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Friday, June 9, 2017

Kem Sokha and The Thick Wooden Throne Series - Part 20

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Part 2: Kem Sokha and The Thick Wooden Throne
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Kem Sokha is often seen seated alone in a thick wooden throne on stage, something that you hardly or never see Sam Rainsy doing.  The more vacuous a person, the more props he needs to fill the emptiness.
But now with Tioulong Saumura there, at least he's in the same row as other CNRP leaders and they're not in plastic chairs. 
- Theary C. Seng

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The Wooden Throne Cut Down to Size But Still Stands Alone.  Other CNRP Leaders Promoted from Plastic Even Without Help from Tioulong Saumura.
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I may have named-and-shamed away The Thick Wooden Throne... Temporarily or for good, only time will tell. I will vote CNRP IN SPITE of Kem Sokha as will so many others, going against the grain in a lesser-evil decision. - Theary C. Seng

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Part 18: Kem Sokha and The Thick Wooden Throne

To make Cambodia understandable for Americans (in terms of temperament, intelligence, communication skills): Hun Sen is Trump; Kem Sokha, Sarah Palin; Sam Rainsy, Barack Obama. 
Of all the thrones in this series "Kem Sokha and The Thick Wooden Throne", I find this the most disturbing as I imagine the different scenarios that led to this meal seating. As it's inside, the plastic chairs had to be intentionally sought out and brought in from the outside or back corner somewhere for the plebeians to use rather than just pulling the similar chairs within reach already there; King Sokha made a huge effort to distinguish his chair from those of the visiting plebes coming to pay their respects (and tributes?). A reflection of the smallness of a man that I find extremely unsettling.  - Theary C. Seng

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Kien Svay, Kandal Province, 9 June 2017
In the Era of the Strongman (Sen) and The Strawman (Sokha).


  1. Anonymous12:05 AM

    When are you going to stop this nonsense? What goes on between his ass and his chair is his business. Grow up.

  2. Anonymous12:15 AM

    Theary Seng, you're an idiot. Why do you hate Kem Sokha so much? Your hero ran away from the country and he took over the spot, what did you expect him to do?

    1. Anonymous9:09 AM

      You are an idiot. I respect Ms. Theary Seng.

      And who are you really? What's your talent and credential?

  3. Anonymous2:41 AM

    Queen Theary Seng,

    The election is not quite over yet.
    We are now preparing the strategies and subsequent
    campaigns for the 2018 election.
    After that you can eat Kem Sokha alive, if you want to.

    It does not take many insiders to make the outsiders happy
    and laugh at us.

    1. Anonymous9:10 AM

      The voting is over. And you lose, loser!

      You call her the Queen, then treat her as a Queen.

    2. Anonymous2:45 PM

      9:10 AM

      You keep barking your stupidity.
      Don't you know anything about
      sarcasm ?

  4. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Read this news, "Asian Continental Rd.1-6: China and Vietnam dominate in Chengdu, China."

    One week later, Ms. Vo Thi Kim Phung 24-year old emerged as the new Asia Women Chess Champion.

    20 years ago, a different Vietnamese girl was also an Asia Women Chess Champion. That player is currently the strongest women chess player in Hungary (not counting Judith Polgar as she was playing against men.)

    Cambodian women can never compete in International Chess. Prove me wrong.

    1. Anonymous2:48 PM

      9:28 AM

      You're full of Covfefe !!!

    2. Anonymous3:59 AM

      That same Vietnamese Hungarian also won women chess champion of Euro.