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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

[Demographic Vietnamization: Election] Cambodia: NEC ends verification of election results

Cambodia's general election was held on July 29 with voter turnout estimated at 82.17 percent. (Source: VNA)

Cambodia: NEC ends verification of election results

Vietnam Plus | 7 August 2018

Phnom Penh (VNA) – Cambodia’s National Election Committee (NEC) said on August 7 that it had concluded the review and verification of the results of the general election on July 29. 

The examination work lasted from August 3-6 with no flaws detected, according to the committee. 

The committee set up a team to review and verify the election results after receiving 2,525 complaints. 

It had previously announced Cambodia’s general election a great success with voter turnout estimated at 82.17 percent. The figure is much higher than that of the previous election held in 2013, which was just over 69.6 percent. 

Twenty political parties contested in the general election. The NEC announced on July 30 that the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) won the most votes in the election, with more than 4.8 million or 76.78 percent.

The CPP was followed by the National United Front for an Independent, Neutral, Peaceful, and Cooperative Cambodia (FUNCINPEC) with 373,500 votes (5.88 percent); the League for Democracy Party (LDP) with 308,000 votes (4.86 percent); and the Khmer Will Party (KWP) with 212,000 votes (3.35 percent). 

The remaining political parties received from more than 8,000 to 100,000 votes, or somewhere between 0.14 and 1.56 percent. 

The NEC plans to announce preliminary results on August 11 and the official results on August 15 so long as there are no complaints raised.-VNA


  1. Anonymous2:36 AM

    Scam Rainsy demanded the International community not to help monitoring the election then turned around claiming the election was a sham because of invalid ballots, rigged results as well as inflated number of voters.

    The whole point of having the international monitoring is to prevent cheating. Those who wanted to cheat would hate the monitoring. Yet, the same people turned around and accused Mr. Hun Sen and CPP of cheating!

  2. Anonymous12:26 AM

    In the past, the prince Naradin demanded the United Nation peace keeping force to withdraw from Cambodia so that he can mount an attack again Mr. Hun Sen. He thought he secured the majority switch-over from the surrendered Khmer Rouge former troops.

    As it turned out, Vietnam might has helped Mr. Hun Sen to successfully defend Cambodia from the second Khmer Rouge take over. Mr. Hun Sen's force defeated the prince and the Khmer Rouge ally. Thus peace was ensured since then.

    Leave it to the prince, or Kem Sokha, or Scam Rainsy, war will keep breaking out every other year until Khmer Rouge would wrestle the whole control back to their favor again. These Khmer opposition leaders are very evil and petty.

  3. Anonymous2:01 AM

    Clearly Mr. Hun Sen hates cheating so he asks for as much help from many countries as possible to prevent CNRP from cheating or disrupting the voting. On the opposite, CNRP wants to cheat so they demand others from involving with the monitoring process.

    Without the monitoring, CNRP will try to cheat. As CNRP was not allowed to cheat, not allowed to join the election, they turned around and claimed the result as a sham.

    Remember the election in 2013? CNRP said nothing about the cheating in the election but when the result went against them, they claimed the election was rigged and demanded a reelection.

    CNRP logic is simple:
    _ Only CNRP is allowed to win.
    _ If CNRP does not win then the election is rigged, a sham.
    _ Then CNRP demands a reelection.
    _ Anyone who does not listen to CNRP is wrong. President Obama was wrong for not listening to CNRP and still visited Cambodia to legitimized a beast regime headed by a former Khmer Rouge commander. The blood was on President Obama.

  4. Anonymous2:04 AM

    Now the blood is on Japan too for helping Cambodia to monitor the election in 2018. Japan went against CNRP's demand, Japan is wrong and guilty of supporting the beast regime headed by a former Khmer Rouge commander, Mr. Hun Sen.

    Only Sam Rainsy can rescue Cambodia. If Japan, USA have not invited Sam Rainsy to speak at the parliament or congress then they are fools. They must apologize to Sam Rainsy and the Khmer people.

    1. Anonymous9:32 AM

      Scam Rainsy came to Japan asking them to instate him into the election. When Japan refused to help, Scam Rainsy flipped out and demanded Japan to stop involving with Cambodia's election citing such involvement would legitimize the illegal election.

      Clearly Japan would not heed to such demand. Scam Rainsy claimed he was some kind of special and Japan better listen to him or face a huge consequence.