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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Pseng-Pseng: It’s Time to Walk Off the Plank


It’s Time to Walk Off the Plank

Join others to break the Hun Sen’s lemming and walk off the plank. Over three million voters have.

Congratulations to those who have signed a petition calling for investigations by Australian authorities into illicit activities in Australia by Hun Sen’s minions who use Australia as their safe heaven. Their assumption that they are above the law in Australia – just like they are in Cambodia – must be put to test. You can ensure they take the test by sharing the petition among your peers and encouraging them to sign it. A reasonable support for the petition will move the Australian authorities to investigate and prosecute any criminals. It is possible then to have their travel visas to Australia banned, and their ill-gotten assets frozen. Here is the petition link.

Another way of walking off the plank is to boycott the forthcoming elections. Boycotting is not illegal. Lawyer Choung Chu Ngi concludes, after examining relevant laws, that there is no legal obligation whatsoever to vote. Hun Sen is also very clear about this when he confirms in Sydney in March Cambodia has no compulsory voting system like Australia. Thus, you are free to vote or not to vote.

Furthermore, the lawyer says there is no law stipulating that appealing – or inciting as Hun Sen prefers to hyperbolise it – someone not to vote is illegal; it is because not voting is not unlawful. He gives an example to illustrate the point. As loving someone is not illegal, leading someone to fall in love is not unlawful. Hence, you are free to appeal or lead others not to vote.

If Hun Sen managed – without rigging the elections numbers – to achieve a turnout rate that is anywhere near the average of all election turnouts of 76.6% since 1993, he would never lift his foot off your throat. A source in Hun Sen’s inner circle claims that there could be no more elections of any kind after 2018. Cambodia is becoming a colony under a shared patronage of China and Vietnam. Just look at a sample development in Sihanoukville and border provinces with Vietnam. There is little, if any, effort to counter the progress in those areas to mitigate a national destruction. Hun Sen is paying off heavy debts to the two patrons.

Your boycott will starve Hun Sen of legitimacy oxygen he desperately needs. A massive boycott would disable his corrupt rule. The bigger the boycott the bigger the risk will be for him.

The worst measure Hun Sen could take in response is to prosecute and persecute the boycotters. If a popular backlash is a huge revolt, even his loyal dirty-dozen generals and Chinese guns will not stop it. His son Many’s world record scarf of over 1,000 metres long may come in handy, but may not be long enough, to wipe all his and the minions’ tears and rear ends.

You may have a hundred reasons to be apprehensive, but join the boycott anyway and let Hun Sen fall off the cliff.

Ung Bun Ang

Fake News You Can Trust

Khieu Sopheak is right the people are not scared of the troop movements that have been flexing their muscles around the country. It is Hun Sen who is anxious while going through a nightmare of being haunted by the CNRP ghost.

It is nerve-wrecking for Hun Sen because based on recent elections outcomes he is no longer certain that 100% of his troops will not turn their guns towards him and his top commanders. After all, 50% of voters have shown they have enough with him, and he himself has just removed three of his once-trusted generals from gun-related top jobs. He conjures up an imminent showdown with the CNRP ghost. Stay tuned.

“None of the people are scare. It is typical for the nation’s police forces to train… It is also typical for that opposition party to make excuses and accusations.”

Interior Ministry spokesman Khieu Sopheak, 18 July 2018, The Phnom Penh Post

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  1. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Ok, you walk of the plank, good riddance. Do not trick people to walk of the plank and then you take over their property.

    Khmers have a culture of telling others to do thinks but look at themselves. The British have a phrase, "You're full of it."

    1. Anonymous8:09 AM

      Please CNRP, walk of the plank and leave other people alone. Stop attacking the little opposition parties.