how superawesomecool CNRP is and alot of the other thing. Yet none of your talking become true. Now I ask again where are all of you CNRP cultists? What are you and your Rainman are going to do now?

    1. Anonymous9:44 AM

      AND WHY NOT ASKING THE OWNER OF THIS BLOG, THEARY SENG, PhD., YOURSELF, 8:36 AM??? what's you got to lose?

    2. Anonymous9:32 AM

      Cambodia as a nation, and Khmer race as a whole have never had anyone courageous enough to perform a self-immolation. They are all talkers with big egos, none did anything impressive to make a mark on the international stage.

      Look at Korea or Vietnam, each of them has had a dozen well-known self-immolation including a Vietnamese monk, filmed and documented for burning himself into crisp in the lotus position.

      I strongly advise the Khmer folks to be humble, be quiet and improve themselves first. Then others might feel pity for you, and help.

      When I was a teen, I told the Whites that I was born poor, inferior and a total loser. They felt sorry and helped me greatly. I became their role models for their children and grew up fine.

      My intelligence can easily surpass the entire Khmer race as a result. I grew much bigger and stronger too. In college, my round-house kick was rumored to be capable for decapitate heads from the puny Asian dudes.

      Let's have an intellectual challenge, one against the entire Khmer race here.

    3. Anonymous10:54 AM

      9:32 AM,
      Ah yuon, can you cut your dick off to prove your point?
      You don’t have to barbeque yourself.

  4. Anonymous7:26 AM

    China endorsed the election result. Want to blame Vietnam?

    1. Anonymous8:50 AM

      7:26 AM

      Ah yuon, you are not under investigation, you have the right to remain ‘shut up’ until called for questioning.

    2. Anonymous8:55 AM

      Good one, 7:26 AM.

  5. Anonymous10:38 AM

    No more blaming Vietnam?