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Monday, June 19, 2017

[Vietnamization: Military, Border, Tbaung Khmum] Tea Banh denies ceding territory to Vietnam

Defence Minister Tea Banh. KT/Mai Vireak

Tea Banh denies ceding territory to Vietnam

Khmer Times | 19 June 2017

Defence Minister General Tea Banh has denied allegations that Cambodia has been losing territory under the process to demarcate the border with Vietnam. 

Gen Banh made the comments on a trip to inspect the work of armed forces engineers who are building concrete border posts in Tboung Khmum province’s Memot district, which borders Vietnam’s Binh Phuoc province.

The Defence Minister said border demarcation between the two countries has always been conducted according to mutual agreement and specific measures to ensure no loss of territory on both sides. 

“I would like to tell people who always accuse the government of giving land to accept the facts,” he said.

“We all love the nation and our territory. We would not do anything to give away out territory. 

“Everything has been carried out appropriately and agreed by both sides,” he said.  

Political analyst Meas Ny backed Gen Banh’s comments, but said people are too often frightened to speak out over border issues for fear of imprisonment. 

He called on government officials to do more to explain border demarcation to the public to avoid confusion, because many citizens harbour fears of losing territory to neighbouring countries. 

He said: “We want Gen Banh to take more time to visit areas where citizens have problems and complain about territory violations. 

“Government officials should visit those areas and ask the citizens directly about the issues. If it is possible to clarify the situation to the public, they should do so.” 

The government has long been criticised over border demarcation with Vietnam, particularly from the opposition CNRP.

The CNRP has claimed the government openly ceded land to Vietnam by using unverified border maps.

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