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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Sam Rainsy: យើង អាចប្រើពាក្យ «យួន» ដោយមិនមាន ជនបរទេសណា អាចចោទប្រកាន់យើង ថា មានគំនិត ប្រកាន់ ពូជសាសន៍ / Can we be politically incorrect?

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១០ កក្កដា ២០១៧ / 10 July 2017 - Can we be politically incorrect?

ចាប់ពីពេលនេះ ទៅ យើង អាចប្រើពាក្យ
«យួន» ដោយមិនមាន ជនបរទេសណា អាចចោទប្រកាន់យើង ថា មានគំនិត ប្រកាន់ ពូជសាសន៍។  ឧទាហរណ៍៖ យើង អាចរំលឹក ពាក្យចាស់ ដែលពោល ថា «សៀម មិន ចោលក្បួន យួន មិន ចោលពុត» ដោយមិន ចាំបាច់ កែពាក្យនេះ ទៅជ«សៀម មិនចោលក្បួន វៀតណាម មិនចោលពុត»

សម រង្ស៊ី / Sam Rainsy


  1. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Hun Sen and his Yuon's CPP will lose and lose big time. The Hun Sen's rank and file will discreetly abandon Hun Sen and there is nothing HUN SEN can do about it. Long live the Khmer people [without Hun Sen]!!!

  2. Anonymous9:28 AM

    I had a Caucasian friend who I disowned after many years of friendship. He got upset about the political correctness of the term "Negro". He said negro is black in Spanish.

    I told him, "I spoke a little Spanish myself." Then added, "You missed the point. If the people don't want to be called Negro, you don't call them Negro."

    "Just address them the way they wish. Stop trying to find way to insult them. I know you have a low opinion of the blacks. Stop it."

    After a while, I got fed up with his attitude and unfriend him. He was an engineer nerd with wimpy physics. I begun to wonder if his slut wife (Austrian descent) was having sex with black men. She talked like a trashy whore actually. It's so sad for the poor guy, marrying a trophy wife but he could not perform nor maintain.

    So, if people don't want to be addressed as "Yuon", then address them the way they wish. Or else, I will start to address your kind as "kangaroo" and rename Cambodia as Kangoria".


    1. Anonymous9:28 AM

      If it is not clear enough, I shall make it short:

      If you speak in English, the word for the black color is: black, not negro. So do not address the Black folks as Negros.

      The word for the people from Vietnam is Vietnamese, not Yuon. You will not use the word Yuon mixed in with English. Get it?!


    2. Anonymous11:26 AM

      Hey gunzet, did your mom ask you yesterday to buy her, salt and vinegar from the grocery store or did she tell you to buy sodium chloride and diluted acetic acid ? !!!

      You see, the word Yuon is so familiar to Khmers for generations and has no bad,hidden meaning in it .

      You can not force your mom to stop using words salt and vinegar just because the chemist calls them sodium chloride and acetic acid. Get it ? !!!

  3. Anonymous10:26 PM

    យួន ស្អប់ពាក្យ យួន តាំងពីពេលណាមក ? !!!

    កាលពីលោក ល្វីស៍ ហ្វីណូ, ហ្សក សឺដេស នៅរស់, ក្រុមស្រាវជ្រាវ អក្សរ និង ភាសាសាស្ត្រ ឥណ្ឌូចិន បានប្រជុំស្រាវជ្រាវ ពីពាក្យ យួន ! ពួកយួនគ្នាគាត់ ដែលសព្វថ្ងៃ ស្អប់ពាក្យ យួន ហើយប្រកាស ថាខ្លួន ជាវៀតណាម,កាលនោះ មានប្រតិភូ មកពីហាណូយ
    បានបញ្ចញយោបល់ថា ជនជាតិយួន ប្រហែលមាន ដើមកំណើតមកពីទីក្រុង Iona នាកោះ Nicosia, Cyprus !!!
    ប្រតិភូខ្មែរ បញ្ចេញយោបល់ថា ពាក្យ យួន ចេញមកពី សំស្ក្រឹត យវណ,សិលាចារឹកខ្មែរ
    សរសេរថា យ្វណ > យូណ > យួណ > យួន ។
    ឧបមាថា យួនបានចេញមកពី Iona, Nicosia, Cyprus ពិតមែនទៅចុះ !
    ហេតុម៉េច បានជា ពេលនេះពួកគាត់ បែរជាស្អប់ ពាក្យ យួន !!!