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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

[Vietnamization: Election] Cambodia moving ahead with sound goals: ambassador

Cambodian Ambassador to Vietnam Prak Nguon Hong. (Source: VNA)

Cambodia moving ahead with sound goals: ambassador

Vietnam Plus | 27 July 2018

Hanoi (VNA) – Under the leadership of the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP), Cambodia is moving forward with sound goals and great achievements in national construction and defence, Cambodian Ambassador to Vietnam Prak Nguon Hong has said. 

The diplomat told Vietnam News Agency on the threshold of the parliamentary election slated for July 29 that Cambodia aims to become a high middle income nation by 2030, gearing towards high-income status by 2050. 

Cambodia also hopes to be a civilised and developed country in the region and a harmonious society without wars or genocidal and destructive activities of the past, he said. 

The ambassador stressed that Cambodian people have recognised the CPP’s achievements over the past 39 years, saying none could deny the results the party has attained. 

The party led the nation in the struggle against the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime to win the historic victory on January 7, 1979, helping Cambodian people regain their rights, interests, freedom and democracy. 

The CPP has also advanced the prestige of Cambodia in international arena, making it a unified and sovereign country that is now constructively participating in international affairs, Prak Nguon Hong said. 

Regarding Cambodia’s socio-economic development, the ambassador highlighted the annual economic growth rate of 7 percent, plus macro economic stability, especially the stable foreign exchange rate, and low inflation. 

On the CPP’s election platform, he said it has set major targets as strategies to build Cambodia into a strong state that develops based on the law and serves the people. 

Each Cambodian resident has the right and obligation to participate in national construction and defence, he stressed. 

The CPP also aims to continue with development and consolidate the fruitful ties between Cambodia and other countries, as well as international organisations. At the same time, the party will work to step up Cambodia’s activities for peace, security and prosperity in the region and the world. 

The diplomat affirmed that the upcoming election is an important political and historical event for Cambodian people as they will elect a party to lead the country. 

Sound decisions will bring about development, prosperity and peace for the nation, he concluded.-VNA

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  1. Anonymous9:35 AM

    RFA: Will the CNRP maintain its recent stance of remaining quiet about personal attacks while focusing on important national issues, or will it return to an approach of leading demonstrations to get citizens including the youth involved on issues such as the border, deforestation and illegal logging, and corruption?

    Sam Rainsy: We will continue to maintain our stance of being quiet, not answering, and not arguing. We will not give importance to personal and individual issues. But we will continue to focus on the important and vital issues of the country, such as territory, land, land concessions that have seen our country divided into pieces for foreign and private investment companies for 99 years.

    Soon after that Scam Rainsy attacked Mr. Hun Sen by claiming Kem Ley was murdered by Mr. Hun Sen. His reasoning was so pathetic: Hun Sen fears me and assassinated Kem Ley to impress me.