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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Dr. Os Guinness: A Free People's Suicide: Sustainable Freedom and the American Future

Dr. Os Guinness: "A Free People's Suicide" 
[Os Guinness starts speaking after intro at 9:30 min.]
[Before starting his talk on Freedom, Os made remarks about the Religious / Christian Right that are worth capturing in print: (i) theological unfaithfulness, (ii) political ineffectiveness, and (iii) cultural counter-productiveness. "The Religious Right is one of the main factors stoking anti-religious, anti-Christian sentiment..."]

"...always free, free always"

Three Tasks:
1. Winning freedom - where Cambodia is at.
2. Ordering freedom.
3. Sustaining freedom - by far, the hardest - where the US is at.

- Yes, Constitution, but more... AND

- "Golden Triangle of Freedom": (i) Freedom requires (ii) virtue, which requires (iii) faith, and faith requires freedom.

Three Menaces to Freedom:
1.  External menaces.
2.  Polybius "corruption of customs" "habits of the heart"
3.  Passing of time, "the injury of time" for fall of Rome.

Three Shifts from Founders:
1.  Privatization of religion.
2.  Rise of "proceduralism" or "legal secularism" (Rawls)
3.  Rise of "post-modernism" (no truth, will to power)

Contemporary Menaces:
1.  Alienation of leaders.
2.  Breakdown of transmission of American virtues
e.g. public education (custodians of handing down American virtues), immigration (citizenship education)
3.  Corruption of customs.

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