Paris Peace Accords 23 Oct. 1991

Monday, August 27, 2018

[Demographic Vietnamization] Memo to UN Security Council from the coalition government of Norodom Sihanok (CGDK president), Son Sann (CGDK prime minister), Khieu Samphan (CGDK vice VP) re Vietnamization of Cambodia, 18 Sept. 1989

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  1. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Francois Ponchaud, a French Jesuit who had diligently chronicled the destructiveness of the Khmer Rouge in his book "Cambodia: Year Zero," maintained that the Vietnamese were conducting a "new, subtle genocide" against the Cambodian people...

    - William Shawcross, The Washington Post, 18 March 1980
    It's happening right now. Vietnam took all the good investments while Cambodia had only sucky investments. Cambodians always remain poor and inferior to Vietnamese.

    Cambodians, especially the children continue to suffer deprivations such as iodine deficiency growing up stupid, calcium deficiency growing up lacking milk and short, weak, small.

    As a result, Vietnamese always have more money and buy up so much land concessions in Cambodia. Most Cambodians are so poor and got kicked around from the very land which they live for generations. Well, they Cambodians don't own the land so they got kicked around.

    So, I ask the Cambodian overseas to send money back to Cambodia to help their brethren. Oh wait, the oversea Cambodians are stupid too and not that wealthy. Worse yet, they are selfish like hell and won't help. PROVE ME WRONG.

  2. Anonymous9:41 AM

    I am so curious, why there was no document showing the Cambodian king Sihanouk and then later on, President Lon Nol protested the illegal bombing in Cambodia by USA with B52 bombers?

    According to Ms. Theary Seng, up to 500 thousands Cambodians lost their lives due to these bombings?

    Such official protests would be public and widely available right? But you have none. Yet, you folks seem to have access to some very highly sensitive, and secret documents.

    In fact, you folks tend to find them anonymously on the internet with no verified source. The last few times, someone used advanced word processors in modern history to create an official document in 1982, allegedly typed up between Hun Sen and the Vietnamese.

    Further more, some CNRP claimed and presented some digitized maps of the border between Cambodia and Vietnam. And yet, when United Nations came to Cambodia with official maps to compare against all maps, CNRP refused to come.

  3. Anonymous5:41 AM

    Why there was no memo about the illegal bombing in Cambodia by B52 bombers?

    Perhaps US should do it again to see if Cambodia would officially protest this time?

    1. Anonymous5:42 AM

      According to Kem Sokha, there was no illegal bombing in Cambodia. Vietnam lied about it to justify the invasion of Cambodia!

  4. Anonymous6:01 AM

    Check it out. Thais have been killing a lot of Khmers:

    I think Vietnamese must stop protecting Khmers. Khmers are ungrateful.

  5. Anonymous2:35 AM

    Khmercircle blogsite is under investigation by Google again for violating EULA (End User License Agreement) by illegally censoring comments which contains facts and truth about Mr. Hun Sen. I was the one who complained to BlogSpot admin about those Khmers admin on Khmercircle blogsite, not Mr. Hun Sen.

  6. Anonymous2:20 AM

    We need to deport more Khmers from USA back to Cambodia to protect the land in Cambodia from Vietnamese's invasion.

  7. Anonymous6:29 AM

    Francois Ponchaud, a French Jesuit who had diligently chronicled the destructiveness of the Khmer Rouge in his book "Cambodia: Year Zero," maintained that the Vietnamese were conducting a "new, subtle genocide" against the Cambodian people...

    - William Shawcross, The Washington Post, 18 March 1980
    I wish that Vietnam did not invade Cambodia to expel Khmer Rouge regime. Instead, I would prefer Khmer Rouge to totally destroy Cambodia and wipe out the Khmer race.

    1. Anonymous6:31 AM

      I am praying God for more punishment against Khmers, another Pol Pot, no good investment for Cambodia, more bad disasters, terrible accidents.

  8. Anonymous6:41 AM

    That's what the Vietcong/Viet needs!!!

  9. Anonymous5:37 AM

    Pol Pot was actually a good leader. He was trying to wipe out the bad Khmers (you know, the rapists, scammers, criminals...) but his subordinates took advantage of the confusion and murdered a lot of others Khmers (so that the pretty Cambodian women would had no choice but to marry the ugly Khmer Rouges).

  10. Anonymous7:16 AM

    To the Vietcong/Viet propagandist:

    That's what the Vietcong/Viet needs!

  11. Anonymous5:58 AM

  12. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Good, dirty Khmers are not here...

    1. Anonymous3:33 PM

      When a young Vietnamese dude screws his very old maid that is very dirty.

  13. Anonymous9:10 AM

    The Chinese company that assembles Apple's AirPods is moving its production from China to Vietnam, as the US-China trade war escalates following US tariffs on some $US250 billion in Chinese goods.

    Key points
    •Companies operating in China blame the trade war for their downturns
    •Taiwanese and Japanese manufacturers are abandoning China
    •China is moving to more advanced manufacturing as part of Made in China 2025

    Earlier this month, GoerTek, based in eastern China's Shandong province, asked all suppliers involved in its AirPod production to ship all necessary materials and components directly to Vietnam, according to a report in the Nikkei Asian Review.

    They did not move to Cambodia because:
    1. Khmer workers cannot be trained to work on something difficult.
    2. Khmer guys have a culture of rape. Any foreign female managers would face a huge risk, 20-100 times higher being raped and then murdered for fun.
    3. Khmer workers then to chop up their bosses if they were upset being scolded as stupid and lazy. Google search for: Chinese manager chopped Cambodia.

  14. Anonymous1:25 AM

    I am shocked to see what's going on in Cambodia.

    1. The opposition parties demanded the right for Kem Sokha to have sex with young girls since he was supposed to have parliament immunity.

    2. The MP elects demand to have the right to drive fancy SUV imports, each is worth more than 80,000 US dollars after tax or 400 times a monthly salary of a garment worker. And they don't have to explain where they got the money from.

    3. The opposition demand Hun Sen's son not to run any office or run any election against them since he had a fake degree from USA at West Point as well as another fake doctorate degree from UK. Shame on USA and UK for supporting Hun Sen.

  15. Anonymous1:30 AM

    SAM KOK politics in Cambodia.

    There are three main political forces in Cambodia: Hun Sen, Kem Sokha and Sam Rainsy.

    First, Sam Rainsy promoted the idea for Cambodia to lean China, and support China's claim in South China sea so that China might support him, then Cambodia to claim more open sea exclusive zone.
    ****Sam Rainsy, president of the opposition CNRP, said Friday that his party sided with China in the multilateral disputes over the South China Sea, and claimed that Vietnam was trying to encroach on Chinese maritime territory.****

    Hun Sen soon copied Sam Rainsy's idea in leaning China. Meanwhile, USA decided to support Kem Sokha instead of Sam Rainsy as Rainsy was a wannabe China's stooge. The first step for USA is to help Kem Sokha to topple Sam Rainsy before doing a regime change.

    When Kem Sokha was caught having sex with the young girl Mom Srey, he was cornered in CNRP's head quarter by Hun Sen. A plan was hatched to help Kem Sokha. He asked Sam Rainsy to create a diversion, of which Kem Ley was to be assassinated, then pin on Hun Sen. The assassin would say incriminating words before escaping.

    But Hun Sen was smart and quickly covered things up. He confiscated the original video at Chevron's Star Mart then hired a scapegoat to take the blame. Sam Rainsy obviously knew Hun Sen did a switch but fell into the trap and blamed Hun Sen without any evidence. That's why Sam Rainsy was so confident that Chevron's video tape would have exposed Hun Sen's the cover-up as well as bringing forward the incriminating words from the true assassin.

    But it was back fired as Chevron refused to cooperate with Sam Rainsy. His lawsuit went nowhere. Seriously, why would USA want to help him when he was siding with China against USA's Freedom of Navigation act? Further more Rainsy insulted President Obama many times and ordered Obama not to come to Cambodia for a state visit: Obama, you support a illegitimate regime, run by a former Khmer Rouge Killer, Hun Sen by visiting and recognizing the current Cambodian government!

    Hun Sen then threaten to dissolve CNRP which prompted Sam Rainsy to resign to protect the party. Kem Sokha stepped up as the President, pledging to not causing any more trouble for Hun Sen. Hun Sen bought it and asked the King to grant a royal pardon.

    All went perfectly according to plan. Now all Kem Sokha had to do is to wait for a "change of regime". Hun Sen thought he had CNRP in his pocket so he publically gloated that he helped Kem Sokha to take over CNRP and deposed the most hated Sam Rainsy.

    Lucky for Hun Sen, such gloating cause Sam Rainsy to take action thus, saved him from suffering a "change of regime". Sam Rainsy was bitter and took a revenge against Kem Sokha, and sent a video copy of Kem Sokha's treason statement, exposed USA's plot with a "change of regime".

    Hun Sen already had Kem Sokha in the pocket, and could have easily ignore the video but Sam Rainsy threatened to sue Hun Sen if Kem Sokha was not charged with treason.

    Hun Sen had no choice but to charge Kem Sokha with treason. If Hun Sen did not charge Kem Sokha, then the election would have been smooth with CNRP and the fake Kem Sokha competing against Hun Sen. But no, Sam Rainsy exposed this plot between Kem Sokha and Hun Sen, thus continue to fight for CNRP.

    Don't take my writing as facts. It's just an analysis with common sense.

  16. Anonymous1:48 AM

    CNRP has been collecting maps from people to challenge Hun Sen, yet, they never supplied any copy to Khmer blogs. Then all originals mysterious disappeared.

    Sam Rainsy collected evidences of Bun Rany's hit order against Piseth Peaklica then...nothing happened.

    Have you wondered if CNRP had been actually working for Hun Sen in destroying any potential threat to him. Read 1984, the government created a fake underground moving to entrap any wannabe dissident.

  17. Anonymous2:05 AM
    1 Kings 3:16–28 recounts that two mothers living in the same house, each the mother of an infant son, came to Solomon. One of the babies had been smothered, and each claimed the remaining boy as her own. Calling for a sword, Solomon declared his judgment: the baby would be cut in two, each woman to receive half. One mother did not contest the ruling, declaring that if she could not have the baby then neither of them could, but the other begged Solomon, "Give the baby to her, just don't kill him!"

    The king declared the second woman the true mother, as a mother would even give up her baby if that was necessary to save its life. This judgment became known throughout all of Israel and was considered an example of profound wisdom.
    Hun Cent, you are cheap. As you have seen, Sam Rainsy would destroy Cambodia if he cannot become the Prime Minister, why did you step down and let Sam Rainsy be? If you truly love Cambodia then you must not watch Cambodia to be destroyed by Sam Rainsy. Yield now and let every Cambodian to live in peace.

    This is the last warning for Hun Sen before EU implement the full trade sanction against Cambodia. Only Sam Rainsy can ask EU to stop the sanction. Sam Rainsy can also order President Trump to do a regime change too but that will cost Cambodia too much. (To pay for all expense USA might incur.)

  18. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Only CNRP is the legitimate opposition party. All other smaller opposition parties must disband and merge into CNRP. Only CNRP is allowed to win. CPP is a fake, a beast party. Only Sam Rainsy can rescue Cambodia.

  19. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Hun Sen once exchanged message with me on Topix forum that he wanted to retire early to enjoy life in his last golden years after achieving so much. But he added, "If I retired early, the opposition will destroy my family and hunt down the last of my clan."

    He asked me for advice but I had none to give. I doubt USA would grant him political asylum for him and the entire clan if he decided to give up power in Cambodia. There has been too much bad blood. First we must get the opposition to stop inciting revenge against Hun Sen or else nothing would happen.

  20. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Vietnam. But then France wrongfully include those land to Cambodia when they resurrect Cambode from Thailand and Vietnam.

    There was no Cambodia when the French arrived in Indochina. There were only Siam, Laos and Vietnam. Khmer Kingdom submitted and merged into Vietnam for protection against Siam.

  21. Anonymous5:11 AM

    Hanoi beg, "We would pretty, pretty please ask your samdech techo excellency, Prime Minister Hun Sen to allow us to rob more Cambodian land."

    That's how they beg?

  22. Anonymous9:37 AM

    What the hell? USA and China are having a huge trade war and companies in both USA and China are moving to Vietnam to avoid the tariff! They don't move to Cambodia.

    I know, they must get permission from Sam Rainsy to move to Cambodia. But Hun Cent will not step down unless he fears the full power of Sam Rainsy.

  23. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Oh my God... Stupid Hun Cent is destroying Cambodia with the minimum wage at USD170 much higher than Vietnam. Foreign companies are investing in Vietnam instead.
    In the article:
    "in Thai Nguyen’s Pho Yen district, the home of the Samsung factory, the minimum wage is a mere 3.09 million dong ($130)."

  24. Anonymous3:06 AM

    Hun Sen is so corrupted. He made a deal with Kem Sokha and dropped the prostitution charge so that he can pocket Kem Sokha as a crony. He even released the phone conversation and gloated about it to shame Sam Rainsy, "I helped Kem Sokha to take over CNRP."

    But Sam Rainsy forced Hun Sen to put Kem Sokha into jail thus foiled Hun Sen's plan to control CNRP through Kem Sokha. Without the brilliant Sam Rainsy, CNRP would be totally under Hun Sen's control forever.

  25. Anonymous6:55 AM


    Look! Sam Rainsy slapped Hun Sen on the head with a shoe then Hun Sen drove the whole Cambodia off the bridge. EU's sanction will crush Cambodia garment industry.

    Hun Sen, step down now or Cambodia will be destroyed.

  26. Anonymous10:28 AM

    "As one of the 16,000 newly hired workers at Samsung’s factory in Vietnam, Hai makes as much as $470 a month and stays in a company dormitory that she says is like living in a hotel. The former farmhand has even begun saving $200 a month to help build an indoor bathroom at her parents’ rural home."

    "Nguyen Thanh Hai spent long days picking water spinach in northeast Vietnam for $3 a day. That was before the 28-year-old joined a Samsung Electronics Co. (005930) smartphone assembly line in March."

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  28. Anonymous4:32 AM

    And don't forget, Hun Sen already had Kem Sokha in the pocket after he helped him to take over CNRP as the president. Why did Hun Sen turn about, then imprisoned him.

    If I were Hun Sen, I would ignore the incriminating video and keep Kem Sokha in my pocket. I would run the election with Kem Sokha as a fake rival, and victory is assured. Nobody would complain, there will be no sanction.

    Someone forced Hun Sen to charge and imprison Kem Sokha with that video.

  29. Anonymous8:48 AM

    In the 80s, Hun Cent decried "China is the root of all evil" for continue to support Pol Pot at Thailand's border.

    But now, he and Sam Rainsy both court China to counter Vietnam. Part of Sam Rainsy's grand plan was to challenge Vietnam's claim at the water around Koh Tral. Sam Rainsy offered support for China's claim to the South China Sea against USA's freedom of navigation.

    And that's why USA offered to support Kem Sokha to first topple Sam Rainsy in CNRP and them do a "regime change" to replace Hun Cent.

  30. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Khmer Circle:

    Meanwhile, in the East Vietnam maintains its military outposts well inside the nation's territory, almost a quarter of Cambodia's land under Vietnamese control via 99 years "concessions"; vast portions of landmass ceded to Chinese firms under similair terms...
    You got it wrong. Vietnamese controls only a quarter of Cambodia's "economic land concession" area, not a quarter of Cambodia's land.

    Cambodia's total land is 176,515 sq km according to:

    The economic land concession's total area is about 20 percent of the total area, totaling about 36,000 sq km.

    of which, Vietnam controls about 25%. This brings to about 9,000 Sq km.

    Actually the landmass ceded to Chinese firms is a lot more, 30-35% of available economic concession zone, totaling about 10,000 - 12,000 sq km.

    Further more, most of the disputes on the land concessions happened in the Chinese zone. The Vietnamese zones are mostly rubber plantations and have virtually no disputes.

  31. Anonymous10:26 AM

    What Drgunzet wrote became law in Cambodia!

    Cambodia must pass one law: Any Cambodian who denies, sympathizes with Pol Pot and Khmer Rouges will go to jail. Cambodia should pass the next law: Any Cambodian who refuses to thank Vietnam for help will not be allowed to serve in the public civil. You are welcome to harbor your personal feeling, but if you want to serve in the government, you must comply to the law. And that is: to thank your savior and protector.

  32. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Hun Cent was a cheap liar. He lied about what Sam Rainsy's warning of the sanction: Only Sam Rainsy can ask EU to not sanctioning Cambodia. Hun Cent then told the garment workers that Sam Rainsy was asking EU to sanction against Cambodia.

    The people were stupid and they all listened to Hun Cent's lie. They voted for him this year. They must know that only Sam Rainsy can ask EU to lift the sanction.

    Hun Cent must go.

  33. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Kim Sok said he will post the digitized map he found in New York library on the internet. Where is it now?

    Can he post it here or Kimedia?

    I think Kim Sok works for Hun Cent. You are stupid enough to give him your original map, he will sell it to Hun Cent for cash. That's why you never saw any of actual map posted on the internet.

  34. Anonymous10:18 AM

    If I were Mr. Hun Sen, I would wait out to win the current bet against Sam Rainsy [to show Sam Rainsy a coward again refusing to honor the bet, refusing to come back to Cambodia].

    Then I [as Mr. Hun Sen] would find Kem Sokha innocent, ask the King to give him yet another pardon, reinstate CNRP with Kem Sokha as the legit president.

    Watch the vicious fights between Kem Sokha's and Sam Rainsy's factions. Sam Rainsy will try to hold on to their illegal seize of power by accusing Kem Sokha to be the traitor [held in the pocket by Mr. Hun Sen], while Kem Sokha will accuse Sam Rainsy as a liar, illegally portray others as strawmen to attack, to seize power.


    P.S. The oppositions are really pathetic. Sam Rainsy talks like a childish delusional idiot.

  35. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Mao Monyvann is about to betray Sam Rainsy and asks for his politics ban to be pardoned and lifted.

    Last year Sam Rainy already knew that:

    Former opposition leader Sam Rainsy has accused the CNRP’s Kampong Cham province lawmaker Mao Monyvann of betraying the party and working on orders from Prime Minister Hun Sen.