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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Sam Rainsy's virtual omnipresence one month leading to election day - Part 1

Selecting only the posts rich in content 
(rather than ones showing mainly campaign rallies, images)

April 26: Almost 750,000 views.  30,000+ shares.

May 4: 700,000+ views.  22,000+ shares.

May 12: Almost 800,000 views.  20,000+ shares.

May 19: 1,000,000+ views.  21,000+ shares.

May 24:  Almost 280,000 views.  8,000+ shares.

May 25:  250,000+ views.  11,000+ shares.

May 26:  266,000+ views.  14,000+ shares.

May 27:  500,000+ views.  17,000+ shares.

[Part 3]
May 30:  1.200,000 views.  20,000 shares

May 31:  In addition to the over 1 million original views and 2.5 million originally reached... another 161,000+ views, another almost 5,000 shares.

June 2:  In his 2 postings of this, almost 700,000 views and 25,000+ shares.

June 2: 1,333,000+ views, almost 45,000 shares.

June 3:  Images CPP's Bad Deeds:  Almost 10,000 shares

Why "in spite of Kem Sokha..." -- by Ms. Theary C. Seng

The virtual omnipresence of the legitimate opposition leader, Sam Rainsy, officially exiled by Hun Sen's CPP, permeates the hearts and minds of the Cambodian people and instills fear in the autocrats and democracy spoilers alike, so much so that even Kem Sokha, aided and abetted by Hun Sen in an internal coup to "president" of the CNRP, had to offer a rhetorical promise to the voters that if the CNRP wins, Sam Rainsy can return. Duh!...

Millions of viewers and listeners tuned in and continue to tune in to Sam Rainsy's content-rich messages, strategically timed and honed in for maximum effect. With many other "Sam Rainsys" defiantly singing his praises across all the provinces, what's a physical presence before a crowd of several thousands at a time in comparison to an audience of millions at your fingertip, feeding on a constant flow of rich fare not confined to location and autocratic strictures?  

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