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Monday, August 27, 2018

Former CNRP Chief Sam Rainsy Slams Cambodia’s PM Hun Sen For Holding Political Detainees ‘Hostage’

Cambodia's self-exiled opposition leader Sam Rainsy speaks during a press conference in Tokyo, April 13, 2018.
Cambodia's self-exiled opposition leader Sam Rainsy speaks during a press conference in Tokyo, April 13, 2018. AP photo.

Former CNRP Chief Sam Rainsy Slams Cambodia’s PM Hun Sen For Holding Political Detainees ‘Hostage’

RFA | 24 August 2018

The former chief of Cambodia’s now-dissolved opposition party on Friday accused Prime Minister Hun Sen of using the country’s political detainees as pawns in a bid to silence his critics at home and shield himself from international condemnation over an election widely seen as unfree and unfair.

On Aug. 23, Hun Sen said he is mulling a mass release of political detainees that is likely to include a dozen members of the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP)—Sam Rainsy’s former party, but that it was contingent upon the opposition putting an end to statements suggesting he is “under pressure” from the international community to do so following the July 29 general election.

The premier also suggested that the prisoners would have to sign statements condemning those who challenge his authority before they could be released.

Hun Sen’s ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) steamrolled last month’s ballot and secured all 125 parliamentary seats in play, but the victory has been widely dismissed as illegitimate following the dissolution of the CNRP in November and the arrest of its president Kem Sokha two months earlier over an alleged plot to topple the government, and amid a crackdown on the media and NGOs.

In response to Hun Sen’s comments, former CNRP President Sam Rainsy, who is living in self-imposed exile to avoid a host of what are seen as politically motivated convictions, slammed the prime minister for holding the detainees “hostage” in a bid to muzzle him and other critics of his government.

“Everyone in Cambodia, even the king [Norodom Sihamoni], is held hostage by Hun Sen,” he said during a Friday call-in show with RFA’s Khmer Service.

“Now the detainees are being forced to do what Hun Sen wants against their will. They are compelled to bow down to Hun Sen just to secure their release.”

Sam Rainsy said Hun Sen “can never hold me hostage” and vowed to “continue to speak the truth” about how the prime minister is failing Cambodia.

“The truth is that Hun Sen is under such tremendous international pressure that he has to release the detainees — it’s not a coincidence,” he said.

“Hun Sen pretends that he is a good-hearted person who sympathizes with the detainees. He is not. If he were a good-hearted person, he would not have arrested these people in the first place and would have released them long ago.”

Earlier on Friday, Sam Rainsy wrote in a post to his Facebook page that Hun Sen is “at a dead end.”

“The sham election he arranged has been strongly condemned and his new government lacks a mandate,” he said.

“The international community is mounting more pressure on him to restore democracy and he is desperate for legitimacy, so that is why he announced that he will release more detainees.”

The former CNRP chief suggested that even by releasing all political prisoners, Hun Sen will “still fall short” of satisfying international demands, and will have to reinstate the CNRP and allow its members to take part in politics again before pressure subsides.

Recent clemency

The prime minister, who secured another five-year term to add to his 33 years in office after official election results were announced last week, has made a practice of heavy-handed crackdowns on his critics, followed by a relaxation of restrictions after facing international condemnation.

The U.S. last week announced an expansion of visa bans on individuals seen as limiting democracy in the country, as part of a series of “concrete steps” aimed at pressuring Cambodia to “reverse course” that included a decision to withdraw funding for last month’s elections.

The European Union, which was the second-largest trading partner of Cambodia in 2017, also withdrew support ahead of the ballot and is currently reviewing a preferential trade scheme for Cambodian exports based on the country’s election environment.

Since the election was finalized, King Sihamoni has granted a pardon at Hun Sen’s behest to prominent land activist Tep Vanny and three other campaigners convicted for their roles in a protest over a land grab. A court in the capital Phnom Penh, meanwhile, has released on bail to two former RFA reporters who are facing charges of “espionage.”

Social commentator Kim Sok was also freed from prison last week after completing an 18-month sentence for defamation related to his suggestion that the CPP orchestrated the July 2016 murder of popular political pundit Kem Ley, although he still faces another defamation charge following a complaint filed by Hun Sen in January.

Political analyst Lao Mong Hay told RFA that Hun Sen is trying to turn public opinion against Sam Rainsy in Cambodia by making it appear as if the former opposition leader is responsible for the continued incarceration of the political detainees.

“Sam Rainsy is still popular among Cambodians at home, so the more condemnation of Sam Rainy there is, the better Hun Sen feels,” he said.

The CNRP received more than 3 million votes—accounting for nearly half of the country’s registered voters—in Cambodia’s 2013 general election, and enjoyed similar success in last year’s commune ballot, making it the only legitimate challenger to the CPP before it was dissolved.

New conviction

Also on Friday, the Phnom Penh Municipal Court handed Tep Vanny and five other land activists from the Boeung Kak Lake community in the capital a suspended sentence of six months in prison based on a complaint filed in 2012 by a fellow villager, which has since been withdrawn, over an alleged death threat.

The new conviction came four days after Tep Vanny was granted a pardon from the king and released from prison, having served more than two years of jail time on a 30-month sentence for “aggravated intentional violence” while protesting a forced eviction at Boeung Kak in front of Hun Sen’s home in 2013.

Tep Vanny and the other defendants decried Friday’s verdict as “unjust,” given that the complaint had been withdrawn years ago.

“There is no justice for me,” Tep Vanny told reporters after the hearing, saying she has “remained a victim of this unjust court system.”

The land activist said she and the other defendants will appeal the sentence.

Am Sam Ath, the head of investigations for local rights group Licadho, told RFA that “the level of reasonable doubt was high regarding the hearing of this case,” and urged Cambodia’s Appeals Court to reverse the decision.
Tep Vanny was awarded the 2013 Vital Voices Global Leadership Award for her work campaigning on behalf of the community evicted from Boeung Kak Lake, which was later filled with sand to make way for a development project with ties to Hun Sen and the CPP.

A day ahead of Tep Vanny’s latest hearing, Dublin-based Front Line Defenders issued a statement welcoming her release from prison, but said “she should never have been convicted or imprisoned in the first place.”

The group demanded that authorities drop the remaining charges against Tep Vanny and ensure that she will not be subject to any further judicial harassment or reprisals.


  1. Anonymous7:29 AM

    What to do, what to do:

    _ Releasing, pardoning the political prisoners, Scam Rainsy complained against it for political hostage.
    _ NOT releasing, NOT pardoning, Scam Rainsy complained about cruelty.

    Mr. Hun Sen should learn from the Vietnamese government. Beat the detained protestor in prison to death. Have you read the news?

    Wow, Vietnam Communists are nasty and tough. They make Mr. Hun Sen to look like a pussy. Mr. Hun Sen dared not kill any protestors in prison like Vietnamese Communists. In fact, if Kem Ley went to prison, he would be still alive.

  2. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Scam Rainsy's face looks so rubbery as if it's a mask over his real face.

  3. Anonymous9:30 AM

    CNRP prisoners should refuse the pardon and stay in jail. The King has been under duress from Mr. Hun Sen.

    They should only accept the pardon if the King acts on his own accord without any request from Mr. Hun Sen.

  4. Anonymous9:33 AM

    The King also must apologize to these political prisoners for not pardoning them sooner. But instead, he has been a castrated chicken and only pardon after Mr. Hun Sen made requests.

    The King must also apologize to CNRP for allowing Mr. Hun Sen to dissolve the party. If he does not repent, Sam Rainy will sue him too for being a tool of Mr. Hun Sen.

  5. Anonymous1:05 AM

    Wow, those newly released political prisoners are turning against Scam Rainsy. They were all stupid and falling into Mr. Hun Sen's trick.

    Basically, Mr. Hun Sen gave special treatments to Scam Rainsy by always warning the imminent arrest to allow the coward to self-exile. Thus Scam Rainsy never went to prison while his followers were harshly dealt with with or without prison terms.

    As a result, Scam Rainsy got bitter, "How come you [Rainsy], never went to prison like us?"

    LOL... These idiots were not doing their jobs. It's their honor to go to prison to serve the greater purpose. They should have refused leaving the prison unless:

    1. The King pardons them without the request of Mr. Hun Sen.


    2. The court declares them NOT guilty then exonerates them.

    These stupid cowards are so easily defeated! What a waste of time.

  6. Anonymous5:06 AM

    So far, no country has officially rejected the 2018 election results.

    My advise for the "sham" opposition:

    1. You must not have a leader such as Kem Sokha who likes to have sex with young girls as young as his daughters.

    2. You must also not want to have a leader such as Kem Sokha who denied Khmer Rouges' crime at S-21 prison then speculated that Vietnam created the whole thing to invade Cambodia.

    3. Don't forget about the mass stampede in Koh Pich where Kem Sokha blamed Vietnamese for killing hundreds and hundreds of Cambodians to destroy Khmer culture on the subsequent abstain of the dragon boat race.

    4. And you really don't want a leader such as Scam Rainsy who made up random facts to falsely accuse others for fun, then got sued so many times. I think he was the one who made up the rumor of Hun Manet to be the biological son of a Vietnamese general.

    (That's was so dumb. The Vietnamese general and his mum were both light-skinned. How come he is dark-skinned? LOL...)

  7. Anonymous2:14 AM

    Scam Rainsy is so afraid of Japan, he dared not accuse Japan for falsifying the election results. The Japanese samurais said that they will cut his balls of if he dares to insult Japan.

    The real question is: if the girlie rain man has no ball, how can Japan threat to cut his balls.

    The answer is: Japan does not know he has no ball. So they will cut something else. And that what Scam Rainsy is really afraid off. LOL...

  8. Anonymous6:38 AM

    How long can Scam Rainsy continue to cause distraction to Mr. Hun Sen and Cambodia. His followers are defecting one by one...

  9. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Is Cambodia going to be sanctioned?

  10. Anonymous1:33 AM

    Is Scam Rainsy suing someone new soon? He vowed to get stolen money and property back for the Cambodian people from some thieves.

    And what happened to his lawsuits against Facebook and Chevron? What a scammer.

  11. Anonymous2:41 AM

    Scam Rainsy said banning the Cambodian officials from going to Disney Land will not be enough. He added, "US must also ban them [the Cambodian officials] from going to Las Vegas."

    With such pressure, the illegal ruling Cambodian officials will give up and return Cambodia to the truth path of Democracy.

  12. Anonymous2:34 AM

    Khmercircle blogsite is under investigation by Google again for violating EULA (End User License Agreement) by illegally censoring comments which contains facts and truth about Mr. Hun Sen. I was the one who complained to BlogSpot admin about those Khmers admin on Khmercircle blogsite, not Mr. Hun Sen.

  13. Anonymous10:09 AM

    2:34 AM

    If I were an admin here, I would have enabled the comment moderation here too.
    Then you can file a complaint to Google to have this blogsite shut down. LOL

    1. I love your idea 10:09 AM

    2. Anonymous12:13 PM

      ដូចពួកខ្មែរក្រហមធ្លាប់និយាយ :
      "ទុកក៏មិនចំណេញ ដកចេញក៏មិនខាត។"
      ហាស ហាស ហា

    3. Anonymous2:00 PM

      But U are not. LOL...

  14. Anonymous12:04 PM

    I pray for more Khmers to be deported back to Cambodia.

    1. and all the Vietcongs to be deported (out of Cambodia) back to Hanoi. Can't go to south vietnam because it is Khmer's land to this day. Remember the Vietcong keep rewriting and erasing the past - from Prey Nokor to Saigon, now from Saigon to Ho Chi Minh city, from Koh Tral island to Phu Quoc. what's next? Just like in Laos, the Vietcongs wag their tail to their Chinkies master (if not tail between their legs)...Don't ever think that the U.S will save the Vietcong's ass again after hundreds of thousands of American lives losses and McCain is gone. Will Vietnam continue to be the Prostitute Country/States [in every sense of the word], cheap labor, cheap ass? Love you long time 5 dollars honey!!! Once they know the true color of the Vietnamese, they will pull their dick out running for their life!!!

    2. Anonymous2:02 PM

      Vietnam is much better off than Cambodia.

  15. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Khmers are a bunch of confused ones. What are you after? Improve Cambodia or expanding Cambodia through war, fight, claimant to the loss land of Khmer Krom?

    What about Khmer Leu (the Surin area in Thailand)? Are the Khmers going to claim that too? If not, why not?

    I saw the Khmers started to change history, Chenla Land merged with Chenla Water. What a joke! There was no merge, it's always conquest and war. In fact, the so-called Chenla water was Funan, a totally different country with a different culture, hand writing and alphabets, religion. The ancient Funanese capital was discovered at OC-EO in Southern Vietnam at the same location described in Chinese ancient archive.

    One Khmer dude even claimed: "The Funanese were awed with the advances of the Khmer civilization, they abandoned all of the ancestors' graves and tombs to move to Angkorwat to ask to be come slaves for the Khmers, and built the stone temple."

    What the hell! May God continue to punish the Khmers so that they will repent all of the past crimes. Siamese sacked Khmer capital again, again, again, again, again, and again... Khmer moved their capital Eastward a couple times, toward Vietnam for protection. And Vietnam did protect Khmer from extinction by the Siamese (now called Thai).

    As that was not enough, God punished Khmer with B52 bomber strikes. Oh my God, so munch bombing. (I think God made Henry Kissinger to convince Nixon to strike Cambodia.)

    And what about Pol Pot? You think he was sent from the Devil to torment the Khmer? Hell no, God sent Pol Pot to punish the Khmer.

    I rest my case.

    1. Anonymous10:36 AM

      Go back to the East to your own land wherever the YUON claims theirs! Get out of Cambodia you Vietcong! Khmer doesn't need YUON on Khmer's land:

      The Viet is EVIL, that's why the U.S bombed Vietnam...

      And the U.S is going to bomb Vietcong again and again and again now that McCain is gone! Cambodia is the victim of the Vietcong WAR!!!

    2. Anonymous1:14 PM

      There were Khmers in South Vietnam So .... They needed to be bombed too.

    3. 1:14 PM, the Vietcong is going to kill every Khmer [body and soul] left in Vietnam or in Cambodia as it is happening now whether it be a hard or a slow kill. It would not be surprised that the Vietcong is going to start another coup to get the world attention to re-construct Vietnam again. So the bombing/killing of the Khmer people in South Vietnam by the Vietcong may not be un·fath·omed/far-fetched now that you've brought it up...The world has already seen the true color of the Vietcong!!!

    4. Anonymous2:07 AM

      Why Khmers keep referring about killing? You must be a killer race. Just look at Maddox, the Cambodian child adopted by Angelina Jolie. When he was a toddler, he showed shut an aggressive attitude by keep hitting the reporters on the face with his little fists.

      I will say this again: Vietnamese needed to keep the Khmers alive so that they can work on the plantations, farms for the Vietnamese. Why kill your workers?

      But I know the Thais have been killing a lot of Khmers migrant workers in Thailand as well as on the Thai fishing boats. That's because the Thais got tired, super frustrated of the stupid Khmers.

  16. Anonymous2:03 AM

    The bombing in South Vietnam was done by USA. USA had the B52 bombers as well as a lot of fighter-bombers, F4 Phantom. South Vietnamese were dirt poor just like the Cambodians.

    You need to get real, not riel! LOL...

    And stop blaming Vietnamese for your problem. Khmers are useless and nasty, also are the among the most hated races in the world. That's why USA are trying to find way to deport as many Khmer as possible back to Cambodia.

    (USA has deported 800 Khmers back to Cambodia so far while only deported a couple hundred Vietnamese. Consider...there were 10 times as many Vietnamese in America over the Khmers!)

    Basically, I am saying: There are fewer Khmers in America, yet they got deported a lot more.

  17. The world has already seen the true color of the Vietcong and the world will never ever forget the Vietcong's atrocity vis-a-vis MCcain and the American and the French...

    And the U.S is going to bomb Vietcong again and again and again now that McCain is gone!

    Laos and Cambodia are the victim of the Vietcong WAR!!!

    That's what the Vietcong is all about!
    The Vietcong/Vietnamese is the killer of the Khmer people to this day!!!

  18. Why are wasting times with troll?

  19. Anonymous4:28 AM

    The population of the province has soared to almost 300,000 – of them about 70,000 are foreigners, mainly Chinese

    Stupid Khmers kept blaming every freaking problem against the Vietnamese. I pray God for more punishments against the Khmers.

    Khmer race will not survive in the world but slowly fade into oblivion.

    1. Yup, Just like in Laos, the Vietcong will wag their tail to their Chinkies master (if not tail between their legs)...Don't ever think that the U.S will save the Vietcong's ass again after hundreds of thousands of American lives losses and McCain is gone. Will Vietnam continue to be the Prostitute Country/States [in every sense of the word], cheap labor, cheap ass? You bet - Love you long time 5 dollars honey!!! Once they know the true color of the Vietnamese, they will pull their dick out running for their life. Laos and Cambodia are the victim of the Vietcong WAR!!!
      Enjoy below:

      That's what the Vietcong is all about!
      The Vietcong/Vietnamese is the killer of the Khmer and Laotian people, even this minute!!!

    2. Anonymous5:00 AM

      I don't get it. Vietnam has been the true and only savior for Cambodia, why do the Khmers are such haters? I guess:

      1. Khmers are jealous of Vietnamese being superior, smarter with light skinned while Khmers have to spend a lot of money to whiten their own dark skin?

      2. Khmers are the kind who bite the hands that feed, or save them.

      3. Khmers are just nuts and hate everyone around them. In ancient time, Khmers just kept attacking Siamese and the Siamese tried so hard to teach Khmers some lesson by repeatedly sacking Khmer capital again, again, again, again, again and again. (I lost count but I think 7-8 times. But Khmers moved their capitals several times toward Vietnam for protection.)

    3. Charlie, you ain't no savior, you are the killer. Ho Chi Minh had been the killer and now in HELL!

    4. Anonymous8:31 AM

      Then who saved the Khmer?

    5. Charlie, don't ever forget who killed the Americans and your neighbor now that McCain is gone and K is frailing:

    6. Anonymous11:38 AM

      Who saved the stupid Khmer???

    7. Anonymous12:29 AM

      That's what the Vietcong is all about!
      The Vietcong/Vietnamese is the killer of the Khmer and Laotian people, even at this minute!!!

    8. Anonymous3:06 PM

      I thought Thais are the killers of Khmers and Vietnameses are the saviors.

      Ok, more killing by the Thais then...

    9. Anonymous7:36 PM

      The Vietcong true color yet, enjoy:

  20. Anonymous1:10 AM

    Oh my God, two days ago, Jane Fonda at age 80 looked like this:

    God blessed her! She is so fit and pretty at age 80!

  21. Anonymous6:18 AM

    “Everyone in Cambodia, even the king [Norodom Sihamoni], is held hostage by Hun Sen,” he said during a Friday call-in show with RFA’s Khmer Service.

    “Now the detainees are being forced to do what Hun Sen wants against their will. They are compelled to bow down to Hun Sen just to secure their release.”

    Sam Rainsy said Hun Sen “can never hold me hostage” and vowed to “continue to speak the truth” about how the prime minister is failing Cambodia.
    Woah..hahahaha... Scam Rainsy talks big because he is not in Cambodia. It's easy to be brave behind the internet and interview.

    He has insulted the King and the recent released political activists, "You are all cowards and bowed down to Hun Sen's threat."

    In fact, Scam Rainsy ordered those CNRP activists to remain in jail in defiance and only agree to leave if the King would apologize for not pardoning them sooner. But noooooooo, those detainees were sick and tired of being in jail, they defied Scam Rainsy's order and left the jail.

    Scam Rainsy then belittled them as a bunch of cowards acting under duress. Basically, Mr. Hun Sen gave them some tea money to leave jail per Scam Rainsy's accusation. LOL...

    Such a sad state of CNRP's total defeat.

  22. Anonymous6:40 AM

    That's what the Vietcong/Viet needs!!!

  23. Anonymous5:34 AM

    “Now the detainees are being forced to do what Hun Sen wants against their will. They are compelled to kiss Hun Sen's behind just to secure their release.”

    Sam Rainsy said Hun Sen “can never hold me hostage” and vowed to “continue to speak the truth” about how the prime minister is failing Cambodia. Then he added, "Only I can rescue Cambodia, nobody else. I am invincible, and Hun Sen is afraid of me, and only me."

  24. Anonymous7:19 AM

    To the Vietcong/Viet propagandist:

    That's what the Vietcong/Viet needs!

    The VIET/YUON is no savior to anybody but their own ass!!!

  25. Anonymous2:56 AM

    The truth is out. The Cambodian people are mostly and truly supporting Mr. Hun Sen. There were no Cambodian protesters, no CNRP supporters to be seen.

    I was so disappointed, hoping to see fist fighting between the Cambodians, Hun Sen's supporters vs. CNRP supporters in New York. Oh well, I guess I just have to watch the old clips then.

    This is a bloody battle between the Prince's supporters vs. the anti-prince protestors.

    There are hundreds of Youtube clips on:
    _ Cambodian girls fight.
    _ Cambodian gangster fight.
    _ Cambodian student fight.
    _ Cambodian street fight.
    _ so on and so on...

    1. Anonymous3:04 AM

      After further googling, I found the news: Scam Rainsy was a no-show at the New York protest, planned against Mr. Hun Sen. CNRP supporters quickly dispersed when there was no leader to lead them.

      What a shame! It's a "sham" protest. You took the money, planned for it, then did a no-show. I hope Scam Rainsy refund the money to his supporters.

  26. Anonymous3:08 AM


  27. Anonymous3:23 AM
    Published on Sep 28, 2018

    លោកសម រង្ស៊ីបានមានប្រសាសន័ គាំទ្រ បាតុកម្មជនជាតិខ្មែរ នៅសហរដ្ឋអាមេរិក និងកាណាដា ដែលរៀបចំធ្វើឡើង ថ្ងៃនេះ នៅមុខអគារអង្គការសហប្រជាជាតិ ក្នុងទីក្រុងញូយ៉ក (New York) សហរដ្ឋអាមេរិក។
    I support today's protest by Cambodian Americans and Cambodian Canadians gathering in front of the United Nations building in New York.V

    I watched the clip and the protest took place in Canada. Look at the Canadian flags the protestors were holding.

    Ahahahaha...stupid Scam Rainsy is so stupid. Oh man, this is horrible, CNRP got caught with doctored and fake treaty document between Vietnam and Cambodia (Cambodia ceded land to Vietnam) using an advanced word-processor whilst the original document was typed in 1982 with a type-writer. Word processor was not available in 1982!

    How stupid and blatant CNRP could be? When question, the CNRP lawmaker said, "I found it on the internet. I leave it to the readers to decide the truth!"

    Kem Sokha frequently denied Khmer Rouge genocide as a Vietnam's invention to invade and occupied Cambodia! He also accused Vietnam to cause the stampede at Koh Pich as a way to destroy Cambodia's dragon boat race and culture!!!

    CNRP doctors so many maps, pictures and got caught many times. I am shocked to see CNRP lasted this long.

    When Scam Rainsy was recorded and played back to the garment workers in Cambodia with asking EU and USA to stop importing garment from Cambodia, the garment workers were so upset. Scam Rainsy then back-tracked, "I was only kidding, just wanted to scare Hun Sen, and meant no harm to you." Woahahahaha... Here, read it again:

  28. Anonymous3:34 AM

    To the Vietcong/Viet propagandist:

    That's what the Vietcong/Viet needs!

    The VIET/YUON is no savior to anybody but their own ass!!!

    1. Anonymous4:57 AM

      Answer me! Why there was no protest against Mr. Hun Sen? It's called "sham" protest. LOL... Scam Rainsy took the money from his supporters then had no protest.

  29. Anonymous3:49 AM

    Wow, CNRP supporters are such liars. They used an old demonstration clip in New York then duped it as a new demonstration against Mr. Hun Sen's trip talk at United Nations.

    Here is the clip.

    At 6:56 minutes into the clip, there was one dude holding a poster demanding to free Kem Sokha. But we all know Kem Sokha has been freed a couple weeks earlier before Mr. Hun Sen arrived in New York.

    At 7:21 minutes, again, a big and clear sign demanding to free Kem Sokha.

    At 16:04 there was a sign, "No Kem Sokha, No Election."

    It was a rally happened many months ago, demanding for Kem Sokha to be freed to join the election. And we all knew the election took places 2 months ago without Kem Sokha.

    This as an old demonstration, and it was NOT a demonstration against Mr. Hun Sen visiting New York this week to address United Nations.

    The CNRP supports were a bunch of castrated chickens who dared not face Mr. Hun Sen's supporters this week in New York. And now, we all know them as a bunch of liars. LOL...

    1. Anonymous3:51 AM

      I knew something wrong when I could not find any real demonstration clip from the CNRP supporters while I found several dozen clips showing a lot of supporters welcoming Mr. Hun Sen instead.

      And Scam Rainsy was a no-show. That itself is a big indication of something fishy going on. A big sham.

  30. Anonymous4:10 AM is a different clip from another Khmer dude who claimed it was a demonstration against Mr. Hun Sen in New York this week.

    It was an old clip from a demonstration demanding a free and fair election with a Kem Sokha to be freed to participate. As we all know, the election took place more than two months ago. And Scam Rainsy and his supporters blasted it as a "sham" election.

    If you notice in the clip, there was no complaint about the sham election nor any fake, one party election. Basically, at the time of the demonstration, the election had not taken place yet. I think the clip was shot several months ago at the time of Scam Rainsy visited Japan asking Japan for help (so that Scam Rainsy can join the election!).


    With all of this said, I will predict: The stupid Khmer each and independently will create their own clips to falsely claim that a protest took place against Mr. Hun Sen in New York during his visit and address at United Nations.

    Then you will see so many clips showing different demonstrations portraying the same protest. Even Scam Rainsy himself made a clip, but he used a clip shot in Canada in which the Cambodians were holding a bunch of Canadian flags. stupid of him.

  31. Anonymous5:41 AM

    OMG, read this news:

    1. Anonymous9:01 AM

      That's horrible. That Khmer dude was a teacher! He got horny seeing a cow sleeping aside the road. He had sex with the poor cow then got kicked to the groin by the poor animal.

      This Khmer teacher got angry and axed the cow to death. Sick, sick, sick. No wonder Cambodian students are so pathetic. Look at that teacher!

    2. Anonymous3:39 AM

      9:01 AM

      You said Theary is a cow sleeping by the road side and let you bang her just like you pound her here.

    3. Anonymous8:39 AM

      While Ms. Theary Seng wrongly supported the evil Scam Rainsy, I never insulted her. What has she done wrong such that you wrote such terrible comment about her?

      It did not take much to set off the Khmers. But it took a lot of bombing with B52 bombers and mass-carpet bombing to shock and awe the Khmer, yet they still had not learned their lesson. More bombing perhaps?

      P.S. Overall, Ms. Theary Seng is still a fine lady. Perhaps someday she would realize her mistake and renounce Scam Rainsy.

  32. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Ahhahaha, read this news. There were only 30 and then maxed out at 50 CNRP supportors, rallied to protest against Mr. Hun Sen.

    In several other clips (full of lies), there were several hundred CNRP protestors holding Canadian flags in New York (LOL...) protesting Mr. Hun Sen demanding to hold election with Kem Sokha. But we knew the election already happened a couple months ago.

    In yet another clip, the protesters were demanded Kem Sokha to be released, and to be able to join the election. Yet, we all knew Kem Sokha was already released and the election was already held. LOL...such stupid liars, they did not even check the video clip content to match with the so-called: Protesting against Hun Sen in New York last week.

  33. Anonymous10:40 AM

    This is ah yuon gunzet’s whore house.
    Without the barrier, he comes here to fuck around and gets away laughing…

  34. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Since this is a whorehouse enjoy the show…

    1. Anonymous8:16 AM

      You are disgusting. I don't need to click on it to know its content. Beside, I surf the web at the library, the content would have been filtered anyway. Khmer filth cannot go through.

    2. Anonymous9:30 AM

      Roflmao! you 8:16 AM must have been watching it to the end already...Roflmao!!! what a hypocrite you 8:16 AM! You like [Vietnamese 's accent] 8:16 AM?

    3. Anonymous10:07 AM

      8:16 AM

      Thank you for watching, honey.
      Come back soon to keep our business afloat.
      By the way, you are our preferred customer in this whorehouse.
      No kidding just count your visits from the top.
      See you soon, honey. Roflmao!

  35. Anonymous8:37 AM

    See? How terrible the Khmers are... That's why Pol Pot wanted to clean house...but his work was not finished and the damned Vietnamese swooped in to stop him.

    I blame the Vietnamese for the current horrible behavior of the Khmers. Had Pol Pot had more time... he would have totally cleaned house.

    1. Anonymous9:04 AM

      I know you, 8:37 AM, come back for more.
      But why did you do this to your AUNTY? Roflmao!

    2. Anonymous9:40 AM

      khnhom min an pheasaeakhmer te

      Sorry, I do not read Khmer.

      But I assume the link is nasty.

    3. Anonymous3:20 PM

      @9:40 AM

      Your guess about the link being nasty is correct, but the script is in ‘Vietnamese’ not Khmer.

  36. Anonymous10:37 AM

    That's what the Vietcong/Viet needs!

    The VIET/YUON is no savior to anybody but their own ass or pussy if you will!!!

  37. Anonymous9:32 PM

    Even the ISIS like it here.

  38. Anonymous2:22 AM

    The Arabs I met at Starbuck were awed with my German superiority and asked me to read their Quran, then gave them feed back.

    I only asked two questions, but the first question was so damning and they stopped talking to me altogether. My question was: In the Quran, it's written that God has created men to be superior over women. But my German foster mom was superior than billions and billions of men so what does it mean, Quran was wrong or Quran was not referring to the German at all (and Germans are superior over Arabs such that German women are superior over even Arab men).


    It's great to have German superiority. That's what happened when the German race was never conquered.

    Look at the Khmer race. It was conquered by the Siamese again, again, again, again, again, again and again. Honestly I lost counts how many times Khmer race was conquered and the Khmer capital was sacked. As a result, the Siamese raped so many Khmer women, again, again, again, again, such that today Khmer people were mostly the carriers of rape genes from the Siamese raping soldiers.

    That's why Khmer always ranked near the bottom in the world academic completion. I.E. In the math Olympiad, Khmer ranked 105th out of 110 nations and territories. In contrast, Vietnamese regularly rank on the top ten, and some time, third in the world. (I think Vietnam ranked 4 times at third place in the world.)

    When I tutored the Khmers, what ever they had been learning for months, I could read in 10 minutes then started to tutor them. I am not even sure the Khmers and I are the same specie...

    1. Anonymous3:14 AM

      Look at this Vietnamese teen, he fucks this Vietnamese female who is over 40 years his senior.

    2. Anonymous6:50 AM

      And the second question about the Quran was very profound...perhaps some day I will type it up here. The Arabs were wondering if the translation was incorrect upon hearing my second question.

  39. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Oh my God, it's horrible. The Khmers are nasty and disgusting. How come the admins on this forum did not delete really disgusting porn links here?!?!? Are they afraid of the other Khmers going nuts against them for deleting those comments with porn links???

    In the past, the admins deleted Khmer comments which incited chopping up Vietnamese (Yuon), killing, kicking out Vietnamese from Cambodia and the Khmer posters went postal!

  40. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Here, Khmer were discussing about the word "Yuon" and the "cap Yuon" meaning beheading the Vietnamese ethnic with axes and butcher knives!

    No wonder the Foreigners really don't want to invest in Cambodia. Only the Chinese who know Kung Fu would dare to come to Cambodia to invest.

  41. Anonymous9:05 AM

    A Chinese construction site manager was found hacked to death with an axe in Phnom Penh’s Por Sen Chey district on Monday night, police said yesterday.

    According to a senior district police official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, engineer and manager Cai Weilin, 42, was found dead by a group of friends at the New Town Apartment construction site in Por Sen Chey’s Choam Chao commune at about 8:30pm.

    “He was beaten and chopped by an axe [two times] on his head by the perpetrators, and died in a pool of blood,” the official said yesterday.

    “He was found dead by his Chinese friends, and they later reported it to our local police,” he added, noting that “the perpetrators have escaped”.

    The body has been transferred to the Chinese Embassy.

    The official characterized the killing as a revenge attack, saying the victim had been involved in a verbal dispute with five of his Cambodian workers earlier in the evening.

  42. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Oh my God, google for: Kmenhwatt

    The writing of this Khmer netizen was so sick and evil!

    1. Anonymous8:02 AM

      LOL, Kmenhwatt's comments got deleted by Khmerization's admin and he got mad. Proof:

  43. Anonymous3:56 AM

    When a young Vietnamese dude screws his very old maid that is very dirty.

    1. Anonymous1:46 AM

      What a nasty and dirty Khmer. You remind me of this Khmer:

      Kmenhwatt said...
      Scanning your senseless contradiction posts in here is telling me who you really were,victimized by your mother and siblings due to they didn't want you around them,abused started eve since you were just a flop of flesh [fetus] in your mother's womb;Am I right!? Of course,I am.You told the world this matter yourself in purpose to get sympathy from the viewers in here,but too bad no one gives you any of that.....!

      Therefore,to compensate your lost/ miserable/abused childhood,all you can do is braggin' nonsense!...You're sick my friend,seeks help ASAP!

      18 September 2014 at 22:42

  44. Anonymous4:00 AM

    When a young Vietnamese dude screws his very old Vietnamese maid that is very very very dirty. Take a look.

    1. Anonymous8:00 AM

      She can be easily the dude grandma.
      The yuon are immoral and very sick in the head.
      This must be video taped in Hanoi where dog meat is their delicacy.

    2. Anonymous3:02 AM

      Oh my God, the Khmers are nasty, dirty and sick in the mind.

  45. Anonymous3:03 AM

    Hun Cent copied Sam Rainsy's idea to lean China. Sam Rainsy long ago was advocating to lean China to contest the claim to the sea around Koh Tral area by supporting China's claim to the South China sea.

    After Hun Cent adopted this strategy, China started to give a lot of aids to Cambodia. USA then courted Kem Sokha to over throw Hun Cent. But Sam Rainsy must protected his Presidency at CNRP so he recorded Kem Sokha's secret talk within CNRP then provided Hun Cent a copy of the video.

    Hun Cent fell into Sam Rainsy's trick and arrested Kem Sokha on the treason charge. Thus Sam Rainsy was able to protect Cambodia from USA's interference. And that's the only way to get back Koh Tral and the sea around the area.

    Perhaps someday, China will help Cambodia to get back Khmer Krom and Khmer Leu (Thai Surin). You must stick with Sam Rainsy if you want the land back.

  46. Anonymous4:58 AM

    Vietnam men chess team ranked 7th in the Chess Olympiad out of 168 countries and territories. As usual, China, USA and Russia took 1, 2, 3 spots. Cambodia did not attend.

    In math, Vietnam's team ranked 3rd last year while Cambodia ranked at the bottom, 105th out of 110 countries and territories!

    For women chess, last year a 24-year old Vietnamese woman won the Asian Chess Champion, host in China!

    2017 Chengdu Vo Thi Kim Phung (Vietnam)

    That's Vietnam's trick to get more FDI, Foreign Direct Investment into Vietnam by projecting that their people are one hundred times smarter than the Cambodians. And a lot nicer too. Vietnamese workers don't chop up the foreigner bosses over disputes.

    Remember the news a Chinese construction manager got chopped up into many pieces by the Khmer workers because he scolded them for being stupid and lazy?

  47. Anonymous5:32 AM

    Cambodians are cheap dogs waiting for Chinese New Year money hand out.

    1. Anonymous6:09 AM

      But when a young Vietnamese dude screws his very old Vietnamese maid/mother that is very very very very dirty, don't you agree? Just take a look and a listen.

    2. Anonymous2:58 AM

      @5:32 AM
      They have seen you, the sicko, banging your grandma all over the world. Roflmao!

    3. Anonymous9:40 AM

      What a liar... The clip showed to dark-skinned persons having sex.

      Dark skinned people are dirty!

    4. Anonymous6:25 PM

      @9:40 AM
      Of course you two, in the video, are not a white people; you spoke Vietnamese with your grandma.
      Don’t you have anything better to do than to come here and be cursed, why are you so stupid? Roflmao!

    5. Anonymous7:15 PM

      Finally, you 9:40 AM admit that you watch the dirty video.
      You are a hypocrite and a liar.
      No more using computer at the library. LOL

    6. Anonymous10:50 PM

      You dirty Yuon at 9:40 AM,
      Take the name of the link to that Video in Vietnamese language there like this - chơi bà ngoại vỗ ầm ào khít rịt xuất thoải mái and put it through Google Translate see what you have you dirty horny rapist Vietcong?

      Just like that Vietcong rapist broken English, we have this:

      playing grandmother pounded rattling comfortably

      Satisfied you Vietcong?

    7. Anonymous6:55 AM are saying Vietnamese pretend to be Khmer then do the bad stuff then blame the Khmer?

      Remember Sam Rainsy said Vietnamese pretended to be Khmer then infiltrate into Khmer Rouge ranks to kill millions of other Khemrs?

      What about CNRP's propaganda: Hun Manet (Hun Sen's dark-skinned son) was actually the illegitimate son of his mother (a light skinned Chinese Cambodian) and the Vietnamese general Le Duc Tho (also a light skinned person).

      So, the question is: How could two light skinned persons conceived a dark-skinned son? Oh, oh, oh I know. You folks claimed that the black-magic in Cambodia cursed the illegitimate son to have dark-skin because he would not die but live with an ugly skin.

      LOL... Why are there so many skin clinics in Phnom Penh offering the service to lighten up the dark skin? So sad...

    8. Anonymous7:56 AM

      @6:55 AM
      Your grandma is horny and needs you in her bedroom now.

      Currently you, retarded, must have stopped using the computer at the library.
      She needs to hit a half million views. LOL

    9. Anonymous8:23 AM

      I notice the quality of my Youtube clips increase as I watch them in the library.

      I know the Khmers do nasty things when other people are not watching. So...if you really want to improve, you should come the library to do things.

      Also, for Cambodia to improve, you should invite the foreigners to rule Cambodia. If you don't want the Vietnamese or Chinese to rule you folks, then ask the Swedes or Norwegians, the Finns to rule you. They are all superior light-skinned races.

    10. Anonymous8:54 AM

      @8:23 AM
      Ok, enough bullshitting, little dickhead!
      Your grandma is horny and needs you in her bedroom now.
      She needs to hit a half million views.

  48. Anonymous1:28 AM

    អាយួនវាចូលពើកហើយ រើកាន់តែខ្លាំង ផុងកាន់ជ្រៅ។ ហា ហា ហា

  49. Anonymous9:35 AM

    I feel sorry for Ms. Theary Seng to be born as a Khmer. Look at other Khmers... They are so nasty, terrible.

    1. Anonymous9:58 AM

      Ah yuon, you have started the fight and now you blame Theary, you only have yourself to blame mo *****ker!
      If you are so weak and cannot take the heat, don’t come here. Go play with your grandma, ok. LOL

  50. Anonymous1:55 AM

    Yup, that's what this die-hard YUON/Vietcong @8:23 & @9:35 AM needs, not just attention!!!

  51. Anonymous9:04 AM

    That's why Ms. Theary Seng never married. She could not stand any Khmer dude in Cambodia. They were animals to her. If she ever would marry a better Vietnamese, the Khmer race would go apeshit over her.

    I sincerely feel sorry for her. Further more, she wasted all of her time to support a scammer such as Scam Rainsy. Now she is so scammed, she just did not know what to do any more.

    1. Anonymous5:54 PM

      Let talk about you, yuon!
      After you, the sicko, did this to your grandma, who wants to be your GF or marry you? LOL

    2. Anonymous9:53 AM

      Sick Khmer!

    3. Anonymous4:32 PM

      Sick Yuon

    4. Anonymous12:36 AM

      Yes, Sick Yuon!
      And here is the proof. LOL

  52. Anonymous12:03 AM

    Let's make it to 200, starting with this one as 101, enjoy okay?

  53. Anonymous12:09 AM

    And this one and more to come....Enjoy!

  54. Anonymous6:06 AM

    Viewership wise drgunzet and his grandma beat the prostitute in the link almost 3 times. LOL

    1. Anonymous1:11 AM

      Oh dear, that girl is so pretty.

      Now, the question is: Why Cambodian girls in generally very ugly?

      Answer: For several hundred years, Siamese army came and sacked Khmer capital again, again, again, again and again. (I lost count.) Siam tried to live in peace but Khmer kingdom kept sneak-attacking them, tried to revive the Khmer empire.

      As a result, Siam tried to make the Khmer nice by raping the Khmer women, and made them to produce Siamese children. But that back-fire. Khmer children got uglier and uglier, and turned rapists as well. So sad...

      Then during the Khmer Rouge time, the Khmer Rouge village chiefs were raping a lot of Khmer women to make them ugly. That's the Khmer Rouge way. As a result, Khmer women today are really ugly.

      If Cambodia were under protection of Vietnam, then none of this would happen. Then the Cambodian women would be just as pretty as the Vietnamese women. But no, stupid Khmer did not want Vietnamese's protection. They want to be free to revive their Khmer empire.

    2. Anonymous1:38 AM

      What girl?
      Oh you mean this grandma in the video with you, drgunzet?
      You are really SICK.

  55. Anonymous1:03 AM

    Hun Cent lied many times before. Sam Rainsy said only he can ask EU not to embargo the garment import from Cambodia. Hun Cent told the garment workers that Sam Rainsy was asking EU to embargo Cambodia. As a result, the garment workers this year voted for Hun Cent and he got more than 82 percent votes.

    Remember this: Only Sam Rainsy can ask EU to not embargoing Cambodia. Hun Cent must step down. The King must apologize to Sam Rainsy then grant a royal pardon asking him to come back to Cambodia as the next Prime Minister. The garment workers must understand that their jobs are under threat and at the mercy of Sam Rainsy's power to stop EU from sanctioning Cambodia.


  56. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Ah gunzet is dead now that Theary cannot access her own T2P blog from within the country.

    Ah gunzet, kiss your tail goodbye okay?

    1. Anonymous12:55 AM

      She can use some VPN to tunnel to a different proxy then from there, access any place.

  57. Anonymous4:38 AM

    Thank you Mr. Rainsy, Hun Sen will soon be toppled when the garment workers go nuts against him.

  58. Anonymous1:38 AM

    Cheap Hun Cent must resign and beg Sam Rainsy for forgiveness. Only Sam Rainsy can ask EU to stop the sanction.

    Only Sam Rainsy can rescue Cambodia. Only CNRP is the legitimate opposition party. All other opposition parties are fake and working for Hun Cent to undermine CNRP.

    Kem Ley dared to betray CNRP and look what happened to him. God has punished him.

  59. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Khmers, you losers surrender yet? Khmers always lost and could only sit at the curb crying...LOL...

    1. Anonymous2:31 AM

      Ah gunget,
      Your grandma is horny and needs you in her bedroom now. Roflmao!

      As always, you, the sicko yuon, like to start the fight.
      You just cannot sleep well without being cursed.

  60. Anonymous6:09 AM

    When was the last time T2P updated, you bozo? And you are still coming to F****around on it! you bozo loves Viet/YUON's ass eh?

    1. Anonymous9:13 AM

      Oh my God, Khmers are so dirty.

    2. Anonymous8:39 AM

      Wow, I did not know the Vietnamese women have big boobs.

  61. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Ah Gunzet is dead now...ROFLMFAO!!!

    RIP ah Gunzet!!!

  62. Anonymous6:49 AM

    Drgunzet is Hun Sen's supporter!

    1. Anonymous11:13 AM

      So, according to the link Ah gunzet lived in Meridian, Idaho as of March 2013.
      Rest in hell ah yuon.

  63. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Thanks. We know that since day one! Good thing that Theary stops giving him the platform to trash Khmer any longer!!!

  64. Anonymous9:46 AM

    When was the last time Gunzet around here?

  65. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Khmer Rouges were under order from Vietnam to reduce Cambodia's population so that Vietnamese settlers can take over.

    Hun Sen is also under Vietnam's order to prevent rapes in Cambodia to prevent Cambodia's rise in population.

    CNRP tries to increase Cambodia's small population to counter Vietnam's massive population through rapes. Kem Sokha was joking with Mom Srey that he would rape Thy Sovantha again, again, again and again until she bores him a child. And he disclosed the real acronym of CNRP: Cambodia National Rape Party.

    Kem Sokha also claimed to be a hero because even he was over 60 year-old, he still performed his duty to sir as many children as he could. Any women who refused their duties to bear children shall be punished by CNRP with rapes.

  66. Anonymous3:18 AM

    I am shocked to see IPU continue to endorse CNRP whose leaders had been inciting racial hatred in Cambodia against the Vietnamese. The two former leaders of the defunct CNRP were written up many times by other international bodies for using the race cards to gain votes at the deaths of Vietnamese ethnic in Cambodia.

    I am praying to God to continue to punish the Khmer race. Such a genocidal race with monsters like Pol Pot, Kem Sokha and Sam Rainsy.

    At the moment I am writing this comment, Cambodia is having the highest rape rate in the world and most Khmer men believe it's their right to rape women. They hate the Vietnamese army who tried to protect the Cambodian women as violating their men's right as well as their Khmer culture!

    1. Anonymous9:37 AM

      Your wicked and sick grandma below must have taught you how to pray. Roflmao!

  67. Anonymous6:11 AM

    Oh my God, Vietnamese girls are so pretty while Cambodian girls are so ugly.

    Woah, Vietnamese girl won the Miss Earth 2018.

  68. Anonymous10:22 AM

    You need to control what you watch or your grandma will cut your monthly allowance for cheating on her secret sex life with you. You and she are sick in the head. You need to be careful around her or she will cut your penis off and feed the dogs. ROFLMFAO!!!

  69. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Oh my!

    1. Anonymous9:17 AM

      Oh my God!

  70. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Oh my God... This Vietnamese girl is not only pretty, she has a black belt in Taekwondo!

    I bet you she can destroy the Khmer rapists if they dare to try their evil Khmer act.

    1. Anonymous12:51 PM

      Besides sexual intercourse, your grandma taught you kungfu too. ROFLMFAO!!!

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  72. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Smart Cambodians thank Vietnam for rescuing them from the jaws of Khmer Rouge.

    Dumb, stupid, evil Pol-Pot-type Cambodians are anti-Vietnam.

  73. Anonymous3:33 AM

    Wow, Drgunzet was right in the begin. You folks were wasting time with Kem Sokha and Sam Rainsy.

    1. Kem Sokha kept having sex with young girl like a bunch of stray dogs. Then to get out of trouble, he entered a pact with Hun Sen to betray CNRP. (Sam Rainsy then exposed Kem Sokha's treacherous pact with USA, and demanded Hun Sen to jail Kem Sokha.)

    For all of the days camping outside of CNRP headquarter, the people wasted so much time only to find out Kem Sokha signed a secret pact with Hun Sen! What a betrayal.

    2. Sam Rainsy kept saying stupid things, got sued and received so many jail sentences. Nobody in the right mind would want to work with him. It's a total waste of time.

  74. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Go screw, suck your grandma and shut up!

  75. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Oh my God, the majority of Khmer men are rapists, up to 80 percent of them are rapists or wanna-be rapists, natural rapists.

    For hundreds of years, Siamese army raped Khmer women during the sacking of Khmer capitals to help the Khmer race to become a better race. Khmer race kept sneak-attacking Siam.

    Unfortunately the raping had a side effect. Khmer children born from the rapes became rapists and stupid. Just look at the Khmer students. They are all stupid and rank at the bottom in the world.

    1. Anonymous10:31 AM


      Are sucking and screwing your grandma not enough to shut you up, retarded?

    2. Anonymous10:28 AM

      Unbelievable, how can a race become so sick, evil, and depraved?!! God must have really hated the Khmer race.

    3. Anonymous4:57 PM


      You better believe it, This is how the retarded Vietnamese race screw their grandmas. ROFLMFAO!!!

  76. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Sihanouk worked for USA. He pretended to side with Vietcong and learned where about the secret bases of the commie, then he tipped them off so that USA can bomb the shit out of the commie. And that's why he never protested against USA's illegal bombing in Cambodia.

    Ms. Theary Seng estimated that American bombings killed about 500,000 Cambodians. That's a bit high. I am thinking 100,000.

    VC soon figured out so they stopped letting Sihanouk know their secret. USA then needed Lon Nol to topple Sihanouk so that Lon Nol would play a more active role in guiding the American bombings to kill the commie.

    Sihanouk got bitter at USA's betrayal then flipped to the commie completely by calling people to join the KR.

    It's USA's fault for betraying Sihanouk. Both Sihanouk and Lon Nol never filed an official protest against the illegal bombing in Cambodia. They both worked for USA, one time or another.

  77. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Cambodian students consistently score near the bottom in math competition, while Chinese students score near the top 1 and 2. The Vietnamese students score consistently in the top 10 in the world.

    That's because Hun Cent did not spend money to buy iodine supplement to the Cambodian children. Sam Rainsy has demanded a budget to help the young children but Hun Cent denied it.

    Hun Cent must go.

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  79. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Sam Rainsy set a trap to show Hun Cent not caring for the people by asking EU to embargo garment import from Cambodia.

    Of course, Hun Cent did not care but turned around and told the garment workers about it. As a result, the garment workers were up in arms against Sam Rainsy then voted for Hun Cent.

    Hun Cent violated the confidentiality clause in the negotiation. He leaked it out to make Sam Rainsy to look bad. The stupid garment workers fell for Hun Cent's cheap attack.

  80. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Right now Sam Rainsy's faction is seizing the control of CNRP while Kem Sokha's faction is trying to hold on to their legacy.

    It is to Hun Cent's best interest to allow CNRP to be reinstated so that the two factions could war each other making all the oppositions looking bad.

    Oh man, Hun Cent is too smart and the CNRPs are just too stupid. I am going to cry. I say, support LDP instead. I am sick and tired of CNRP.

  81. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Wow, Sam Rainsy has just declared that Kem Sokha is no longer capable of leading CNRP and he [Sam Rainsy] is the new true [acting] president of CNRP.

    The two factions will never reconcile, never unite again. Hun Cent, are you happy now? I am asking people to please unite behind LDP.

    1. Anonymous3:50 AM

      Finally you find the right match. ROFLMFAO!!!

      Licking Dick Party = LDP

  82. Anonymous9:44 AM


    Khmers are sickos.

  83. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Sam Rainsy is setting up a trap against Hun Cent.

    Hun Cent will release Kem Sokha then reinstate CNRP so that Kem Sokha's faction will fight Sam Rainsy's faction. At this point, Sam Rainsy will resign yet again and give the presidency back to Kem Sokha so that they two will unite to fight against Hun Cent.

    Sam Rainsy will be the hero. Only he can rescue Cambodia from Hun Cent.

  84. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Yuon are very sick in the head.
    They screw their grandmas and post it to world to see. ROFLMFAO!!!

    1. Anonymous1:22 AM

      Oh man, Khmer race is so sick and deranged.

    2. Anonymous4:49 AM

      Ah Drgunzet, you can camouflage yourself anyway you want but you cannot hide your shitty breath.
      Yuon are very sick in the head.
      They screw their grandmas and post for the world to see it. ROFLMFAO!!!

      I talk fact by having video to prove it, but you just bullshit.

  85. Anonymous1:20 AM

    US is now a castrated superpower. If US puts pressure on Cambodia, Cambodia will turn to China.

    Beside, Cambodia also has Vietnam to protect. Vietnam is the true superpower which actually defeated USA in the Vietnam war. Even China could not.

    That's why Sam Rainsy advocates to lean China so that China will help Cambodia to get Koh Tral as well as the sea surrounding for Cambodia, maybe even Khmer Krom as well.

    Kem Sokha is pro-USA while Sam Rainsy is pro-China. And Hun Sen is pro-China/Vietnam.

  86. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Mr. Hun Sen will release Kem Sokha so that Kem Sokha and Sam Rainsy will fight each other over CNRP's presidency.

    Sam Rainsy will refuse to step down, citing Kem Sokha to be a damaged good, corrupted by Mr. Hun Sen. Kem Sokha will cite the bylaw to claim leadership and denounce Sam Rainsy.

    Sam Rainsy is a cheap liar, power monger, ego maniac and delusional idiot.


    1. Anonymous10:51 AM

      When I first posted it was under half a million views now at this hour on 12/08/2018, it hits 626,543 views. ROFLMFAO!!!

  87. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Khmer race has been genetically creamed off over several hundred years by the Siamese liberators who prevented the Khmer race to rebuild the evil Khmer empire.

    Siamese soldiers raped the Khmer women to improve the Khmer race so that they would not try to conquer other races and rebuild the Khmer empire. But that did not work as Khmer children bore the rape gene. They turned evil, and more evil as well as being stupid, causing so many problems to the neighbors.

    Then Pol Pot got so sick of that, he tried to creamed off the rape genes. As a result, 2 millions out of 7 Cambodians died during a short Khmer Rouge cleansing regime. Apparently such effort was viewed as genocidal but the clever Vietnamese prevented Pol Pot to finish what he started.

    Vietnam invaded and toppled Pol Pot so that the rape gene would remain prevalent in Cambodia, then of course, Vietnam would dominated the dumbed down Cambodia.

    What a suffering! All I can say is, to be born as a Khmer is to be condemned, to be cursed. One must have been so bad in previous life, to be punished as a Khmer.

    1. Anonymous1:30 PM

      Yuon are worse and very sick in the head.
      They screw their grandmas and it post for the world to see. ROFLMFAO!!!

      I talk fact by having video to prove it, but you just bullshit.

  88. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Wow, Sam Rainsy's supporters are trash-talking against Kem Sokha's supporter(s). CNRP are so sick.

    I can't wait to see fist-fight to break out between Sam Rainsy's supporters vs. Kem Sokha's supporters. I am sure Mr. Hun Sen will help the weaker side by hiring some powerful and superior Vietnamese to balance out the situation.

    One Vietnamese is more powerful than 10 Khmer. Save money that way.

    1. Anonymous6:01 AM

      Not as sick as the yuon.
      Yuon are worse and very sick in the head.
      They screw their grandmas and it is posted for the world to see. ROFLMFAO!!!

      I talk fact by having video to prove it, but you just bullshit.

  89. Anonymous10:19 AM

    In college, I tutored a few Khmer students and they were so dumb. I wondered how they got admitted into the school in the first place. But after a year, they admitted that they were too dumb to continue, and all quit to save money.

    They thanked me though and I felt so bad. I felt so sorry for them: How could some people were so unfortunate, so dumb.

    But now a day, I don't feel sorry for them any more. It's God's will. Khmer race are being punished by God for past crimes. They conquered and destroyed so many smaller races, tribes, people, captured/enslaved others to build the evil Angkor Wat.

    That's why the Siamese army kept sacking and sacking the Khmer capital again, again, again, and again. I lost count how many times before Khmer people abandoned Angkor Thom. I lost count how many times the Siamese army came again to Lovek, Oudong, Phnom Penh, Oudong, Lovek, and then Phnom Penh again to sack the Khmer capital again, again, and again.

    Khmer kept moving their new capitals closer to Vietnam for protection until the Vietnamese felt so sorry for them. Then the Vietnamese rescued the Khmer race. But that's against God's will.

  90. Anonymous4:23 AM

    Without the proof you can lie all you want to, nobody gives a shit.
    But the video of you screwing your grandma is fact, ah grandma fucker!
    She must have taught you kung fu too. ROFLMFAO!!!

  91. Anonymous7:14 AM

    Only Kong Korm seeks to remove the ban so far. I predict nobody else will.

    Sam Rainsy predicted 99% of the 118 former CNRP party members will not seek to remove the ban. CPP were stupid to laugh at Sam Rainsy as bewildered. It is Hun Sen who is bewildered and all of the CPP party members.

    1. Anonymous10:12 AM

      Kong Korm and his son, so those make two.

  92. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Kem Sokha can never be able to speak free unless Hun Cent is no longer the Prime Minister and Sam Rainsy becomes the Prime Minister. When that happens, Sam Rainsy will give back the CNRP's presidency to Kem Sokha.

  93. Anonymous3:34 AM

    According to CPP honorary chairman Heng Samrin, that changed in 1997 when Ranariddh sought a deal with the Khmer Rouge. He wanted to forge a military alliance in an effort to outgun Hun Sen, who responded accordingly.

    That's a lie. The truth was Ranariddh requested UN force to withdraw from Cambodia to trick Hun Sen to attack, then ask UN force to come back to Cambodia again to get rid of Hun Sen once and for all.

    But UN never did come back and betray the 1992 Paris Accord and Hun Sen became the sole Prime Minister of Cambodia ever since.

  94. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Remember Kem Ley, who betrayed Sam Rainsy, then formed Grass Root Democracy party?

    Now, Kong Korm and his son are betraying Sam Rainsy, and forming Khmer Will Party. They will end up like Kem Ley. Only Sam Rainsy can protect them. Hun Sen would not dare to kill them as long as they remain loyal to Sam Rainsy.

  95. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Kem Sokha's two daughters and his supporters, friends have been attacking Sam Rainsy last month over this statement on twitter:

    Rainsy Sam‏ @RainsySam

    Follow Follow @RainsySam

    3/13 Sam Rainsy, CNRP co-founder & former President, is the only person with the historic and popular legitimacy to lead the CNRP in a transition period which will end at the moment when President Kem Sokha has full freedom restored and can personally express himself in public.

    9:43 AM - 17 Dec 2018

  96. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Sam Rainsy is married to Tioulong Saumura (since 1971), who is also member of parliament for his current party, and has three children: Patrice Sam, Muriel Sam and Rachel Sam. Tioulong Samura's father, Nhiek Tioulong, was a military general who founded the Khmer Renovation party and briefly served as Prime Minister in 1962. His mother-in-law, former First Lady Measketh Samphotre, died in November 2016, aged 96.[28] Both Sam Rainsy and his wife claim to have Chinese ancestry, the former having revealed that one of his great-great grandfathers was a Chinese immigrant,[29][30] while Nhiek Tioulong revealed that he had a Chinese grandfather during a dialogue session with Zhou Enlai in 1954.[31]