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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Pseng-Pseng: Funny News From 2018 Elections


Funny News From 2018 Elections

“… its [Hun Sen’s elections] legitimacy is arguably no lesser than the other [Malaysian recent elections], because … it was a multi-party election. And it is not a sure thing that had the CNRP been allowed to participate, it would have won.”

Davan Long, 9 August 2018, Bangkok Post Opinion

“It took Malaysians over 60 years to change a government. If Cambodia were to follow their example, it still has 30 more years to go…” [sic]

Davan Long, 9 August 2018, Bangkok Post Opinion

“The general picture before and after the election, and the stance of the GDP, is that the CNRP effectively handed the National Assembly’s full 125 seats to the CPP when it urged people to boycott the elections or spoil their ballot.”

Grassroots Democratic Party (GDP) President Yang Saing Koma, 2 August 2018, The Phnom Penh Post

« អ្នកឯងហ៊ានចោទថា ប្រជាពលរដ្ឋត្រូវគេបំប៉ោង ត្រូវគេបំភិតបំភ័យ ត្រូវគេស្អីអ៊ីចេះអ៊ីចុះ។ ហ៊ានស្បថឬ អត់បើហ៊ាន ឥឡូវបង្ហោះតាមហ្វេសប៊ុកមក។ ឥឡូវ ខ្ញុំសូមស្បថមុន ស្បថឲ្យងាប់គ្រប់ទម្រង់ ឲ្យតែយមរាជចង់ ឲ្យខ្ញុំងាប់ឡានបុកក៏ដោយ ធ្លាក់កប៉ាល់ហោះក៏ដោយ ខ្សែភ្លើងឆក់ក៏ដោយ រន្ទះបាញ់ក៏ដោយ ស្អីក៏ដោយ ប្រភេទស្អីក៏ដោយ ឲ្យតែងាប់ ។ អ្នកឯងហ៊ានទេរុញអ្នកឯងឲ្យដល់ ជញ្ជាំងតែម្ដង។ »

នាយករដ្ឋមន្ត្រី ហ៊ុនសែន ថ្ងៃទី​៧ ខែ​សីហា ឆ្នាំ​២០១៨ ភ្នំពេញប៉ុស្តិ៍

“But I have noted some pressure and fear [in the elections] too.”

Centre for Policy Studies Director Chan Sophal, 1 August 2018, Campro

Besides news and fake news, there is funny news. A Campro member defines it as the one that is hilarious if untrue.

The 2018 elections bring out many pieces of funny news. Davan Long claims twenty parties participating in the July elections are numerous enough for an election legitimacy, hence for Hun Sen’s new government. It is irrelevant that nineteen of them are feeble and must depend on one gigantic party to run the elections with pre-arranged outcomes.

Long also argues a forced absence of the only formidable party from competing the elections does not affect the legitimacy – because it is uncertain that it can win. Long decides on behalf of voters which party can or cannot win before allowing them to partake. Thus, he must believe these nineteen feeble parties can win. Who is he kidding, besides himself?

Another piece of funny news from Long is, as it takes 60 years for Malaysia to change a government, Cambodia will need another 30 years to do likewise. What Long ignores, or does not know, is that for the past 61 years, Malaysia has had seven prime ministers presiding over at least seven governments. Nevertheless, Cambodia can still match this Malaysian record if it is to have six different premiers in the next three decades.

Then there is a Khmer Rise Party in the elections. By Long’s funny criterion for competing in elections, this party must be able to win. Yet, its president Soksovann Vatthanasarapong does not put his name down as a candidate. He tells RFI listeners his reason: he wants free time and freedom to conduct election campaigns and connect with communities and voters. How amusing.

Another Long’s winnable is the GDP. But it loses; and its president puts a blame on CNRP for calling an election boycott, during which he has still predicted a 75% voter turnout and claimed a higher turnout will give his party a better chance of victory.

As it happens, the turnout is higher at 83% but only 70,587 voters favour GDP. A funny part is that a CNRP spin-off Khmer Will Party, founded merely a month before the elections, secures 212,869 votes with 65% of its candidates being former CNRP grassroot members.

Perhaps the funniest news of all is Hun Sen’s resort to a death’s oath in response to his opponents’ allegation that his elections are rigged with an inflated turnout, threats, coercions, intimidations, etc. If the allegation is proven, Hun Sen swears to die in any manner as lord of death Yama desires, including gruesome deaths. This is a real deal for those who subscribe to primitive beliefs like Hun Sen.

Does Hun Sen really mean it when claiming his re-election is clean? Either he is hallucinating in his own reality, or he is a compulsive liar. Even his staunch supporters, like Chan Sophal, admit there are pressure and fear in the elections. Still, if the oath turned effective, Long’s wish for another 30 years of Hun Sen would not come true.

Ung Bun Ang

Fake News You Can Use

Here is a mind-your-own-business warning CPP spokesman Sok Eysan issues to all foreigners. Yes, they all ought to keep their nose out of the stinky dump and take a hike with their duty-free concessional import policies for developing nations. They are interfering in Cambodia affairs and violating Cambodia’s sovereignty – as if it has one – for making negative comments and unreasonable demands on Hun Sen’s rule.

Except for China and Vietnam, of course.

Since Hun Sen’s Cambodia has already become an honourary conjoint China-Vietnam, it is not an interference in Cambodian state affairs for China-Vietnam to fund and run the, economy, resources, elections, and other stuffs.

Cambodian top brains are rewarded so well that they serve like well-oiled robots. After all, China and Vietnam have known for at least two hundred years that those brains, including the highly educated ones, are susceptible to lucrative offices and bribes.

« ជនបរទេសមិនគួរចេះឈឺឆ្អាលរឿងកម្ពុជាទេ គិតតែប្រទេសខ្លួនឯងទៅ។ »

អ្នកនាំពាក្យគណបក្សប្រជាជនកម្ពុជា សុខ ឥសាន ថ្ងៃទី​ ០ ខែ​សីហា ឆ្នាំ​២០១៨  ភ្នំពេញប៉ុស្តិ៍

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  1. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Ok, Cambodian folks, this is a fresh page, so behave here ok? No shit posting, no trolling please.

    1. Anonymous3:01 PM

      Ah yuon choy mray but you are the first to troll, idiot!
      Take some Prozac shit-head. LOL

    2. Anonymous12:39 AM

      See? The Cambodian dude just could not help it.

      This is Khmer culture. Imagine how mad the Cambodian armed forces would feel when Scam Rainsy kept telling them, "Please don't abuse nor beat the peaceful demonstrators. You must protect the law and constitution." LOL...

      I will repeat again using Scam Rainsy presumptuous style, "Cambodians, stop being stupid. You must improve!" LOL...

    3. Anonymous12:41 AM

      Scam Rainsy demanded President Obama not to visit Cambodia using his presumptuous style, "By going to Cambodia you [Obama] will legitimize the illegal and murderous regime. Don't be a fool, Hun Sen will trick and cheat you."

      As a result, President Obama never mentioned Scam Rainsy's name. That's a greatest insult one can make to another: You are worthless, not worth it for me to even mention your name.

  2. Anonymous1:00 AM

    The opposition claimed that CPP, Hun Sen and the government forced the people to go out and vote. Well, then went out and voted for one of the opposition parties, GDP, LDP, ...

    Why voted for CPP? Are you stupid? Yes, you are stupid, you are Khmer. LOL...

    The opposition said, CPP, Hun Sen cheated. Well then, ask for international to monitor, to prevent cheating. Oh, but the opposition claimed that the Japanese monitors are dishonest and stupid, only to legitimize the beast and murderous regime. They also said that nobody in the world can help.

    Only a forced removal of Hun Sen if the election went to Hun Sen's victory. Hun Sen is not allowed to win. Only Sam Rainsy can rescue Cambodia. No other election result is acceptable. Sam Rainsy must be allowed to join the election and win.

    No wonder Japan did not even want to talk to Scam Rainsy. Such lunatic. I bet if the Japanese Emperor happens to cross path with Scam Rainsy, he would be demanded by the lunatic to bow down too! I still remember Scam Rainsy made demands onto President Obama: "You must not come to Cambodia to legitimize an illegal beast regime run by a former murderous Khmer Rouge commander."

    1. Anonymous1:33 AM

      How many dongs do I need to buy you?
      I like to own you to guard my house.
      But if you don’t do a good job, you will be shot in the head.

  3. Anonymous3:06 AM

    “If I don’t go to vote, they will not give me the land title and accuse me of wrongdoings,”

    “We have to go, we have no choice,” says the young woman. “They are watching me.”

    It is end of July and election-day in Cambodia, and out of fear of repercussions, she will go to vote – despite the fact that, the main opposition party having been dissolved, she has no party left for her to support.
    So, she had no choice but went out to vote. And she voted for CPP. How stupid could she be? Could she voted for GDP, LDP or any other party?

    Well, Scam Rainsy told her not to vote for any other opposition parties as they work for CPP so she voted for CPP. WOAHAHAHAHA....

    It's Scam Rainsy's stupid instruction. Should have told his supporters not to vote for CPP. But nooooooooo.... the idiot said, "Do not go out to vote, do not vote for any opposition parties."

    Oh, oh, oh, that's tricky. Mr. Hun Sen forced people to go out to vote, knowing they will not vote for any opposition parties per Scam Rainsy's instruction. The people would vote for CPP then. WOAHAHAHA....

  4. Anonymous5:37 AM

    I remember 20 years ago or so, prince Norodom Ranariddh demanded United Nations' peace keeping force to withdraw so that his force and Khmer ally can attack Mr. Hun Sen's much weaker force. Right after UN's forces withdrew, Mr. Hun Sen struck first (preemptive strike) and prevailed. LOL...

  5. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Red alert, Cambodia's export has been surging for the first 6 months of 2018. People will vote for Mr. Hun Sen if the economy and the export are good. CNRP must do something to stop this. USA and EU must adopt a strict sanction against Cambodia now or the people will continue to vote for Mr. Hun Sen.

    Sam Rainsy can sign a new deal with EU or USA: depose Hun Sen, perform a change of regime and install him as the next Prime Minister of Cambodia and he would grant all kind of favors to EU and USA."

    1. Anonymous6:49 AM

      How many dongs do I need to buy you?
      I like to own you to guard my house.
      But if you don’t do a good job, you will be shot in the head.

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