Paris Peace Accords 23 Oct. 1991

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

"Kem Sokha, the Opportunist, the Incompetent with a Family of Kardashians and Paris Hiltons" - UPDATED

 "Kem Sokha, the Opportunist, the Incompetent with a Family of Kardashians and Paris Hilton"

"Unknown no-body MP of the Ta Son San party who have to feed the fame hunger of ambitious wife and daughters... Heard about the 7 millions USD from US congress to start Cambodian Center for Human Rights NGO because money cannot be given to political parties.  Changed his politician hat and put on NGO hat.  

When US money ran out (from funneling them into his political return and household accounts, from the financial mess reported in the news toward the end of time at CCHR?), he consult his friend Nek Bun Chey whose is close to the government.....  Pressure put on him and feeding into his own ego and ambitions of his Kardashian-like women, he jumped back into politics and create his own political party, the Human Rights Party, made up of the disintregated Son San party and unhappy former SRP people.  He appoint the grandstanding Ou Vireak, whose family hosted his daughter Mona during high school and college in California) to replace him at CCHR.  

With the blessings and assistance of Hun Sen and the perfect timing of IRI, then a new crop of young rookies, headed by Alex Sutton and Jackson Cox, the wealthy, flamboyant godson of Dr. Bill Frist, the Senate majority leader.  It gave him money because they can be influential with him then with Rainsy. 

And that's how they fund their mansion in Toul Kork.....  Their only skills is feeding their ambitions.  ZERO competence. They're Khmer Kardashians, the Paris Hilton, with the clothes, the cars, the mansion, the botox."